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Pattern Library
Sharing Section

The sharing section molecule is used when we want to encourage learners to share something specific via social media. It always sits at the bottom of the page.

= render partial: "shared/molecules/sharing_section", locals: {content: content_for_sharing_section_example, more_info: 'about', modifier: 'alt'}

The content and options for the module must be provided as locals:

  content: {
    title: 'Share this guide',
    message: 'Recommend the Crowdsourced Guide to Learning to someone you know.',
    links: data_for_sharing_learning_guide, # content for the Sharing Links molecule
  more_info: 'about', # links to About page at bottom of the module (possible values: 'about', 'faq', false)
  modifier: 'alt'  # adds the class "a-section--alt" to the organism