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Pattern Library

The Testimonial module is used to highlight a testimonial from an individual or external organisation. The module features a two column layout which collapses to a single column at smaller viewport sizes. An optional organisation logo is followed by an overview of the organisation that provided the testimonial. The second column contains a quote, followed by the name, job title and photo of the person who provided it.

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          M&S co-created a course with one of FutureLearn's university partners
          M&S co-created Innovation: the Key to Business Success with the University of Leeds.
          The course used case studies from the retailer's 140-year archive, to educate both employees and 12,000 learners around the world about creating an innovative company culture.
            <span>We're</span> delighted to have been able to share the fantastic M&S innovation with so many people.
            The course was a great way to engage worldwide and bring our rich heritage to life.
            The enthusiasm from learners exceeded our expectations and we were delighted to work with FutureLearn and the University of Leeds on this <span>course.</span>
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            Alison Houston,<br />
            Head of M&S Archive and University Partnership