Charlotte Webb

Charlotte Webb

I am co-founder of Feminist Internet, a non-profit that aims to make the Internet more equal by combining feminism, technology, art and design.

Location London


  • Hey Maria - thanks for sharing and well done for sticking with it!

  • Hi Wyn - I totally relate to that - it's been a strange time of foggy brain for me too...

  • Hi Shanti - thanks very much for this comment, and I am sorry you felt uncomfortable watching the video. We really appreciate these critiques, as they are such a vital part of feminism in action. We're going to re-write this step for the next run of the course (starting Monday) - we will remove the current video and explain how the comments here prompted us to...

  • Hi Elizabeth - thanks for this! I agree that more global perspectives are needed. I really appreciate you raising the issue of colonialism here as well, as it's such an important intersection. We're going to re-write this step for the next run of the course (starting Monday) - we will remove the current video and explain how the comments here prompted us to...

  • Hi Sinead - thank you for raising these important points - I hadn't realised the ways in which religious discrimination played a role here, and I completely agree that this should be clarified. We're going to re-write this step for the next run of the course (starting Monday) - we will remove the current video and explain how the comments here prompted us to...

  • Hi Barbara - thanks so much for your comment, and I agree that more global and decolonised perspectives are needed here. I think you're also totally right that women who haven't been recognised by institutions should be highlighted. We're going to re-write this step for the next run of the course (starting Monday) - we will remove the video and explain how the...

  • yes - it will still be available :)

  • @DonnaR thank you for sharing and well done for sticking with it - amazing!

  • Totally! It can absolutely be frustrating if a bot gives you a button when you want to say something else, but equally the limitations of this method can be really inspiring too :)

  • @PetraWolf I'd say 3 - 5 buttons is good. I've seen chatbots that provide about 12 buttons with just an emoji on each, but it can get quite overwhelming!

  • Thanks very much for this reflection, and a sensitive consideration of female photographers. From a feminist perspective, it's important to raise the profiles of those who are underrepresented, so for me, pointing out that women are a minority and featuring them is a positive step. It's good not to speak on behalf of people, but it's also good to be an ally...

  • Really good question re: emojis and screen readers - would be good to ask Alex about that in the coding steps. I found this in case it's helpful:

  • This is great - you've done a lot of work! One thing I'd say is to make sure there's a balance between how much the bot is saying and how much the person is clicking. Colouring the bubbles one colour for the person and another for the bot can give you a quick sense of that...

  • Hmm - I still can't view it either - would you mind re-posting the link here?

  • This is a great start - thanks for sharing. A couple of thoughts: it's really good to share links, but one thing to consider is how to keep the person engaging with the chatbot, and what happens once they've visited another website. You could consider paraphrasing or quoting some info from the resources before/instead of/as well as always giving links.


  • I couldn't read everything because it's a little blurred - but it looks good! I like that you've mapped out one pathway - you can always add other branches later :)

  • It's so hard - but well done for doing it:) Good idea to stick with one branch and get that completed

  • This makes me think about Siri's response to the question 'are you a woman?' - 'I am genderless like cacti and certain species of fish'...

  • Love this - it would be good if, down the line, big corporates would use Anansi too ;)

  • Great padlet, full of research - thanks for sharing :)

  • A feminist test on communications campaigns would be a great contribution to the world! I get so angry at sexist messaging! Love the gif too :)

  • Me too - Oraclebot is a techno-witch of the best kind!

  • Wow, loved how you mocked up the screen interfaces and created such an empathetic and sensitive storyboard. Fantastic.

  • Thanks for sharing - it made me think the martial arts providers should be on board!

  • I would love to see this become a reality - can't wait to interact with the final chatbot :)

  • @KatherineLu Absolutely love this - am looking forward to seeing the final chatbot :)

  • Thanks for sharing! So, are you imagining this will almost be like a quiz, where the chatbot gives different possible ways to react in a given situation?

  • Thanks for sharing Daniel - just one thing to bear in mind - for the chatbot you'll make on this course people won't be able to type...

  • I wondered about whether 'sister' would be a bit too familiar as well - but let's take another look after you've worked on it a bit more!

    One small thing - the bot you'll code on the course won't have any voice recognition functionality, so people wouldn't be able to say something to it - they could only type :)

  • Oraklebot for witches - so, so cool

  • Love the ending where the peaceful afternoon is restored!

  • Love the visuals in this - and 'that's because you're boring and only listen to male artists' made me giggle :)

  • It's really hard, yes! Stay with it though :)

  • If the bot had some AI capability it would be, but this is a rule based bot :)

  • Thank you to everyone for sharing - the contributions are so impressive and thoughtful! This is really what the course is about :)

  • Thanks for sharing :) It might be worth considering whether parents will need to grant access to the chatbot?

  • This is great, thank you for sharing! Your experience as a parent is really important here I think - as children will most likely access the service through a parent or caregiver?

  • Hi Laura - I thought this was really sensitive and insightful. Your work on the helpline has given a lot of insights that will be invaluable :)

  • Great you're planning to do testing!

  • Hey Christina - you may have already chosen which to go for by now, and I think they're all interesting, but I was actually drawn to the artists' one, because you said there was a strong community you could talk to about it, which is an advantage. It's also a very clear idea, and quite practical - I can see a chatbot being able to help with the problem. For me...

  • @TemiLA I thought the barriers you identified were very insightful, and related to your comment about caregivers, who might need to be a little bit involved if they're the gatekeepers of technologies the children can access?

  • Your Padlet also made me think that a chatbot for people that don't have Parkinsons would also be helpful! I.e. to help break down the stigma...

  • @RebeccaEdwards It's brilliant you can talk to your mum about it and that she thinks it would help. Are there any cases where physical mobility might stop someone interacting with a device (and therefore the chatbot)?