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María Quintana


I love travelling, reading and photography. I’m doing courses about literature, and writing. Future Learn is helping me broaden my knowledge.

Location Spain



  • @TomBarrance Thank you! I also thought about not using the same kind of transition, I tested it, but it seemed abrupt to me. Maybe it’s because I’m not accustomed to editing. I will try it and the other recommendations. Thanks for your kind words and tips. They help a lot.

  • @AramM. Thanks Aram. I appreciate your comments. We love birdwatching, so it’s something that gives us joy and calm. Nearly all the birds sounds are original from the place, but the woodpecker. The birds sang for us. :)

  • @TomBarrance I uploaded my video in the challenge. Could I have some comments about it? I would like to know about the length. Could I have cut and have had better results, also about the soundtrack and ambient sound?… thank you.

  • I agree with you. I used it too. Have you accepted the challenge? I would like to see your work.

  • @AramM. I wanted to see your work too. What a pity!
    Would like to see my video? And also give you opinion? Thanks
    I want to be better… ;)

  • @TomGleadell Now I understand more things, one is that he died mostly because of contamination in the apple (food). I see now the secret message behind the story. Sometimes it’s a question of thinking about what you saw more carefully. ;)

  • I lost track of time doing this course. I enjoyed every step of the way, specially writing and reading comments. Thanks for your feedback and see you! Until the next course.

  • I enjoyed every part of the course. I learnt a lot about filmmaking and also new vocabulary and expressions. I will keep all the motes for later works. Thank you very much for the lessons and comments.

  • Good work! Your video has high quality images, also an intriguing plot. Am I wrong if I say it is related to religion (the apple…). The music in the first scene helps to elevate the tension.

  • Although I’m not interested in exhibition, I would say all the platforms are good for the purpose. I suggest to my fellow students to present their works to international contests if the want to promote their short films.
    This festival is famous in Spain, maybe someone of you would like to try. Good luck!

  • My story has a slow rhythm because of its content. I couldn’t uploaded in higher quality. I hope you can appreciate the details.

    Good luck with the videos to all my fellow students. I’m eager to see all the works.

  • Finally, when I exported the video I realised there were background sounds louder, so I could return to iMovie to make changes. I didn’t became aware of that in the program itself, only when I watched the final video. Thanks for all the instructions. They were really useful.
    It was amazing accepting the challenge although my video last a little longer. As...

  • Although I had decided not change a shot I liked, my sister pointed out the pace were slower, and she felt distracted because of the length of that shot, so I change my mind and I cut and add another one. She was right, the pace got better. :)

  • Although we have help we can’t be sure if the result has the right balance until a professor in this subject point us our mistakes. My family likes what I do and they don’t see the difference between a dissolution or a rough cut. But I asked them to watch the film. I believe I could leave it shorter, but I’m going to upload it this way to learn how could I...

  • Due to my video last 3:27 minutes, I will try to make some changes with transitions, reducing the time by default or changing between dissolve or fade. I also added a little text; the title and the credits in a simple way at the end.

  • Ambient background is what we do not take in consideration when the film has it and it’s natural. But if there isn’t any ambient background or any soundtrack the film is weird, and produce discomfort. That’s what happened to me when I saw years ago this movie, which had won prizes. I couldn’t understand why there wasn’t music or natural sound. Now, I do. The...

  • I have doubts in what adjustments are better for my video. I used dissolving for the whole story, because I tried others and I didn’t think they matched. But maybe when I watch my classmates’ work I’ll discover different ways to do the transitions.

  • I discarded this clip because It wasn’t the right angle shot, but I think the ambience sounds works well. Then the soundtrack will do the rest.

  • Listening to the video I’m thinking about what I did with my clips in iMovie. I added the whole clip and then I used the part I believed it was the best, but I didn’t cut the part before using it. That means my video weighs more because it has all the content? I’m a little confused about it.

  • Being well organised seems the perfect method to succeed in performing a film. Even if it’s not perfect, the structured elements could impact and leave a trace to the spectators. Although I guess the rhythm is another key part in the footage.

  • I do the editing in my tablet and usually do what you recommend; creating an album with my favourite clips, and then it’s easier to select and separate the good ones.

  • I’m using IMovie, I know how it works, and it’s easy. It doesn’t have pro options, but I don’t think I need them. For me , in this case “less is more”.

  • As I did my filming with iPhone I put a like in the scene I believe is the best, that helps me in the editing process.

  • All of these steps are important, but cutting when is necessary and giving the film the right footage seems the most relevant when you have rest of it.

  • @TomGleadell I’m intrigued about what happens with the boy in the end. What a mystery !

  • That’s wonderful!, I got some new ideas from this week content, so I think I will make some changes. And if I had the opportunity to film new scenes I’ll add it to the previous ones.

  • I’m afraid I hadn’t lock the exposure and the light changed in some shots. I will print this page to check every point before the recording.

  • It seems to me I have not given my sister the chance to say what she thought about the story before asking her to collaborate. I accepted some suggestions, but for the next time I will ask seriously for help since the first minute. A film is a team work, and if we want the best results we all have to go in the same direction. Accepting other’s opinions makes...

  • I ask a member of my family to collaborate in my video, so I won’t need the release form, but I think the links are great for future works. I hadn’t use a call sheet for my last recording but I’m completely sure I will do it for the next.
    I made some mistakes for not writing down the whole details about the shooting.
    Thank you.

  • @TomBarrance Thank you! I had another shot from the other side. I fixed it. It’s not the same but it works. :)

  • @AramM. That’s true. The acting is crucial, and it would ruin the story if the actors don’t work as their best. It’s better for now silent film. :)

  • My storyboard is about a beautiful autumn day in the north of Spain. (I don’t want to do spoiler ;)
    I’m not sure about the second shot if the angle is correct. Maybe I can’t change the camera position…

  • For now I’m working on a video with music, and ambient sound. Maybe for next challenge I will try a little dialogue. It seems to me a hard task, due to my inexperience.

  • The treatment is really useful. It brings accurate information about the protagonist’s life before the action takes place. Besides, in the example the language used is precise, and stylish.

  • All the steps in this page are crucial. Last week I made some mistakes for not checking the outfit of my actress, and I had to go back to the place to fix the mistake. I was lucky with the light but I would say that a great part of success is paying attention to details and being foresighted.

  • I’m not keen on horror movies althouh I saw some classics years ago. Too much for mi heart right now. But I remember watching Frankenstein.

  • It comes to mind “Memento”, an American film from 2000, in which the protagonist has amnesia and doesn’t know what he did the previous days. I remember it was difficult to understand the plot if you weren’t paying attention to the film carefully. Maybe some of you saw it.

  • @ReaMoore Thank you! :)

  • My story is about a natural place we love to visit. It’s more a story about the senses, what nature makes you feel than an intriguing or mysterious plot.

  • As I commented in one of the previous steps in week two I recorded a video, it meets almost all the rules of the challenge, except for the time, as it lasts four minutes. So I have the opportunity to correct it and polish it so that it fits better.

  • All the points in this week are important, but how to structure the film and putting everything in order seems the hardest assignment. Also writing a script and making the storyboards require patient and knowledge. So we have an appealing week ahead.

  • I’m got excited with the different types of shots, and I recorded a short story but then I realised it wasn’t the task in this point…

  • I’ll practice some of the camera movements this weekend, and some tips about sound, so I have a lot to work on. There had been a lot of concepts, some I didn’t know and had to look for in the dictionary. I’m learning about film and vocabulary in English. Awesome!

  • I need to practice all of this. Although I haven’t recorded sound without image, I think it’s the best. There are always sounds in the background we don’t hear and then they appear when you return home, and you have to do the task again.

  • This dance scene made me think about the fact that the camera doesn’t move, and only once focus on the dancers’ feet. It is a extremely animated scene, and obviously the girl doesn’t get tired of dancing. :)

  • I was surprised by the fact that it’s only one place. I wasn’t wrong with some of the noises and voices, but the wasn’t any bicycle. I imagined the movie in black and white so in this I was right, but I haven’t thought of the protagonists having a camera…
    It’s wonderful how the noises help to enrich the scene and all the small details we get with them.

  • @CallumChadwick it’s awesome! You explained it really well. I hope I can do the same with mine.

  • @AramM. Yeah! I was thinking about how they did it. Now with a drone would be easy, but in that moment….

  • @AnneJ Thank you! We will pick up the kiwis next month. I hope they’ll be tasty. ;)

  • I heard these noises (voices):
    Foot steps, jazz music (saxophone), piano, men voices, radio, women and man voices, spoon in a cup, door in a shop, bicycle ring?, wardrobe, coffee.

    It seems to me there are different scenarios: a club, a cafe, a shop. And we can also hear the sound of voices in the street and a bicycle? I couldn’t understand what they were...

  • It only comes to mind The planet of Apes, although I’m not sure if it is a good example of the using of time.

  • I agree with you waking from left to right would be more unnatural and would give a annoying sensation.

  • I found really inspirational the scene in I am Cuba. I will try some of camera movements… then I’ll upload them into padlet. Those movements bring great variety of possibilities. The key part will be having a good planning.

  • @AramM. Yes, they are real kiwis from our allotment. :)

  • The Kuleshov effect is amazing! I didn’t know about it and reading most of the information in the links and videos I felt exited about recording mine’s. Although I haven’t read the whole information yet I tried a little example. I liked the way Alfred Hitchcock explained the effect and also how Steven Spielberg create a new one in his own way. Now I have a lot...

  • What caught my attention in this film was the mixture between jazz music and the quick sequence of images that we had previously seen. The zooming reinforces the effect of boredom and tedious, but at the same time creates the movement. I also liked the first panoramic shot. I interpreted it’s a still image and the camera follows the men’s figures in the queue,...

  • I think I understood what continuity means. I watched the links to the movies but, I couldn’t see the video with the explanations, just read the subtitles. I’ll try later.

  • @CallumChadwick the scene has beautiful light, a it works perfect.

  • Interesting the last shots, original!

  • I will wait to the next steps to practice this. I think it’s necessary to plan the sequence carefully with a proper light. The master shot has to be eye-catching, and the B-rolls the complement if it is necessary.

  • Like my classmates said before the length of the shots is what catches the attention first, due to the differences with nowadays films. But for that time I think it might had been considered an action film. I remember the TV shows from the seventies “The streets of San Francisco” with slower rhythm than today but normal for those days and “Starsky and Hutch”...

  • I always thought about what are the differences between a good and a mediocre film, also why some films captivate us and others leave us indifferent. It seems to me the secret is the same as with a superb and a common photograph. There are lots of details to take in consideration: the light, the composition, the color, the atmosphere, the point of view, the...

  • @TomGleadell Thank you! I wasn’t sure if the effect could be understood because only one of them had eyes expression. But I was thinking about love, and tenderness in the nature. I’m glad you saw it as me. :)

  • @AnneJ Thank you! Of course, I don’t mind. I would like to see your animals too. ;)

  • I learnt insights related to focus, timing, angles and light. Besides I recorded little videos and also learnt from my mistakes. So thank you for this first amazing week. It’s been a pleasure sharing comments with Aram and other students. I hope next week more of them share their works with us.

  • I will try this exercise this weekend. Then I’ll tell you how it went. ;)

  • I use ProCamera, is an App for iPhone that has some professional options like the ones you mentioned in the video. It’s easy to use, and has rule of thirds, and manual focus…

  • I realised about the timing mistakes when I recorded for a previous video. In one of the scenes the shot was too short to work with it. I slowed it with iMovie but it wasn’t the same as if I had filmed it right.
    It’s crucial to take into account all of these details, thanks.

  • I agree with you. I felt the same when I recorded the previous video. At home I realised the video had a lot of movement.

  • @TomBarrance thank you!

  • It could be useful taking some water, fruit or snacks with us. If the weather is hot and the filming takes long than we thought, people get nervous, tired or anxious. We can offer them some peanuts, nuts and coffee or water. They’ll feel confortable and well treated, and they’ll come back if it’s necessary. And we can’t forget a jacket or a towel if the...

  • @AramM. It helped a lot, even I learnt new vocabulary. Thanks

  • The shots that caught my attention were the one in which we can see the back of Olli and the teacher’s body, and the one in which Olli realised he lost his opportunity to dance with the girl. The atmosphere in this last scene shows the protagonist’s mood and it is transmitted to the spectators too. We can nearly heard: ohhhh! “poor thing!”

  • @AramM. what a detailed analysis! you took into account every single shot. Congratulations!

  • María Quintana made a comment

    I recall a movie by Tony Scott “Domino”, in which he used a variety of angles, lights, also extremely saturated color. It’s an action film so it has the Dutch angle too. Maybe you want to take a look to the trailer.

  • @GemmaStarkey thank you! I will search. All the information helps. :)

  • @GemmaStarkey Yes, I can’t watch it due to I live in Spain. Thanks

  • @AramM. That example of Mr Robot and explanation helped to understand the negative space, why and why not. Thanks

  • @AramM. Yes, that video was nice, everyday life in another rhythm, and in a high quality images. Thanks for sharing.

  • Dutch angle looks risky if you are not sure of you are going to tell with the scene. I will practice the others before.

  • I tried to practise the variety of angles with a little love story. I have doubts about the order in which I placed the shots, but it was funny while I was doing it.
    Sorry for the movement I did it camera in hand.

  • The first shot is amazing, and the final too.

  • Thank you! I’ll take a look. :) @TomBarrance

  • What an impact your video. The sound conveys with movement@AramM.

  • Thank you! @AramM. I will try it.

  • My video is a simple detail about one of my hobbies. I tried to show it smoothly, with music instead of natural sound.

    I don’t know if the link works. It’s the first time I use padlet.

  • What a pity! We can’t watch the videos outside the UK. Can you recommend us another website for watching videos? Thank you.

  • Reading the resource in pdf I realised how many things need to take on account for doing one single shot. Every detail counts, so we have to think twice before going out to record. Otherwise we will lose our time making small mistakes.

  • @TomBarrance Thank you. I could watch the video, but only once. When I recharge it, it didn’t work. Maybe it’s my connection. I will check.

  • The links helped to understand better what a single shot means, and also to appreciate the variety of examples and creativity. It seems to me the plot of the film needs to be rich in elements and details otherwise it would miss the rhythm of the story.

  • Thanks for sharing the link! I understood better what it implied the single shot and long take. It was really impressive the first scene with everyone disguised as the death. :)

  • I would say that the shot in a slow pace in the beginning and the hectic pace give the rhythm to the story. It creates tension and intrigue. The multiple shots make us put ourselves in the protagonist’s shoes and we experience the stress with him. But we can’t forget the music that it’s what makes the scene complete. And it is also what it close the storyline....

  • I’m having problems too.@GemmaStarkey yesterday I couldn’t see the three videos from the three steps. Today I could watch the one in this step but only once. I listen to the audio, but there were no images.

  • Today I could watch the video and I think there were 39 shots more or less, I couldn’t watch it again. :(

  • I have problems with the videos. I listen to the sound, but I can’t see anything. I updated the browser, I tried with other device and other browser but it doesn’t work. Could you suggest and idea to solve my problem? Thank you.

  • The video doesn’t work, I only see the screen white.

  • I can’t watch the video either.

  • I agree with you. Years ago it was difficult to record content and to edit it. Now we can record our family birthdays and share it with everyone in minutes. That’s wonderful!

  • Hello! I’m Maria. I love photography and I think filming could be the next step to get thought-provoking and meaningful short stories. I have always admired classic films and the way the director capture the audience. It seems to me it’s not easy to captivate someone for nearly to hours, and telling a story that engage from minute one to the end. So, I’m here...