Aminu A Gambo

Aminu A Gambo

Iam simple easy-going hard-working

Location Dorawarsallau. Garun malan Local Gvnt. kano state. Nigeria.



  • I'm Aminu from Nigeria

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    Thanks you

  • Thanks

  • Thank u mentor

  • Iam Aminu from kano Nigeria

  • Yes i like

  • Thanks

  • He's a mechanic

  • Iam not happy.
    You are not serious.
    They are not collect the money

  • I want to school
    they are coming
    he is speaking english
    she wrote me a letter this morning

  • Ok i'm ready

  • Amina is a doctor
    samir is a mechanic and Maya is a teacher

  • I'm Aminu from Kano Nigeria

  • I'm Aminu from Kano Nigeria

  • Thanks

  • Reading,playing football,dancing

  • Ok

  • Thank you

  • My friend is very smart easy-going hard-working

  • Thank you of this interesting course

  • iam Aminu A Gambo
    from Nigeria

  • Hello iam Aminu from Nigeria. I take this course inorder to improve my mathmatics study skills

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    Hello my name is Aminu A Gambo.from Nigeria kano.

  • Thanks you very much

  • I like to study alone and I like to ask help from someone

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    Thanks you so much.
    i have learned many things

  • Iam Aminu, i taking this cource inorder to improve my cv

  • I use social media inorder to improve my english skills

  • I'm live in Nigeria and iam a student of federal university

  • We are not attend the party.
    Aminu is not a teacher.
    Iam not a docter

  • I want go home now.
    They have gone.
    We are writting an exam

  • Hello! my name is Aminu A Gambo

  • I want learn english because i want speak everyday in english

  • Maya works in Amman
    Amena works in Madaba

  • My name is Aminu A Gambo. iam from kano a state of Nigeria.
    i need to improve my english skills

  • Hello! my name is Aminu A Gambo.I'm from Nigeria

  • My name is Aminu from Nigeria.
    I join this cource to improve my skill future job interview

  • Hello my name is AMINU A GAMBO from Nigeria

  • Iam Aminu A Gambo,from Nigeria. I want improve my skills on computer

  • I will do the same

  • Very useful, thank

  • Thank you so much.
    i really enjoyed this course.
    Good luck! future learn and special greating for my educators.

  • Thank you so much

  • Dear sir/madam
    Iam writing to complain about computer laptop whic i bought it last week ago.
    when i open it works very well but it will not hold charging which means it contain the battery problem.
    iam very unhappy with this condition.
    i would like to return to for you to change me.please contact me on 09030600420.
    Aminu A Gambo

  • She lives in south Beirut

  • The problem of her phone is speaker because, She was unable to hear music with out the headphone.

  • Ok

  • In the first
    - If you don't go, you can lost the bus.
    - if i don't see you, i want to school.

    In the second
    - when i arrive, i don't leave the house.
    - if you read well, you don't fail an exam.

    Both parts
    - if i don't have time, i don't attend the school.
    - if you don't repair my computer, you don,t open it.

  • If i walk to the market,i can buy television.
    If you collect your money,you can pay school fees.

  • Best wish
    Thank you so much