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A medical student who likes impacting positively in people's lives ❤

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  • I'm Joy. I hope this course really helps me

  • Covid 19 is a global and prominent issue. One major cause of spread is contact with infected people. You should keep social distancing by staying at home. You should keep good hygiene. Wash your hands regularly. You should also sanitize your hands. You ought to use masks if you necessarily need to go out. If you have symptoms, you had better see a doctor.If...

  • I would choose to in the paediatric ward because I love children

  • I have visited a hospital as a patient

  • I make plans but sometimes, the plans don't just work out

  • Results very similar to those in the video. I procastinate a lot. I'm trying my best to stop tho

  • Every part was useful.. I really enjoyed the fight flight model

  • Teachers, managers, health care workers

  • Joy Adewale made a comment

    Hello. I'm Joy. I'm taking this course to prepare myself for university

  • Wow....I have learnt a lot in this first week. It was really helpful.

  • I think it is a great idea for children to learn about first aid in school.

  • I am Joy. I am a medical student.

  • I have a better understanding of emotions. It's all adding up now.

  • Being optimistic about life and always seeing things from the positive side

  • I think mixed model us the best

  • I think it can be either innate or taught or even both (mixed model). There are factors that can affect people's emotional intelligence like background, parents and peer too. Kofi Annan had a good influence from his background.

  • Barack Obama and Kofi Annan
    Barack Obama showed emotional intelligence through self control and empathy.
    Kofi Annan showed emotional intelligence through discipline, confidence, concern for the community as a whole and compassion.. He won the peace prize.

  • Well, I make decisions by both emotions and logic. The basis of the decision is my emotions but i always give a check to see if the decision I'm about to make is actually logical.

  • Hello! I took this course for self development. I want a better understanding of emotions.

  • A learning log serves as a summary of everything learnt. It helps to remember the main ideas got from the course. It can also help to track my performance and changes.