Dr Miriam Clegg

Dr Miriam Clegg

Dr Miriam Clegg is a Lecturer and Researcher in Nutritional Sciences and a Registered Nutritionist. She researches appetite and nutritional health across the life-course.

Location Reading, UK


  • Adding skimmed milk powder is good too or quark, if your appetite starts to reduce and you find yourself eating less then change to the full fat. I make those pancakes for my son because of allergies - they are yum! You can also add some ground almonds for more protein.

  • We understand your concerns about cholesterol and saturated fats, and that you have been recommended to reduce your saturated fat intake, so you might consider Quark (or high protein natural yoghurts) as a good option for an ingredient that is high in dairy protein and calcium but low in fat. It is important to note that there is recent evidence around dairy...

  • Thanks for your comments and feedback on the recipes. We understand your concerns but please let me explain a little about why we have chosen to make the recipes in this way. As you point out many of our recipes have used dairy to increase the protein and, in some cases, energy content. In 7 of the recipes we have used Quark to do this, Quark contains almost...

  • Really interesting to see the differences in recommendations between countries. It is important to remember older people do not generate Vitamin D from the skin as proficiently so having it in supplement form is ideal!

  • Some great discussion here and so many different factors have been highlighted as being important to our own food and our families food intake - affordability, sustainability, health and our local culture. When working with others it is important to remember that your priorities for food may not be the same as theirs, for example affordability may be more...

  • As an Irish person I can completely appreciated the benefits of soda bread! A perfect demonstration of the cultural importance of food!

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  • Some really interesting comments raised so far, including resources, finance, taste and enjoyment. Food is so much more than nutrients and all of these factors need to be considered when having conversations with people about food

  • Hello, I am Miriam and one of the Educators involved in the development of this course. I really hope you enjoy working your way through it as much as we enjoyed putting it together.