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Pattern Library

Signposts are miniature representations of collections, categories and other resources. Currently we use them to present collections in a list, on the course collections page.

= render 'shared/bg_image', selector: '#signpost_id', src: asset_path('pattern-library/signpost/signpost-bg-example.jpg'){href: "#"}
  .o-signpost{id: 'signpost_id'}
        Understanding Climate Change
        %span.a-text-with-icon{data: {icon: 'e'}} 15 courses

Signpost variation for Exercises

We use a Signpost variant on Exercises to launch the exercise. This variant adds a semi-transparent overlay between the picture and the text, and uses a button style on the Launch text.

= render 'shared/bg_image', selector: '.o-signpost--overlay', src: asset_path('pattern-library/signpost/signpost-bg-exercise-example.jpg'){href: "#"}
        Command a Robot to do specific…

Compact Signpost

This is a compact version of the signpost module that is primarily used for categories. Due to the smaller dimensions, the label and course count are ommitted and replaced by a larger icon representing the resource that is being linked to.{href: '#'}
      .m-signpost-compact__title.o-category__title New & Upcoming Courses

Decorated variant

The --decorated modifier adds a background image and semi-transparent overlay. These are subtly animated when hovered over.{href: '#'}
      .m-signpost-compact__title.o-category__title Online & Digital