Lotta Aalto



  • Yes, most definitely!

  • Really good overview and a basic course, it is good to build on from here.

  • one of the most interesting weeks, thank you.

  • thanks for this

  • Hi I am working at EIT RawMaterials as an Education Manger and very interested to get to know how batteries work and also the sustainability aspects, what can be the way forward.

  • Really interesting informative course, so thank you. I have been wondering how other regions (outside of EU) deal with battery recycling? Is there some Internation law that govern this?

  • It all comes to education and connection to the share planet. We have the tragedy of the commons and people don't connect that their action matter. I also think that batteries are something that people don't know how they are recycled for instance with paper or glass it is very obvious how the material is recycled and what can be done with it.

  • Would be interesting to know what stops people recycling their batteries? It has made so easy.

  • Very interesting intro!