Mick Grierson

Mick Grierson

Mick Grierson is Professor of Creative Computing at UAL Creative Computing Institute.


  • Oh no! What browser was that in @VickiMcGregor?

  • Thanks for the feedback @VickiMcGregor!

  • That sounds like they some terrible design choices @PaulaRománCanivell! Doesn't sound like they did any UX research either! Interesting example.

  • 'It's about innovating and being patient, looking for ideas and growing.' This sounds like a very good approach @MycaRoxas.

  • This is any interesting take @RuggeroF, does anyone have a response to this line of thought?

  • These are definitely fields of research that will be expanded by the influence of AI @ImranUlhaq

  • This is an interesting and relevant analogy @OvaHamer!

  • 'This is what should to happen with UX; don't just assume the best solution as we see it, consult with others to help overcome barriers to accessibility together.' Definitely an important step, well said @TashStokes!

  • 'There are huge difference between smartphones and desktop screens, being the most important one the way we interact with them using a cursor or touch screen.' This is a good point @ElenaArevalo, can any else share any other differences we must consider between the two?

  • Thanks for the feedback @JaneMaguire!

  • I think it is @EbtihalAbdelshakour.

  • Hi @AbdulAzeem I would suggest consuming as much art, music, literature as you can and experiment with an art-form yourself. Try different things out and challenge yourself! I'm sure you will find you are more creative than you think!

  • Hi @AnayKumarMaurya for data analysis you could look into learning Scikit learn. If you're interested in research prototyping in machine learning you could try PyTorch.

  • Hi @็HANNARONGRiginal I think these are interesting fields to incorporate AI into, but i'm sure there will also need to be new ethical and legal frameworks for this too!

  • This is an interesting point to consider, and I don't think i've seen anyone else in the comments bring this up yet! What do others think of the issue raised by @ElleA 'the issue was over the use of the trained dataset, where Barrat felt that Obvious had used his set due to similarity to examples he had posted.'

  • Can anyone else suggest anything else to add to @BethanJewell-Smitham's process?

  • Wow, that's quite a story! I can't imagine market research taking place like that anymore, at least not at 10 in the morning!

  • @MadhuraPrabhu That's very handy!

  • 'What does functionality mean in a given context?' This is especially important when we combine it with the needs of the user.

  • Agreed @KatieWeitzmann ethics and accountability are very important when it comes to implementing AI in the field of healthcare. I should imagine the latter will require a lot of new legal framework too!

  • I think there's lots of interesting discussions points here. Can anyone else respond them? Do you agree with Cindia's definitions? Why/why not?

  • Hi @EiniusBubinas what fields of research are you interested in?

  • Hi @HassaanahSaban your last sentence is very succinct, do you think there are any similarities between the extent of our creativity and that of machines?

  • Hi @FarhanaManji I like your last idea of using analogue pen and paper to help with sketching! I too find It is too easy with digital tools to get swept up in trying to maximum the output with them, this is a great way to stop that!

  • Hi @JustineRobinson what alternative methods do you regularly use?

  • 'Knowing how to ask the right question is half the success.' @MartynaBielecka Knowing how to ask the right question is definitely important to consider. Concise questions can help keep the survey shorter and keep the audience more engaged too.

  • 'Accessibility means that one can get into a certain setting, usability is once you are in that setting you feel able to move around and contribute effectively.' Well said @RobertWalker!

  • Hi @AbdulAzeem it's interesting that you think machines cannot create, and that it just analysed the data that has been learned by the machine. Is that not what humans do too?

  • Hi @maheshpoola is there anything demotivating you?

  • Hi @MuthurajanM interesting point, what makes you think the question is wrong? In answer to your question at the end yes! There was an AI research project by Facebook 2-3 years ago where it showed signs of developing its own language.

  • Hi @KiraWong these are some interesting questions. Does the amount of influence Obvious had over the algorithm used change your opinion? How much agency over the creative decisions do you think is needed for authorship?

  • This is a great well thought out response @RichardWorkman. I feel your last point is salient, the '...realisation of good interface is intrinsically linked to a deep understanding of your end users.'

  • This would be a great approach @KimberlyAkinduro!

  • Thanks for the feedback @Md.AbdulHyeSiddiqui, I think you're right. That could be due to the internet connection.

  • 'it should be appreciated when they sacrifice their time doing the survey, I think one should keep it brief.' When it comes to product, or especially website UX surveys I couldn't agree more @AnHuynh!

  • @BethanJewell-Smitham A bus timetable that only shows between 11am and 2pm?! That doesn't sound very useful at all!

  • This is useful feedback @JayM, thanks!

  • Hi @NG we will be experimenting with Wekinator in week 2 so it won't be that long before you can start seeing what they can do! Like a lot of skills/subjects coding takes patience and practice. If you have an idea of what area you want to work in it is best to see what programming language other people in that field are using, and then perhaps take a short...

  • @PeterGomes well spotted! Will change this.

  • Hi @AYODEJIOJO 32 bit should be supported, do you have the right version of Java installed?

  • Hi @BuphinderThapar, it would be interesting for other people to see this work. Do you have a link for it?

  • @CindiaE It would be great if you shared a link to this work!

  • That's an interesting pre-coffee thought @JonDaly! I wonder how many other similar events have been caused by questionable interface design. Can anyone else think of any?

  • Hi @HarshitRaj it make take some time but Wekinator should be able to run (the application used in week 2).

  • @LidaZacharopoulou that's a fun project!

  • Hi @OzanAtalan I think your last sentence 'Creation should not be monopolized as a cognitive human activity.' is an interest discussion point. How do other people feel about this?

  • This is useful feedback @AndreeaIliescu thanks!

  • Hi @HazelMeades what operating system are you using? Have you tried using the 'last resort big' download option?

  • Mick Grierson replied to [Learner left FutureLearn]

    Hi @AnneWalther it may be that you're running 64-bit Windows, you can check by clicking the start button > settings > system > about. It should say there. With the streamline Windows version you will need a version of Java (note not javascript). Processing should have automatically prompted the correct Java installer from Oracle. Did that not work? The other...

  • @KiraWong This sounds like a fun project!

  • Hi @MartynaBielecka, what operating system are you using?

  • Hi @SHAMSHUDDINMd what system are you running?

  • Hi @StephenBoahen, Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is the study of design and use of computational technology, specifically focusing on the interface between the human and the computer. It's a field of research that often encompasses research from computer science, cognitive science, design, and psychology.

  • Hi @AmalaAntony Interesting question! I would say any change in UI would likely have an impact of how the content is perceived to some extent. A highly responsive or customisable design would likely be sufficient for most traditional screen-based situations. However, applied AI could be useful for situations where you have multiple users with different needs...

  • Mick Grierson replied to [Learner left FutureLearn]

    Hi @AnneWalther the example in the video is using the 'on screen mouse control' as the input, and the 'continuous control of sound synthesis' as output. You can download those examples from the walkthrough link page, below the video. If for whatever reason, you are having trouble with the Windows example code I would suggest either the 'big download' or...

  • I agree @DavidElla, useful feedback!

  • Hi @IndujaShankar while the technology may not be optimal, that shouldn't stop designers thinking about accessibility. We should be making tools, products or services available for as many people as possible. We can develop both simultaneously, opening up interfaces for more people is always going to be beneficial.

  • Hi @AmalaAntony catering to everyone is a hard task, but the more time we spend improving our tools the more people we can cater for. So this is what we should strive for!

  • Mick Grierson replied to [Learner left FutureLearn]

    Hi @AnneWalther Have you seen Rebecca's more detailed instructions page, or the troubleshooting page? http://www.wekinator.org/troubleshooting/

    Have you tried installing and running the 'any operating system' version?

  • Hi @VutukuruHimaVarshaKarthikKumar what issue are you facing? What operating system are you using?

  • Hi @LindaLam have you looked through the troubleshooting page for help? http://www.wekinator.org/troubleshooting/

  • Hi @AlejandroMata what inputs/outputs are not working for you?

  • Hi @DulcineaLee it should download automatically once you select what operating system you are using. What trouble are you having with it exactly?

  • Hi @ShireeshPatil it should prompt an automatic download once you select what operating system you are using.

  • Hi @ShouryadiptaBirabar what are you having trouble with? Have you been able to run the examples along with Rebecca's video walkthrough?

  • Mick Grierson replied to [Learner left FutureLearn]

    Hi @AnneWalther what operating system are you using?

  • Hi @HadiaFatima what trouble are you having? Have you been able to run the examples following along to Rebecca's video walkthrough?

  • Hi @IndreshK what operating system are you using on your pc?

  • Hi @wesleygeonrhotsrobertkennedy what issues are you having exactly?

  • Hi @maheshpoola it should download direct once you click what operating system you are using. What issues are you having?

  • Hi @ALANSABU what operating system are you running on your pc?

  • Hi @JuanJoséMurilloRincón Great to hear you managed to fix the issues you were having! Maybe you could share what the problem was and how you fixed it, so other students could see it too?

  • Hi @anthonypaton what operating system are you running on your pc?

  • Hi @PatrickEwomazinoWadahi what operating system are you running on your pc?

  • Hi @LukasSniževičius What issues were you having in downloading the software?

  • @sallyt I think your last sentence of 'Hopefully those less inhibited among us will just ‘go for it’ and let others worry about the value or not as this new practice grows.' is an important sentiment, not just for creative coding but all creative practice in general! :)

  • Hi @RosieSheppard that sounds like a fantastic project! Do you have any documentation of it you could share for others to look at?

  • Well explained @AntonioJr.!