Ben Oakley

Ben Oakley

I am a Professor of Sport Education with a deep interest in learning, teaching & coaching. I have worked in educational environments all my life & love seeing both young and old improve & develop.

Location UK


  • Thanks Andrew - we will investigate this!

  • Thank you so very much for your continued engagement with these discussions and especially for these helpful Mind links,
    best wishes

  • You tell a very poignant story Martyn and having also visited Japan I can only imagine what a stimulating, eye opening experience this was. best wishes, Ben

  • Hello folks
    I am so very pleased to hear of the impact the course has had on some of you ... more & more people have now reached this, the end of the course. Please do tell other people about it. We will be 'open' for new registrations through most of the year.

    I really hope you keep safe in the next few months in these uncertain times.
    Wishing you good...

  • Hi,
    You'll see I made a post earlier in Step 4.1 about Marie and Leigh, who both work full-time for the Open University as Career consultants, joining you this week. They'll probably make Mentor contributions here from Monday. Keep going!

    All the best.

  • Hello everyone
    Congratulations for getting to Week 4.
    This week you mentors are Marie and Leigh who both work full-time for the Open University as Career consultants - as part of their role they advise people about working in Education which is why Week 4 is the most appropriate place to offer their support. They'll probably say 'hello' on Monday.

    We are...

  • A very warm S&F welcome Michael - do let me know if the course has helped you when you get to the end.

  • Hello everyone
    I thought I'd let you know how awareness of the course is spreading - it is 10 days since it launched = over 3,000 have registered from 100+ countries around the world. I have really enjoyed reading your posts and discussions between you, especially seeing which videos you found most stimulating. The portfolio idea is also proving useful for...

  • Hello again,
    Liz and Clare will be mentoring the discussions in this week from Monday 22nd June - you will find lots of useful online information to explore this week.
    With best wishes

  • Hello - can I ask a favour please?
    If you have had a positive experience this week can you let others in your network know about this free course, perhaps using social media as appropriate?
    The more people that do the course, the more will be able to make a sound decision about Teaching. We can also provide more FREE courses like this one.
    Many thanks

  • Great to see you challenging what you read - others below like Donna, Iona & Kelly are starting to shape their own statements. Fantastic!

  • That is great feedback Iona

  • Hi again,
    My colleagues from the Open University, Liz Chamberlain and Clare Tope will be mentoring the week 2 & 3 discussions. I think you'll find this a stimulating set of steps and videos ...
    Best wishes

  • Don't forget you can use the 'like' function below the posts and you can also select a few people to 'follow' and filter the posts you look at: otherwise with over 1000 enrolled on the course this list of posts could get very long!

    Also, can you find a perspective in someone else's post and comment how much you agree or disagree with it?

    Some really...

  • Hello Everyone
    Its me here: Ben from Petersfield in Hampshire, UK. I'm so pleased to see a wide range of people from the UK, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

    When I learnt to teach I specialised in the subject of Geography for secondary age students. I hope by the end of this week of the course you start to understand how you can contribute to teaching and...