Erick Mukiira

Erick  Mukiira

I am a passionate Theatre teacher who has directed over20stage plays with the aim of transforming students into icon actors and actresses. I have 10 years of teaching Theatre in international schools.

Location Kenya



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    wow-thank you-asante

  • I have downloaded the reading list-its amazing. I am using this concept of pre-visualizing in teaching Theatrical set design where images become a source of reference. This is more flexible and students can be more creative.

  • Seeing the work that has been put into the film Violent Earth, leaves me sighing with a deep sigh-The Art department usually has alot of work cut out for them. The preparation can even go for years.

  • the camouflage of pictures or images create a certain story board/mood/color script-visual language that you can give a director

  • the mood board and the color script are very essential. and its true with images acting as a point of reference you can actually put together the exact set that you woud like to have in future-its awsome to read and see works of architects that have revolutionalised the architect world like that of Lloyd. This will give you more ideas.

  • A concept is an idea. it can come from anything. image, verbal story, observation, imagination e.t.c

  • looking at waynes two bedroom-one with old beds, i would put up old beds, rough wood, with cobwebs and alot of dust, other beds spoilt without leggs and others that arent finished. I would make sure the room is darkly lit and smaller and use a refrence image like in
    in the second room that is spacious that has chemical...

  • I stage plays for theatre performances, films are usually my point of reference especially while creating a set design. I have staged shaka zulu, annie the musical, rumors, funny money, cinderela and fish out of water and I had to use films to see how previous directors visualised their sets. When I want to Kenyanise the set, then i use kenyan films like the...

  • breaking down the script from the set, to props, to hand props to dressing is a genius idea. This is affected by the goal of the director and the era that you want to show and what you want to derive from the audience or the impact of the story to the audience.

  • The Art department is as huge as the editing department.

  • @JuliethCanon that us true.sometimes the director has a different view of the film from the script writer.

  • i also start breaking ideas from reading the script angle. I then do pencil work of the characters profile, setting designs, props and use the help of an artist to draw images of set design and props. This goes all the way to the costume designer and we seat down to brainstorm ideas of costumes.

  • @DanitzaCampos that is true, a film is as good as its pre-production.

  • Department must collaborate-the spreadsheet works wonders because each department gets to know how they will be iinvolved, what to look for or create and how it should look like. Discussions are paramount.

  • stories like HER-you can see that the writer spent alot of time developing the plot. I love plots with twists and this is one movie with such. Other great stories like note book, perfume also the screen writers spend alot of time developing the stories. In this films there is alot of close ups on props, nature, facial expressions and gestures. The use of ideal...

  • I would do a short film. The title-The untold tale of girl x.

  • That is true-at first I thought it was his life only to see later that to him that was routine..

  • Feeling of love, distance, deep lovely memories, many years of great memories. A feeling of people lacking words to expain scenarios to their loved ones-hence a void being filled that is so important.

  • I thought he was just saying the words then all of a sudden he says-print-awsome twist.

  • the movie starts with a close up of the character, the pace at which the lines are delivered, facial expressions and the tone of the words communicates alot.. He thinks of the 50 years and he can not believe it that he has been there for that long

  • Hugo was wonderfuly done

  • Game of thrones, vikings and Tudors have a way of bringing nature into your screen, villages and daily chores of people. It has a way of showing the weather of the day, the sky, flora and fauna used to bring some artistic mood and atmosphere right before the story starts.

  • @ElviraSanabria I just wanted to state Game of thrones and there you had said it. In so many occassions, Game of thrones has used props in an artistic way. A walking stick, special swords...

  • How an actor looks, uses an object/prop and the relationship between them and the objects can tell diverse stories. Even the slightest touch on the object as lines are delivered or when there is silence speaks volume. The reaction of the other actors on the same prop also tells a different story.

  • The film craft is worth learning. Most film makers had to go back to school to learn these conventions. You have to keep on learning.

    Color is one thing that presents and communicates diverse story/depth/meaning

  • I still remember watching Godzilla when I was young-I think this was excellently done and created.

  • The future has highly embraced the virtual world-with the pandemic on the line, we definitely have to grow and learn this part of the skill especially in films and theatre performances.

  • @KarenMarchetti wow, many similarities, I also look into Peter Brook as well apart from Tim Burton.

  • images were used as backdrops for plays to tell a story and symbolize other things...sets were used to transform stories from one region/countries to another without the audience moving from the same location-this is still the case for plays and even films.

  • Production design is massive-a huge area to learn. An interesting space as well. Its good to have diverse experience with all areas.

  • Hi Igor, looking forward to learn from you.

  • Hi Krista, looking forward to learn from you.

  • Hi Michael-happy to hear that you appreciated each step.

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    topics were interesting

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    This course has been influential, and I will use it to talk to students who have learning difficulties

  • This is true-nowdays we have enough tools to do research

  • We have used their theories in many concepts and universities worldwide have come to accept their theories. Unless other theories come up from scratch, many still come or originate from this school of thought.

  • Person-centered therapy is awesome and I think my journey has been through this. I reflect on myself a lot. I also ensure that I track down what am doing and am always looking out into the future.

  • Jung had a lot in common with Freud's theory, though he keeps on calling his ideas psychic forces

  • Yeah we learned a lot about these-especially psychosexual theory

  • I am wondering what happens when daughters love their fathers and sons their mothers?

  • I think the psychosexual development theory makes more sense because I have seen children go through all these stages.

  • these strategies really worked.

  • What were some of the fundamental shifts in the way clinical psychology was applied through the work of Freud, Jung, and Rogers? People stopped believing that mental health was caused by spiritual/witchcraft forces. They introduced hypnosis and mesmerism as well as therapy.

  • This is so true. we can be programmed to respond in a certain way

  • Cognitive events became important, they are important and its through this that schools have come with a way to reward students.

  • This is quite true-it really works especially with relationships in marriages and courtship-people react to different things because of what they have gone through in the past

  • Psychology no longer ignores the mind and the brain. They also look at other stimuli that affect the way the brain and mind work e.g hunger

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    The principles of classical conditioning are often used in business and advertising. Consider sharing your thoughts on how and why classical conditioning may be useful when advertising a product?

    The more you see a product, the likelyhood you will buy when you go to a supermarket or a shop

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    Can you think of an example of when you have personally experienced classical conditioning?
    our mum used to switched off our tv when we were young and we knew how she walked. so we would switch it on and upon hearing specific kind of footsteps then we would run and switch it off.

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    In the context of classical conditioning, a stimulus is defined as any environmental feature which influences behaviour, and a response is defined as any behaviour elicited by a stimulus.

    Its true-with time due to some stimulus we tend to behave in a certain way-our response is geared towards a stimulus.

  • ready to go

  • looking forward to that.

  • Its interesting and a little difficult too

  • Learning different principles like the principle of closure, proximity e.t.c As well as learning phrenology, functionalism and structuralism as well as empiricism.

  • When the flipping booklet is flipped at a certain speed the image seems to move and this image can move in diverse directions depending on how you dra w it as seen in the bouncing ball.

  • Looking at Max Wertheimer, Kurt Koffka, and Wolfgang Köhler, they had a point when they looked at Psychology from cognition and behavior

  • the connection between thinking and behaviour-most of the time what you think is what you do and the more you do something, those parts of the body or brain that works that time become stronger-principle of functionalism.

  • our ability to discriminate between two different stimuli decreases as the magnitude of the stimuli increases. this is quite true. Its also true that different parts of the body have different sensory capabilities with the tongue ranked the highest or the best

  • My take-knowledge comes from reasoning and senses-both, though most times it comes from purer reasoning.

  • Watching National Geographic for many years, there are so many elements of ours that are similar to animals

  • Its interesting to look at the human mind and the brain-how separate are they really? Can one survive without the one?

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    This is quite true

  • Marketers and advertisers have constantly used beautiful women to market products, I feel there is some science into it.

  • @KarenKwok Its true the second video has some science behind it.

  • Its good to balance evidence that you get and not to selectively look at evidence. Marketing and advertising selectively looks at the qualities of products

  • 1. Observation:- women have changed on how they view marriages
    2. Question:- Why have women changed in the modern era on how they view marriages?
    3. Hypothesis:- education and liberation has caused the changes
    4. Independent Variable:- education
    5. Dependent Variable:- marriage
    6. Experiment:- Questionnaire, to get complete data about the topic.

  • @SylviaKwan this is a great way of seeing it.

  • I can apply psychology while teaching Performing arts/theatre especially when doing group work I can know how to group students based on how they think and behave, as well use different plays that stimulate different mental reasoning. Theatre can be used as therapy for students with mental issues.

  • Alright lets keep going

  • Ready to learn

  • Morning, my name is Erick-excited to start

  • Excellent resources

  • I can start and run a franchise

  • Am interested in learning ways of protecting clients' data as well as other business someone can grow into

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    Data protection
    Business growth
    Better management styles