Dan Hope

Dan Hope

Daniel is an Australian education professional with a background in consulting and educator training. He holds a BA/BEc, GC (Digital Learning).

Location Melbourne, Australia



  • Sorry you had to go through that Jane but congrats on being in recovery and for sharing your story here.

  • @MarekWojcik I agree. Alcohol and Tobacco have far more negative impacts on overall health and costs to society from things like violence and drink driving/cancer that cannabis.

  • It's very similar in Aus. You need to have a significant amount for it to be a criminal offence. In some jurisdictions growing 1-2 plants for personal consumption is legal and medicinal use with a prescription is legal in all states and territories.

  • That's super interesting. Estonia may well have got it right on that one.

  • Thanks for your thoughtful contribution Julie. I agree, it's very important to take into account each student and their context. Trauma awareness should also be a focus for all teachers.

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  • Welcome @SanchiK and @NakabiriIrene, it's great to have you both on this course. I look forward to your insights as you work through the content

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  • @Jo-AnnGiovannoni absolutely, keywords become more important if employers are using a digital resume reader. This article is quite useful regarding resume writing for computers vs humans - https://www.gotresumebuilder.com/tutorial/the-difference-between-writing-a-resume-for-a-computer-and-for-a-real-person

  • Great point Chloe, I agree

  • @BenC Hi Ben, sorry, I only just saw your questions.
    1 - To get a certificate after upgrading you must get >70% in tests (on average) and mark 90% of steps as complete.
    2 - Usually it's just completing steps and tests but some courses have other assessments, requirements for certs are detailed...

  • Hi Ben, thanks for your comment. Hopefully you received an email yesterday afternoon regarding this course. The start date was incorrect at the time of publishing and as such the Food As Medicine team were unaware it was running and have not been checking the course for that reason. There will be a fully facilitated run starting on March 1 as planned, I...

  • @MartinGillham Welcome to another FL course Martin, thanks for choosing this one!

  • Great point @RebeccaTaylor, last years fires in Australia also had an immediate negative impact on international student visa applications (obviously later made worse by the impact of Covid-19 border restrictions).

  • Really interesting perspective Julian, thanks for sharing.

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  • Hi @YukYeeMichelleChan, @BreannaMenard is correct that sagittal planes are perpendicular to the ground and the mid-sagittal plane divides the body exactly into two equal halves.

  • Hi @TessaWhite, We've tried to recreate this problem but can't see any issues. The system should accept sagittal, median, midsagittal/median, mid sagittal, mid-sagittal and midsagittal without issue and regardless of upper or lower case. Can you let me know the browser you're using please?

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  • My first thought looking at this was that you were referring to 'The Room' by Tommy Wiseau! 'Room' is indeed a fantastic film and the set did a great job encapsulating the claustrophobia and grime built up over years, but also the wonder of the outside world through the skylight.

  • Thanks for your thoughts @GavinLee, do you think that communicating what you've witnessed is a factor in the resilience of the rest of your family too? Sounds like it would be a lot more powerful than news reports, as you mentioned.

  • For instance it may be interesting for a learner from Cobargo NSW to see how the fires were reported in La Paz, Bolivia.

  • Hi @ClintonBrunt this is simply an exercise designed to provide insight on the global impact/reporting of Australia's bushfire season. None of this data will be used for research or held for any reason other than to engage learners on this course.

  • This is moving to read @PabloAnwandter, Aussie mateship is alive and well.

  • @DavidBaker Well said. This is where community and family support becomes so important, later this week we will look at 'social capital' which is exactly what you're referring to and is vital in times of hardship.

  • Great point and well made @Elizabeth(Liz)Wallis-Long

  • Fantastic response and some very practical tips. Thanks @RouvannevandenBerg

  • Thanks Janice, I think it's an important point to note that many people do not know that many plants across the world need fire in order to regenerate and spread seeds.

  • Wow, @JennyParker that must have been a harrowing experience. I'm glad the NSW RFS were able to put it out. Thank you for joining us on this course and contributing your story.

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  • Thanks for joining us @DiannaGeorges, I believe we refer to a video produced by Disaster Relief Australia later in the course so thanks for your volunteer work.

  • Thank you @KarinaCcoyoccosy and @KerryannSmith for joining and engaging in the comments, I hope you enjoy the coming weeks where we'll be going into a bit more depth.

  • Great to have you on the course Bruce. I look forward to your insights as you move through the course. We're very much aiming for an introductory level insight but hopefully through the content and the comment feed you can gain some new knowledge.

  • Thanks Lee, that's a really interesting insight into the impact of a changing climate on us all. It's great to see so many people who are not directly impacted taking an interest

  • Gracias @KarinaCcoyoccosy. It's fascinating to get a Peruvian perspective, I have an immense love for your country, having lived in Arequipa for many months a few years ago. Rainforest fires are a global issue and my hope is that organisations like CIFAL can help to share knowledge among nations.

  • @AndrewWilkinson Thanks for joining us, and for your service in the SES. I look forward to hearing more of your insight as we progress through the course.

  • @DiRobinson Thanks for your work Di, mental health support is an essential element of bushfire relief, I look forward to hearing some of your insights

  • Thanks Jason, I feel your frustrations with comments like 'why don't you just put the fire out'. There are so many factors at play in large fires, water hoses are not the only solution despite common understanding.

  • @DarrenEvans Thanks for the feedback, the course team have had a look at that question and agree that it was not clear enough, we have amended it.

  • Thanks @ClintonBrunt, when to leave is certainly a contentious issue. For the purpose of the quiz we used government fire danger guidelines, prior to catastrophic level the best option may be different for each household, at catastrophic the best option is always to leave if possible. That being said, considering other feedback the question clearly was not...

  • Thanks for sharing @ArqamAnsari, it's interesting to hear about wildfires in India, many people wouldn't be aware that they even occur on the subcontinent.

  • Thanks for sharing @BobBuckby, the situation in Cobargo was horrifying for all involved, I'd like to thank you for your service and for joining us on this course.

  • Thanks for your insight Brad, I'm sorry to hear you had to witness such devastation.

  • Welcome @GrahamBrown, it's fantastic to have someone with so much experience on the course. I look forward to your insider insight as we progress. Interesting point on the impact of Covid-19 and preparedness for the coming season.

  • Great!

  • I agree Susan, I have a number of friends on 5:2, it seems to work well for some people but I'm not sure of the impact on brain health (apart from being a bit grumpier on restricted days)!

  • Dan Hope made a comment

    Hi I'm Daniel. I've chosen to join this course as I have a general interest in education accessibility and factors that influence success in school.

  • When updating a website that students used to access eBooks at my last company we had to remove the ability for customer service staff members and course leaders to view and share passwords of users. It amazes me that they ever had that capability!

  • I chose ASOS and thought it compares very favourably to the BBC, they list how they may use each element of customer data and how they do not, even using the correct terms as stated in GDPR documentation - https://www.asos.com/privacy-policy/

  • Dan Hope made a comment

    I feel better, linking it more to personal data than companies and institutions has made the concepts more tangible.

  • I'm not sure GDPR would stop things like this from happening, except perhaps if better formal training was given by a DPO. Even still mistakes will happen and the clinic does have a real need to have this data and send out emails.

  • I have certainly accidentally sent an email to the wrong person/with someone cc'd instead of bcc'd so I can understand how this could happen. In this instance I would assume the person was inexperienced or thoughtless in sending out the email. I would feel horrendous if I made this error, especially in this instance where the information could be used to...

  • I think his right to erasure was violated, perhaps his right to object as well since the boxes were pre-ticked. If the right to be informed is upheld too then he should have been able to gain more information about exactly who his data had been sold on to.

  • The policy was listed at the bottom of the homepage under 'privacy policy' and was fairly clear but basically just linked out to the relevant government guidelines.

  • Storage limitation - minimising the risks that accrue when the same data is stored in multiple databases across different countries and overseas. Data should be centralise to avoid the impacts of regular smaller breaches.

  • Dan Hope made a comment

    Greater knowledge about GDPR protects against risks within a business that collects data and ensures that everyone is working to a common standard in order to safeguard data. I hope to gain greater insight into how I should handle other people's data and the differences between EU regulation and what I know about Australian law in this area.