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  • It was awful, for me and frustrating , disappointed

  • Oh my goodnesses

  • Till level 7 , and it needed lots of attempt t9 understand , bit disappointing

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    Me too

  • Wow it’s awesome

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    Thank you . Hope it goes smoothly on next steps.

  • Interesting , hope the next week will be a piece of cake too.

  • My immediate reaction was the way the codes are written are different ( input) and the output of all these different languages are the same. I know a bit about HTML, but nothing about others, they were so complicated by the way .

  • I think as we turn our head and watch around there are lots of footsteps of algorithms, codes and digitalization , as long as they work properly and safely it is fantastic.

  • fair enough. I think knowing the codes and the way to put those codes together will be really important to succeed.

  • We all will have kind of tea but the planing and the output will be completely different somehow.

  • What we need is a kettle, superfine tea, pot, herbs, tap water.
    First fill the kettle and at the same time pour tea in to the pot and add some cold water to it after that put it on the oven, wait till the water in the kettle boils the. Add hot water to the pot and wait for 15 minutes to become ready. Pour it in a nice glass or cup put some date or raisin...

  • Internet : first dial ups and then modems .desktop computers and laptops , after that access to internet everywhere & and using smartphones. There are a lot need to be mentioned.

  • I remember the floppy discs and commodore games that we have played with my brother , also the first cellphones that I had and it was like a brick.
    All about 80s

  • This is nazi from Iran , I’ve participated in another online course elsewhere , Cause my husband Is a geek of computer and he is software developer and programmer , so I need to know more about his job because when we start to talk about what he does, I need to know some knowledge of that and of course knowing a bit of coding and programming is a must these...

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    Really appreciate that

  • First check the morpheme to see if it has or noT then read and reread...

  • Great

  • Interesting idea

  • Love this idea! I should try that thanks

  • Done

  • I am an English teacher in (EFL) for almost 20 years and my students always struggle for learning vocabulary and synonyms and remembering them , so I need to update my knowledge about teaching vocabulary

  • I am really enthusiastic to know the ways for teaching vocabularies because it’s always a problem for learners in my country(EFL)
    Thanks for educators

  • Thanks a milion

  • Really appreciate .

  • Thanks a million Chris @ChrisMo

  • Thanks for sharing Wendy @WendyGorman

  • Thanks a million for these amazing website it opened a new horizon for me

  • @BarbaraG. Thanks Barbara

  • Thanks luck for reminding us @LukeReeves

  • These are interesting sites I have never used , thanks for sharing great idea

  • It will be productive skills and assessment I think

  • Agree

  • Agree luz marina ,selecting will be another issue

  • Thanks a lot @ChristinaPhelps

  • Wow it’s fantastic idea, real life experience @BarryDunne

  • Awesome thank you

  • Totally agree @RosyDao

  • Building a good relationship during online teaching is a vital aspect. Chatting before and after the class , smiling , asking for suggestion about online teaching, having movements during the class like dancing , stretching or meditation before the lesson starts , would be a great rapport .

  • Interesting thanks John @JohnBennett

  • I want to know more about the trends in teaching, be up to date about the technologies can help us as teachers to use in our teaching process.

  • Me too , good luck Sylvia

  • Hi everyone , this is nazi From Iran, I have been teaching English for almost 20 years , during this time of lockdown and the pandemic situation, where all the institutes and schools were closed , I really needed to know more about Online teaching and the platforms that will help better to reach our goals which is teaching English.

  • Yes of course she was

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    I really enjoyed studying this course with you all. It’s been a great pleasure to interact with teachers , parents and practitioners around the world and share ideas.
    I would also need to thank Tracey and Sheona for your kind cooperations .
    One thing I’d like to say here is that Tracey , you really looked like my first grade school teacher, each time I...

  • It was such a fantastic time studying this week ! Thanks a million

  • Wow lots of changes !i think there are good changes for all .

  • So sweet

  • Interesting Aileen !

  • I think to have great interaction with children can help us to know more about what they’ve learned and what they didn’t and keep track of their achievements.

  • It was amazing thanks everyone.

  • It will be a big room With lot of space and it should be cozy too. Also a the room should have lots of toys , and equipments for doing art and also somewhere without any gadgets , just physical and challenging activities.