Alan G. Richardson

Alan G. Richardson

Former carer for my late mother with Dementia for 15 years until 2009. Volunteer as NIHR/JDR Champion & Alzheimer's Society Local Rep/Research Network also GMC PPI. Member Dementia Researcher.

Location South West England


  • There are many opportunities with various Organisations and if can be of any help please let us know. In fact the pandemic has resulted in many on line opportunities too - which never envisaged. As being part of away days (Online), meant contact from Universities to meet and share story and being able to feel part of - with many questions and answers.

  • Really good to see your comments. Research always appealed to me as a Former Family Carer. It has opened up many avenues for me - My main focus around Dementia - as monitor projects for a number of organisations. Which has now led to being made a member of Dementia Researcher. Good Luck with Your Journey. I feel privileged to be part of this course.

  • Looking forward to mentoring on this course run , and hope people enjoy taking part. Research has many avenues.

  • @JuliaWolfe Hello - welcome to the course - was brought up as part of the Service family - as my late father was in for 35 years.

  • @SabinaMaas There are a lot of studies that are around this topic, in fact I am monitoring some of these at the moment for several dementia focussed organisations. Some are around activity and include home based, community based and also care home based. This is real benefit of this course in raising understanding.

  • Looking forward to reading feedback from people on the Course. Hope you all get enlightened on the opportunities that are there.

  • My journey has revolved around this, as being involved in Research has further enabled me to continue a 10 year Patient and Public Involvement journey. This course has also enabled me to share with others about Health Research. Hope you enjoy course.

  • @LucyA how satisfying to all to see these comments about the course - all the best for the future.

  • Agree with your comments, that is why courses like this help to break the barriers to understanding.

  • Sums up really well, the many ways we can be involved - my journey has also shown the passion by those involved. All the Best for future too.

  • Welcome and hope you enjoy this next run of the Course, looking forward to meeting with you and sharing experiences and commenting alongside other Mentors.

  • What pleasing comment to see - all best for future.

  • Just read your post - agree we are in this together. I became part of JDR- Join Dementia Research in 2015 - and have always felt involved. Invited to speak at events and also share why volunteer. Why find being part of this course so positive too.

  • Enjoy seeing these comments. Was how my involvement happened - including being invited to share my story. Am consider fortunate to have been involved too with - the 3 groups you mention too. My favourite expression - Together We Can Make A Difference.

  • Reading your comments, this is one of the reasons that have kept my involvement. I Believe that the more we share our ways of involvement then - the more encouraging for others. Why this Course is so I believe important to have stories shared too. My journey hopefully helps by sharing.

  • Just seeing your comments and this has certainly been the reason that and how my involvement came about.

  • Welcome to Week 3 - and feel free to ask anything about being involved too. Hope you have enjoyed the Course.

  • Welcome to the Course - Health Research is a journey that has so many routes into and variety of projects. Looking forward to catching up during the COURSE.

  • @SarahMorley - Agree with your comments and have been impressed since becoming involved over last 5 years with Research in a number of ways. Have never felt an outsider and that is so important - as we are in this together.

  • Agree and this course is a really good insight.

  • Glad you enjoyed insight - there are so many ways to be involved. I have enjoyed being involved in variety of Research activities - and can be so motivating. Together We Can Make A Difference - my favoured saying.

  • Hello Sue - believe if I am right - that must have been around february time - hope you are enjoying the course - believe well structured. Yes and the Signposting was well shared. Best Wishes. Alan

  • Glad you have enjoyed the Stories - they can be so powerful and pleased to see reviving interest in participating. Am many times amazed at other opportunities that arise too.

  • Enjoy reading your comments - and with there being so many ways to be involved - lots of opportunities arise. By seeing everyones views there are so many positives from this course. Have enjoyed each run besides being involved.

  • Pleased to see your comments. My studies have mainly focussed around Carers and Dementia. Know that Join Dementia Research for an example, have people register their interest - with or without dementia.

  • Enjoyed reading this comment - and the lay appreciation - have found on involvement over last 10 years that such a difference can be made by having equal say. My favourite expression is Together We Can Make A Difference.

  • There are many ways of Research Involvement. Sometimes Caring for someone - in my case with Dementia - can lead to sharing experiences too. In my case first with Join Dementia Research - then led to Alzheimer's Society and subsequently to involvement with NIHR - and being involved with this Course.

  • Interesting looking at the comments so far. Really positive to see the engagement and having been involved in a number of Research Projects - will add more comments later on - Enjoy the course.

  • Alan G. Richardson replied to [Learner left FutureLearn]

    @LynneParker since being involved in Research in a number of ways - back up your comments - totally.

  • How seen so many comments around Course, and the understanding of the wide range of ways to contribute. Also the opportunities that arise. My favoured expression is Together We Can Make A Difference. Being part of the Course has been such a privilege with the Team.

  • What positive and welcoming response and comments.

  • Pleased you enjoyed and comments - the range of presentations help to highlight the ways people can be involved.

  • Pleased to see your comments about course. It has such great feedback.

  • Has been a really friendly insight and comprehensive understanding -helping to show range of research available and why people get involved. Glad you found this so.

  • Good to read comments, have found it really good to be part of. Sharing Experiences.

  • Hi and this is really good to read - we are all in this together and so many oppportunities to be involved in research together.

  • @GiftMathebula One of the features of the course is the inclusion of volunteers and recognition too for patient and public involvement..

  • Hello and welcome to the Course.

  • @JudithBell - good to read comments and responses, as a Join Dementia Research Champion - sometimes it has been not easy to promote how people can be involved. Highlights needs for this understanding being part of course.

  • Good to see the interactive involvement as part of content making a difference. Is what attracted me to involvement.

  • @IreneSoulsby Hello again good to catch up again on Course - from a distance.

  • It is a great insight and well paced - am trying to work on a college at the moment to include in future hopefully.

  • @MaddieShannon Welcome to the Course - I was in marketing in working life - and so pleased and energised to be part of Health Research.