Mike Macdonald

Mike Macdonald

Manager of Education Technology and Online in Swiss Education

Location Lausanne


  • hello. thanks for the post! - not quite on the history of SPA, but good advise?

  • This is a comment

  • I guess with one of the risks being that the the top universities attract the best talent / highest achievers and the gap increases between the lower ranked?

  • The papers make comment on the efficiencies of scale that some of the delivery models offer. With this in mind, it's easy to understand why institutions have put focus on development of MOOCS and other online models of delivery.

    For me, I get the impression that the traditional university struggles at defining metrics and measuring academic quality in...

  • Hi, I'm Mike, I work under the title of Online and Learning Technology Manager in Swiss Hospitality higher Education. I'm interested at gaining insight into unbundling, the drivers and the impacts.
    Looking forward to share and learn!

  • My work domains and VLE's appear most. I fear that typical right?
    Most of my information consumption comes from a connected app or service, feed or google search.
    Today I've got "my" news, watched Bambi from the cloud (with my daughter), downloaded music, looked for opening times for a market, looked up a phone number (the receiver never had an voip link...