Dan Hope

Dan Hope

Daniel is an Australian education professional with a background in consulting and educator training. He holds a BA/BEc, GC (Digital Learning).

Location Melbourne, Australia



  • Jen Opie

    Jen Opie

    Jen has trained, researched, and worked in the fields of psychology, mindfulness-based health enhancement, yoga and English language teaching. She has worked in adult education for 17 years.

  • Marcus O'Donnell

    Marcus O'Donnell

    Director, Cloud Learning Futures at Deakin. He has worked in the media & health industries, & his research includes digital learning, contemplative pedagogies, & student resilience.

  • Maizira Abdul Majid

    Maizira Abdul Majid

    Academician at the Department of Malay Socio-culture/ Malay Arts, University of Malaya, with specialization in Malay Arts and Arts Management.

  • Dr Karen  Maher