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  • I have been doing the same and it has been working wonderfully as they can each watch the video at their own pace.

  • In South Africa all the private schools are running a normal school day. That means normal hours. And the learners follow their normal time tables. So for example if they would have Mathematics in period 2 they connect to that teachers "classroom" and then for that 50min the focus is on Mathematics. In public schools things are running completely different in...

  • I am not sure if I will be playing the devils advocate here but for me its been about their own personal expectations and not so much behavior. In the start of the year I always explain the difference between mediocre achievements and rising above. Its important that they identified with what their BEST is. And then everything they do in the classroom should...

  • I made a video with a short demonstration on explaining the relationship between the Doppler Effect and an expanding universe. Some of my higher order learners understood and could make the links but my lower order learners became confused and it had a ripple effect on their previous understanding

  • Having covered only 3month worth of work for our schooling year it has bee proven difficult to make any concrete decisions on what to leave out and what to continue with. Since I am the only science teacher I decides that I will ensure that the foundation is really well understood throughout each year. This means that we habe revisited some topics that proof...

  • I am a secondary science teacher teaching Physics and Chemistry. I have been teaching online for a month and a half now. My 2 stars go to the following:
    1. Learners are not rushed and can work at their pase. So they can pause the video and make notes and then continue.
    2. It has given a platform for the very shy learners to feel more comfortable in asking...

  • Organ transplants. If you take cortisone for asthma or allergies it also surpreses the immune system. Lupus. Most cancer treatments surpreses the immune system.

  • Did well but mainly because I have a good baseline understanding. I thinknthe deeper we go the more challenging it will become

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    I really enjoy this section of immunity. Something that has always been a big question to with regards to allergies is why do some children have sever allergies while their siblings dont. Speaking from personal experience I sometimes wonder and have hypothesised the possibility of the type of birth and how that links. Both my siblings where born naturally...

  • A lot of people can be Asymptomatic for most their lives until the allergy "bucket" is full and over flows.

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    Yes it will most definitely still evolve especially given the leaps being made in the genetic fields. Speaking from personal experience I dont have answers for my ever changing allergies. Every 6 months when I go for my blood test there are new allergies presenting themselves and old ones that have fallen away.

  • Epidemic might be a strong word to use. But I do think that more and more people are developing allergies. Im my opinion its our food that is altered through GMO's and hormone enhancing substances that causes all these reactions. Our bodies cannot cope with all the chemicals we consume.

  • I suffer severely from Allergies and the topic in general is very fascinating. I did a degree in Biochemistry that gave me a good overall understanding, however, it was not indepth.