Dan Hope

Dan Hope

Daniel is an Australian education professional with a background in consulting and educator training. He holds a BA/BEc, GC (Digital Learning).

Location Melbourne, Australia



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    The most impactful example of a manager promoting connection within a remote team I've seen was fortnightly lightning talks in the team meeting where 1-2 team members gt 5 minutes to teach everyone else about something they're interested in/passionate about.

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    Sounds great. I'm interested to dig into the concept of employee motivations, how they can be competing and how they can differ between team members.

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    Hi everyone. I've joined this call as I am about to commence a new role leading a team upwards of 40 people with layers of leadership and a mix of remote and hybrid team members. I'm looking to go in with some strategies I can implement on day 1 to make it less overwhelming to get up to speed with the whole team.

  • Sorry you had to go through that Jane but congrats on being in recovery and for sharing your story here.

  • @MarekWojcik I agree. Alcohol and Tobacco have far more negative impacts on overall health and costs to society from things like violence and drink driving/cancer that cannabis.

  • It's very similar in Aus. You need to have a significant amount for it to be a criminal offence. In some jurisdictions growing 1-2 plants for personal consumption is legal and medicinal use with a prescription is legal in all states and territories.

  • That's super interesting. Estonia may well have got it right on that one.

  • Thanks for your thoughtful contribution Julie. I agree, it's very important to take into account each student and their context. Trauma awareness should also be a focus for all teachers.

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  • Welcome @SanchiK and @NakabiriIrene, it's great to have you both on this course. I look forward to your insights as you work through the content

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  • @Jo-AnnGiovannoni absolutely, keywords become more important if employers are using a digital resume reader. This article is quite useful regarding resume writing for computers vs humans - https://www.gotresumebuilder.com/tutorial/the-difference-between-writing-a-resume-for-a-computer-and-for-a-real-person

  • Great point Chloe, I agree

  • @BenC Hi Ben, sorry, I only just saw your questions.
    1 - To get a certificate after upgrading you must get >70% in tests (on average) and mark 90% of steps as complete.
    2 - Usually it's just completing steps and tests but some courses have other assessments, requirements for certs are detailed...

  • Hi Ben, thanks for your comment. Hopefully you received an email yesterday afternoon regarding this course. The start date was incorrect at the time of publishing and as such the Food As Medicine team were unaware it was running and have not been checking the course for that reason. There will be a fully facilitated run starting on March 1 as planned, I...

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  • Great point @RebeccaTaylor, last years fires in Australia also had an immediate negative impact on international student visa applications (obviously later made worse by the impact of Covid-19 border restrictions).

  • Really interesting perspective Julian, thanks for sharing.

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  • Hi @YukYeeMichelleChan, @BreannaMenard is correct that sagittal planes are perpendicular to the ground and the mid-sagittal plane divides the body exactly into two equal halves.

  • Hi @TessaWhite, We've tried to recreate this problem but can't see any issues. The system should accept sagittal, median, midsagittal/median, mid sagittal, mid-sagittal and midsagittal without issue and regardless of upper or lower case. Can you let me know the browser you're using please?

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  • My first thought looking at this was that you were referring to 'The Room' by Tommy Wiseau! 'Room' is indeed a fantastic film and the set did a great job encapsulating the claustrophobia and grime built up over years, but also the wonder of the outside world through the skylight.

  • Thanks for your thoughts @GavinLee, do you think that communicating what you've witnessed is a factor in the resilience of the rest of your family too? Sounds like it would be a lot more powerful than news reports, as you mentioned.

  • For instance it may be interesting for a learner from Cobargo NSW to see how the fires were reported in La Paz, Bolivia.

  • Hi @ClintonBrunt this is simply an exercise designed to provide insight on the global impact/reporting of Australia's bushfire season. None of this data will be used for research or held for any reason other than to engage learners on this course.

  • This is moving to read @PabloAnwandter, Aussie mateship is alive and well.

  • @DavidBaker Well said. This is where community and family support becomes so important, later this week we will look at 'social capital' which is exactly what you're referring to and is vital in times of hardship.

  • Great point and well made @Elizabeth(Liz)Wallis-Long

  • Fantastic response and some very practical tips. Thanks @RouvannevandenBerg