George Rajasekaran

George Rajasekaran

I am retired journalist and i contribute articles about development and social issues as a freelancer. I live in the state of Tamilnadu in India.

Location Salem


  • My picks range widely across the spectrum from crass commercials (as many of them are entertaining and also connecting too) to art house films. Thrillers, social issues depicted through deeply moving drama and touching characters, sci-fi and romcoms are what i see most. I use films and movies interchangebly and not as yet as lables for certain types of films.

  • I like both movies and films. The former for its entertainment value and the latter for the sake of art appreciation. I am naturally drawn towards thrillers and movies that tries to highlight social issues with mild melodrama.

  • Hell everyone, This is George Rajasekaran from India. I am a freelance journalist and a life long student of cinema. I have taken many courses on films in Future Learn. I am exited to learn yet another important aspect of cinema from this course.

  • Sad it ended so soon. Lets catch up somhow

  • It was very straightforward and covered all aspects of film making most of the books and courses I have known. I particularly liked the film language part which was very easy to understand. The part covering the sound was short and could have been a little deeper.

  • We need to name and number scenes, shots and takes so that we select the right clip.

  • I am planning to have fewer static shots and more camera movement to picture the protagonist's slice of life.

  • A good idea. I shall also do that

  • Here in India Premiere pro is more popular amount pros and freelancers.

  • Planning and meticulous preparations used to be a practice of traditional studio directors and not for the new wave directors. But now the digital age directors are playing with software and apps and plan out the entire process end-to-end. Read through is a regular practice in Indian commercial films nowadays.

  • @TomBarrance Thanks Mr.Tom your advice seems very sound. Yes I will try to be more visual in my approach.

  • @TomGleadell Thanks Tom

  • Rahul a college fresher craves to eat chicken noodles sold in his college cafetria. But he and his two class mates could only share the lunch one of them would bring by turns. One day Rahul's widow mother grants his desire and gives him money which she had saved. Rahul was happy about it but immediately was gripped by the dilemma whether he should go the...

  • My story idea is about a college boy from a lower middle-class family craving to eat chicken noodles for lunch in the college cafeteria like some of the students from a rich family. Normally he and his two other classmates would share lunch that one of them bring from their home every other day. One day his widow mother grants him the desire to eat his...

  • Till now everything that I learned about filmmaking was exciting. But having come to the point of putting to practice what was learned, I feel nervous. Its really seems challenging.

  • @AramM. Thanks, Aram it was useful feedback.

  • @TomBarrance Thanks Tom. Your explanation was useful especially that long shots need to be longer than close ones.

  • What would be the ideal time for each of the five shots? Can we play rhythm by changing short timing as also as size?

  • Can we see your recent film?

  • Agree with Sam

  • R by R has truly laid the foundations for Grammar of film. Almost simultaneously, George Melies was also experimenting with fictional narratives and made several discoveries in special effects like stop motion. In India, modern directors have been innovating a great deal. Unlike the slow rhythm and sustained shots, of R by R and films of George Melies we now...

  • I agree with Rachel. It may be a conscious choice to tell the story from a particular viewpoint or enhance the drama.

  • Hello all, I am George from India. I work as a Correspondent for an English Daily and I am a keen lover of films. I hope this course with great teachers will fill the gap in my knowledge in this vital area of filmmaking.

  • I hope to get immense value from time spent on this with a person like Michael leading the course.

  • Hi this is George Rajasekaran from India. I am a content writer and I feel that knowledge in digital marketing is essential to do a better job.

  • Seems its going to be very interesting

  • George Rajasekaran made a comment

    Seems a good foundational course. I am excited to start.

  • Hello I am George Rajasekaran from South India. I work as a journalist and i report quite a deal about environment and wildlife. I trust this course will help me deepen knowledge and do better environment stories.

  • Both content and form are important in communication

  • In India where i live internet is mostly abused. Very little useful content is found online. I find most of youngsters consuming entertainment videos, games and adults spend more time sharing and viewing whatsapp.Here jokes, memes and also useful information about historical personalities, past events and rare information are shared. However much of...

  • Hello everyone here, glad to know you all. I am from Indian and i am going to join as content writer in an engineering college in our towyn. I hope this course will help learn skills and techniques to be a good content writer. Wish you all happy learning

  • Hello I am George Rajasekaran from India. I am going to join as content writer in an engineering college in our town. I am taking this course to improve content writing skills. Nice to know you all

  • Hello everyone, This is George from India. I used to work as a news correspondent in an Indian English news paper. Now i have got a job as a content writer in a local college of engineering. When i join i want to take with me some skills, knowledge and tricks of trade required for a content job. I hope this course will be useful.

  • In India where mostly laws were written in the British model, there used to be system of land use rights and not full ownership. This was traditional law

  • The whole discussion of economics is going around economy as a whole. When we talk about demand management are we considering how to put more money in the pocket of the workers so that they will be able to satisfy their needs and there by push demand. Is demand management looking into demand for goods affordable by wealthy people and the higher middle class...

  • Very well structured course, takes the uninitiated on a baby walk.

  • The main issue for the Martian emisary is to quickly go into the details of the income, expenditure pattern to see whether these can be rationalised. Also she would like to check whether planetary storms and other natural phenomena were become unsustainable.

  • A good way to introduce a complex and controversial subject.

  • Hi all the course so far was very insightful. As journalist i track the pandemic in our state and i could learn a lot about the science and art behind the terms we usually use like, modeling, herd immunity, flatening of curvue and also about how policy is shaped by these.

  • Very simple but is it so simple in reality

  • Online was forced on us even before Covid 19 yet the old way had its place. Now this outbreak has bound us to online mode of work. So the hours spent online has increased many fold.

  • This is George Rajasekaran a journalist from state of Tamilnadu in India. I write news and news articles for the print media. But the content is also published online. The tone and style vary and i am yet gain confidence and comfort levels while writing online. I hope this course will help.

  • I am a journalist from India and its my daily job reporting COVID 19 from many perspectives. I think it should be responsibility to increase my knowledge about this new disease so that i don't fall into that category of misinformant which no society can afford to tolerate at this moment.

  • Increased support is gaing for the view that since COVID 19 infection is selective, vulnerbility in any given society can be mapped and the vulnerable
    alone be isolated while the general populace be educated on personal hygiene and self regulated social distancing. This way poorer economies like India where i live will be less impacted.

  • Hi all I am George Rajasekaran from the state of Tamilnadu in India. I am a free lance journalist and i registered for this course thinking that it will help be better understand the subject and write better reports on how public money is spent.

  • Hello I am a journalist from India. I am here to improve my knowledge and report better on wildlife conservation.

  • Hi all, this is George Rajasekaran from the State of Tamilnadu in South India. I am a journalist and as part of my work i report on environmental issues. I am in this course to learn more deeply about the subject so that my understanding of this most misunderstood subject becomes clear and as a result my reports will also be objective and clear.

  • Sure its going to be worthwhile a journey.

  • Hi
    I am from India and i majored in Economics. I work as a news correspondent for an English news daily. My work requires i report on Economic growth issues frequently. I hope this course will help me find solutions for our country's growth problems that i think has its roots partly in the composition of our population.

  • I am G.Rajasekaran from India. I work for an English news paper as news Correspondent. I majored in Economics and my fascination for subject continues as my work requires that i report on economic issues often especially about growth issues. India has 110 crore people and is the second largest nation population wise. But we are the youngest country with more...

  • Storifying concept of engaging people on an emotional level seems very challenging. I dont think it is going to be easy in all situations for all products ans services for the marketer. The limitations of digital marketing is explained well. Research and practice -insights into the idea of market segmentation based on customer data on buying behavior, needs to...

  • For me digital space is expanding and cant be ignored. As in other traditional spaces we can locate, engage and enthuse our customers and would-be customers. It is worth reaching out to the digital space as it is where most of those whom we want are found easily. If digital tools help me with sharp analysis of who uses what digital space at what time and...

  • What really matters to others is a sincere smile and a hearty "hello" from us. But we are busy trying to impress them with our beauty, knowledge and achievements flaunting jewels or cars. In the process we forget what really matters to others and us and we take a never return complicated path to impress ourselves and others. It reminds me of the Biblical (New...

  • For me well being is living up-righteously living up to our convictions without blatant hypocrisy and leading others to live so. Being a professional news correspondent, i prefer to use the media to bring individual and social changes.

  • Why corrupt politicians win elections?

  • My reviewer did not make any suggestions in my essay. But after going through the review exercise i want to enrich the supporting details with better facts.

  • This course is different than the beginners level English writing courses available elsewhere. I was very much benefited from the simple method taught in this course for identifying various elements of an essay and unifying them into a whole neat structure. The way the concept of thesis statement was introduced, the topic sentence, the supporting details,...

  • I grateful to Nastya Golovko for her generous review of my essay.

    Thanks Nastya.

  • Here in India screen play writers are an endangered species. But we are not ready yet to write obituaries for screen play writing. I think it's not because people are not wanting to write. There is a lot of writing in the new media where the traditional narrative is not the dominant mode of expression. So we still need writers for the big screen and the social...

  • Film making was my main passion when i was a youth. But 25 years ago there was just one film institute in our state (The state of Tamilnadu in India) and i dint stand a chance studying there. I missed a few opportunities to take up short term courses when some universities offered.I read a lot of books about film making but couldn't master some technical...

  • I have no problem with organizing thoughts, generating ideas, structure or grammar. What challenged me during the writing process was lack of time to find enough details to support my ideas. I thought i will submit my essay within the fifth week but i couldn't despite best efforts. I should have selected an easier topic. I also have difficulty in keeping word...

  • Very good theme. Are there laws in your country to prevent adolescents, i mean teen aged people getting married? In India where i live the minimum age to get married is 18 for women and 21 for men. Early marriage is punishable. Many marriages are being stopped and the adolescents are sent to observation homes run by the Government. But after they come out...

  • Very useful. Would have been even better if some inappropriate behavior and moderation response examples were shown and explained. Some legal aspects are there and we need to know them.Thanks any way.

  • I cant fully grasp the connection between shortening URL. and linking. I shall refer, consult and return back.

  • In Salem (in India), a large town of 10 lakh people ( a big city by Western standards) the roads are being dug to lay drinking water pipes, cables for various electrical and electronic services. It takes much time to bring the roads back to condition after the works are over. Most of the time people have to wait for long for the road to clear up. Driving is...

  • I live in Salem (India) a city of 10,00,000 people (In India cities are very big population wise and Salem is only the 41 st biggest city in the country). There are six hills surrounding the densely populated, polluted city. Atop the biggest hill there is a small beautiful town with schools, churches, a lake and forests.

  • In our country India sparrows have disappeared. We are waiting for their return.

  • I am sure it would be a picturesque sight of the sea from the houses built on steep hills. Oh how most enchanting place to live? Do people stay in those houses? How do the climb the steep hills? Can cars or motorbikes be driven up? What about chances of falling into the sea?

  • India where i happen to be born is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Much of the traditions based on Vedas (divine books which canonized social, cultural, economic and political way of life for the Indians), began about 5000 years ago were followed till sixty years back when the country got independence from the British colonial rule.After the...

  • Egypt is a great nation. We in India have read about the great monuments of that country in history books. I hope your essay will shed light on tourists experiences in Egypt..

  • A lot of foreign students study in India. We have in our town ethnic restaurants to cater to students from different nationalities. We are truly in a global village these days. I hope your essay will throw light on the aspirations and experiences of studying aborad.

  • It is very important topic in these days when people use aerosols indiscriminately. I wish you gook luck and i look forward to read your essay.

  • Discuss why people in India vote for corrupt politicians? I chose this topic because it is what most of the Indians are concerned (or unconcerned) about nowadays. Every day people read in news papers about some politician getting exposed in a scandal, some convicted in court, getting released, and wining the elections too. I know it is a difficult subject to...

  • My primary news source used to be the local page of national news dailies. In India where i live news papers provide unrivaled depth in local news. But in the recent years, people are increasingly conveying local information on face book, twitter and whats app. While these people use this platform for discussing news breaks, there are a lot of unconfirmed,...

  • My country India, an ancient, colonial country has undergone three development gear shifts since 1947 when it got independence. These shifts determined the past and the now. The first forty five years were a period of large public investments, and with a welfare state model, large development of public health, education, military and many other public...

  • I am sorry to hear that Iran which has such great culture and history is looking back instead of learning from it and moving on. The price paid by the people for the revolution has been in vain. But it is a very encouraging fact that artists are gaining international acclaim in closed conditions. Artists display extraordinary creative powers in trying...

  • Practice makes one perfect and Xiao has showed this in his improved essay. The second one is much clear and organised than the former. However there are still some grammatical like faulty pronouns, verbs and lack of punctuation to give his ideas the depth. These and the structural errors, i think he can improve by constant practice. I think more than the...

  • Its quite understandable that in his first essay in English this non native is evidently lacking confidence. But it was a good try indeed. The essay lacks in content, organisation and language. All the three elements are there but they are in skeletal form. He needs to flesh them out with concrete examples. For example, in the very introduction he has not...

  • You got it correct, Yousra. Academic writing will help students in their higher level of education to share their ideas clearly and in a formal way. Your ideas are clear. I am sure you will be able to express them better in English after you finish this course. Read more, write more. This is the sure and the only way to improve communicating skill in any...

  • Helo every one here, I am from India and I work as a reporter for an English language news paper. A large part of my work involves writing. I make a living by writing in English. But my English is far from perfect especially because of being a non native English communicator. My editors correct mistakes in my report. I want to have less corrections. In our...

  • Hi Aye Aye
    Soon you will be writing clear English because you have taken the effort to locate this course and proved yourself serious about improving your English writing skills. Good Luck Aye Aye

  • India is the second largest populated country in the world. Our census data is very comprehensive covers large cities, big towns and tiny villages and hamlets too. Very useful for journalists to understand the composition of communities.

  • Traditional local news papers in India where i live are very strong in terms of reach and ability to provide local news. They try to satisfy every community within a geography apart from covering crime, local courts, accidents, council meetings, school, college sports events to name a few. Indian news papers employ part time journalists who are mostly...