Sandra Clark

Sandra Clark

I am in my early 70's. I am enjoying the Future Learn Courses that have been offered to help us cope during this "Covid-19" difficult time.

Location I'm from an outer suburb of Sydney, NSW, Australia.


  • Thank you, look forward to the email for the new course to come.

  • Great course, I knew nothing of how the DNA Painter worked, will now have a go at it. I also found the lessons on the different DNA tests very helpful. Similar to others I don't have a male to ask to do a test; Maybe if I did it would help with the brick wall of where my 2xGgrandfather came from.
    Thank you to the lecturers & my fellow students, many of you...

  • @DavidPC Hi David- I did find the NEXT lesson helped a bit. I think it's the terminology that throws me, too many words I do not know or understand. I will keep trying.

  • Thank you for the full glossary and in Alphabetical order.

  • how do these tests help when there are no males available for testing?

  • Jill, I am presuming you are ex-Hornsby FH Grp- How have you been able to get the evidence of Aboriginal ethnicity? Also maybe when we meet again you can explain the Haplogroups to me, as I still can't work it out. Probably just my brain getting it too muddled up? Thanks Sandra C. (Hornsby Grp)

  • I had been hoping there would be something about Haplogroups, often read the word, but had no idea what is was or meant. Now I have a definition, but sadly it still doesn't make any sense to me.

  • your comment helped me understand a bit better, thank you.

  • Thanks for this link, will attempt this.

  • I am still finding it hard to get my head around what DNA results actually give Me & how they help me to work out where the match fits into my family. Have brain fog from Covid at the moment is not helping!
    Chasing surnames is not helpful when there are so many spellings esp before there was good education 1850 onwards; and I have found that my well...

  • I tried to contact a match with a higher cM than made sense, but no reply. Over a year later tried again, this time reply & through us both then trying to work out the relationship, found another answer to my family puzzle. Have now had many matches with this specific family. Sometimes it's worth while trying again after a lapse of time.

  • @ElaineHopewell, I do the same Elaine

  • My initial interested commenced way back in 1961, high school teacher told all the students to ask where our families came from. I received very negative answers when I asked. I also had grown up with very narrow negative maternal family attitudes. What I have found since then in the last 20 to 30 years has answered a lot of my queries. With DNA matches I...

  • Hi Christine, I would love to know more about your project. I also have ancestors from Tipperary.

  • Looking forward to this course, akthough I have found ancestors thru' using DNA matches, I really do NOT understand how it all works and how I can use it to hopefully break down a brick wall.

  • Sandra Clark made a comment

    I enjoyed the course, but 10 days is insufficient time to give it the time I would have like to have done.

  • Sandra Clark made a comment

    An interesting and informative course, Thank you.

  • I am curious why would one swap meat instead of fish?
    I missed my 30mins of swimming today as I was doing this course & didn't notice the to leave had past until too late! so, much for today's exercise!

  • I can't relate to this section

  • I read what you all do & it's just too much. I am trying to increase my swimming to 5 or 6 days a week I do 30 mins combination of walking & swimming in the water.

  • Interesting- new things to learn even in my 70's!

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    I think I have already commenced- a new diet to bring my BGL's into a better place & now pool is more open (re Covid completely closed for almost 2 yrs), increasing my swimming program.

  • Lack of social interaction.
    Re hearing loss- are you saying that all the deaf people in the world are all going to get dementia?

  • One thing I note that is not included in the suggestions- is REJECTION - in so many ways, childhood & in adulthood

  • "The Dangers of Loneliness"- at this time of my life (73) I disagree; I have had so much hurt from so called friends, that I prefer my own space; Yes I do like to have some time to share with others but it is few & far between times.

  • I agree with Catherine-'A lot of information to take on board and understand."

    And I look forward to what comes with this 'Breaking up sitting time is so so important for us! Stay tuned for more on this specific topic in Week 2.' from Stephanie Adams.

  • From Australia, 73yrs young, maybe- Covid closed our pools, as I enjoy swimming, finding that it is taking quite a bit to get back into it. I have also been put on VERY low carb meals to get my BGL's back under control. One good thing is that I have finally commenced to lose weight. Just hoping that the course will motivate me in keeping with the swimming &...

  • After Covid lock down, I'm trying to get back to doing a bit of exercise, hoping this course will give me more motivation.

  • I did the course to learn about the gut & how it affects our lives. I did learn a few things but consider it could have been much better- I agree with the thoughts of Deborah Robinson in her comments:
    the quality of the course was inconsistent and some of it was frustrating and poorly edited and (I add) it definitely had not been 'proof-read'. Far too many...

  • @JennyH - I Strongly agree with your words Jenny - thanks for expressing what I cannot.

  • I’ve NEVER heard of this disease. So no opinion.

  • In all my years I have NEVER heard of any of this..... maybe only in UK?

  • Agree

  • I had thought it was just me in not understanding, I had put it down to how it was worded. Thanks for saying what I was thinking

  • Comments re 2.13- Quizz- why are the comments- repeated 3 times after Q 5?
    The Explanations on the quizzes are so much easier to understand- nice & simple & understandable. I would like the whole lecture to be this way, PLEASE?

  • There are too many of these in the script -(described in the previous step)
    re changes to wheat - I really think that there have been too much generic engineering and wonder if this is the reason so many people are having medical/health problems eating wheat products. Maybe the so called people in the know should be going back to the 'original' wheat plant &...

  • ...'diets high in resistant starch can increase the ratio of Firmicutes to Bacteroidetes, which is associated with a healthier microbiome.'- my comment- what the heck does that mean?

  • This is interesting, shows just how wonderfully we are made.

  • approx 30grams, If I remember correctly.

  • That was so interesting!

  • As a child- it was the only 'fizzy' drink that was available, yes I've wondered if there are people who still have a 'plant'. I do remember that there was a recipe to start a new one, but I don't have nor have I been able to find a recipe. Anyone else?

  • That extra was VERY helpful in understanding Pro & Pre-biotics.