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Pattern Library

The Testimonial module is used to highlight a testimonial from an individual or external organisation.

The module has the following fields: quote (required), source name (required), source description, image URL, image alt text, source avatar image URL

Optionally, a Testimonial may have an image associated with it. Usually the image will fill the width of the module, but a `small-img` variant is available for partner logos, where a smaller, fixed size is needed.

    %img.m-testimonial__image{alt: "M&S", src: ""}
      We're delighted to have been able to share the fantastic M&S innovation with so many people. The course was a great way to engage worldwide and bring our rich heritage to life. The enthusiasm from learners exceeded our expectations and we were delighted to work with FutureLearn and the University of Leeds on this course.
          %img{alt: "Alison Houston", src: "/assets/workplace-learning/photos/alison-houston-acddf444117ffa1df9f8d9af6096fa9afe7c70ecda5314e9af8527d75557e2f6.jpg"}
          Alison Houston
        Head of M&S Archive and University Partnership