Gareth Drake

Gareth Drake

I work at the Tavistock & Portman NHS FT as a Clinical Psychologist for the Team Around the Practice (TAP) and Curriculum Developer in the trust's Directorate of Education & Training.


  • Thanks Bina, hope you are finding the course useful

  • I hope you get something from the course, Chas

  • An important find!

  • Thanks for raising this Barbara

  • Thanks Kirsty - It has been a lot! Week 3, as we move to "What Next?" is a shorter final week, where the aim will be to think how to turn all of this into useful action.

  • That's a great way to describe it

  • Glad to hear that Pamela, we'll hear more from Kevin, Carol and Susan in Week 2. Kind regards.

  • Great question Josie, and we'll think more about that idea in Week 2

  • Thanks for your thoughtful comments - we will hear more from Kevin and how he is coping next week. In the meantime do ensure you also take care and notice the effect of any particularly emotive learning content and take a break if needs be. Kind regards.

  • Thanks for your thoughtful comment Helen.

  • Thank you Wendy and Huong, glad to have you on the course - at this stage we're just seeing a photograph of Kevin, Carol and Susan and will see the videos soon.