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  • I will feel better if I eat healthy.
    I go early to bed if I feel tired.
    If I cough too much, I should stop smoking.

  • If we do not educate the public, this situation could only get worse.
    We would be able to reach a wider range of people if we do create educational flyers.

  • If we do create educational flyers, we will be able to reach a wider range of people.

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  • conditionals are key points in the grammar structure.

  • The main problem is the poor hygiene in the community, specifically hand-washing . if you educate the people in the community on how to do a thorough hand-washing, you will solve the spread of diseases easily.

  • These problems are seen everywhere in developed and non-developed countries. There are many methods to intervene, and it seems that governments, UNICEF, WHO and ONG struggle to give some support to the different communities around the world. These organisations elaborate figures and data, which can be seen as the great solution to these hard problems....

  • They decided to improve the hygiene of the community by starting a health programs using talks, posters, leaflets and campaigns within the community. it will not cost a lot of money and should be quick and effective.

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  • Combating bad health habits by creating educational programs for the population and encouraging people to look after themselves. This must be the best solution.

  • Cancer disease, heart disease and diabetes disease are the most common problems in my community. These are the more frequent illnesses in developed countries due to a poor eating habits such as consuming junk food more than 3 times during the week and the lack of a minimum exercise such as walking fast 30 minutes 3 times per week. I am strongly believe that...

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  • 1- Viral infections due to poor hygiene and easily spread.
    2- Lung cancer or cardiovascular diseases due to smoking
    3- Stomach sickness due to water and food contamination.

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  • In Chile, my country, we do not have GP. Besides, community workers, community volunteers, local administrator do not exist at all. There are two systems the public health system and the private. If you have money, you are lucky enough to pay for the best health services. However, if you do not have enough money, you will need to wait a long time to see a...

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  • I have an occupied life. I am looking after my 3 little children , and that keep me really busy every day of my life. I love studying and the healthcare field, as a result, enrolling this course has been perfect for me. I am quite proud to make it until this point , and I absolutely appreciate what we are learning. Thanks to the team that makes this course...

  • I was feeling tied, coughing, watery eyes, running nose, and high temperature.
    I went to the doctor, checking my symptoms she diagnosed that i caught a cold. she told me that I should rest, I ought to drink as much water as it is possible and I had better take 2 tablets of Panadol every 6 hours per two days.

  • If she has a good ventilation in her room.
    If she is drinking plenty of water.
    If she is doing regular exercise and eating a healthy diet.

  • You should drink water regularly to keep hydrated.
    You ought to avoid the sun and stay in the shade.
    You had better to wear a hat and sunglasses if you go outside.

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  • Nour should check her blood sugar level regularly.
    Nour ought to eat a healthy reduced carbohydrates diet.
    Nour should not cancel her appointments to the doctor.

  • It is getting more complicated.

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  • Diabetes is a chronic disease due to the lack or poor function of an hormone called insulin, which regulates the level of sugar in the blood. It is an illness that compromises the whole body, but it mainly deteriorates the hearth, kidney and retina in the eyes. Some medicines, a balanced diet of carbohydrates and exercise help in treatment of this metabolic...

  • She phoned Dr Mahmout to inform him about the poor health condition of his patient Nour. She was asking about Nour's diabetes, trying to check her blood sugar levels in her medical records in The Dr. Mahmout's Clinic.

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  • I have learnt how to describe more precisely a pain that occurs in the back. Therefore, I am able to ask for details to report about any pain that can be experienced in the human body. That is really positive experience.

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  • Know- knew.
    positive- negative.

  • That is a positive attitude.

  • Eat a balance diet. Try to avoid junk food.
    Do exercise regularly, at least three times a week for more than half an hour.
    Do not smoke.

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  • Take a rest.
    Do not go to work.
    begin to do a diet.

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  • Definitely, she learnt both; facts and new ways of thinking.