Dr Leigh-Anne Perryman (she/her)

Dr Leigh-Anne Perryman (she/her)

Dr Leigh-Anne Perryman leads The Open University's Masters in Online Teaching programme. Her research explores the relationship between equity, social justice, online teaching and open pedagogies.

Location United Kingdom


  • Here's another way to access the second article - using Wayback Machine, my go-to place for broken links as it archives snapshots of web pages. The direct link is https://web.archive.org/web/20170926065525/https://blogs.it.ox.ac.uk/ltg-casestudies/2014/09/09/theory-practice-divide/.

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  • I'm so pleased to see the reminder that we're human in this world of technology.

    I'm reminded of this quote by Sean Michael Morris, in his open access book on critical digital pedagogy - An Urgency of Teachers (https://criticaldigitalpedagogy.pressbooks.com/front-matter/acknowledgements/) - co-authored with Jesse Stommel:

    "What is missing from digital...

  • A big welcome to everyone who has joined The Online Educator so far. Our course educator, Lesley McGrath, will be joining us on Wednesday 16th but let me know if you have any questions before then.

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  • Not at all! The poll is a prompt to think through the ethical implications of a hypothetical situation and address the distinction between public and private in online spaces. This is still an emerging area for ethics guidelines and existing guidelines can contradict each other.

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  • Hello folks!

    I'm on holiday but have a spare few moments sitting in a tent in a tropical storm so I thought I'd dip in and say how much I'm enjoying reading your comments and am appreciating your engagement with this course. I'm so pleased that many of you are finding the content useful and of interest. I'm very sorry that the transcript for the...

  • Hello everyone! I'm on annual leave but couldn't resist dropping in to see how the discussion is going. I found this discussion of personas really interesting, especially the balance between people considering the approach for the first time and those already using personas in their work. While personas don't cover all possible learner types, they are a prompt...

  • Hi Eleanor. I think the biggest change has been the acceptance that online teaching is as valid as face-to-face teaching. I think this has resulted from an increased professionalisation of online teaching, with increasing opportunities to learn about online pedagogy. In the early days, the common view was that teaching online just involved taking whatever a...

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    Thanks for your comments so far regarding the Students of the Future video. I chose it to be provocative so am glad you're getting stuck in.