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I am a mother of 20 months old daughter. I enjoy being Mami. I feel sometimes I do the activities with my toddler for me not for her. It is so funny and lovely to live with a todller

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  • This is very helpful, thank you very much

  • I think when the children raised with Diversity valuing and respecting, they learn to accept others easily and to be flexible with their relationships, also unlikely to be judgemental and racist against others. They would respect individuality and have their individual personality

  • I think we have our ideal child-friendly environment sofar, wide space with natural light and a lot of recourse which she can easy reaches and chooses what she would like to play with, small kitchen and reading tent with mirrors all over the place. A lot of music instruments, white boards where she can always draw, her drawings on the walls already. Small...

  • She obviously has a warm and trusty relationship with her children, which reflects on the children behavior around thier teacher. They are all confident and they interact with her with happey smiley faces, trying to impress her. She makes a very healthy and warm environment for them to learn and to feel safe. Her voice is very nice and her lovely smile plays a...

  • What should parents do when there is no reliable key person available for thier child?

  • I think when children have a warm and trusty relationships with the carers, they likely to have self confidence because they always feel accepted and loved so as Sheona said they will be more eager to take risks and learn, as when they feel supported and secure, they likely to make thier own experience and experiment and thier opinions about things.

  • I didn't get a chance to go to kindergarten but at that time the children started learning English at the fifth grade, so I remember my first English teacher at the fifth grade and how he used to teach us in a play based activities, he was full of energy and joy so I loved English and I learned it very quickly. I have to say he made an influence on my life,...

  • This week was very busy a lot of helpful articles and videos. the most interesting thing for me was the practical advices and videos we get to see. It is not all about theory we get to see actual activities that could support us in our daily life with our little ones.
    Thanks for your interesting thoughts and advices.

  • Yes that a really good way to get her to like her books again. Thanks for your advice

  • Today we have played with the kitchen tools, so she has a little station where we build her a small kitchen out of carton boxes and we gave her some small tools and some dried noodles so she brought all her dolls and stuffed animals and sat them down. she cooked for them and filled a plate for everyone and helped them to eat thier food. While I was observing...

  • Yes you are totally right. I agree, the children are more able to learn through happy physical activities.

  • Painting: we can discuss the colors and mixing them and turning them into a new color or talking about what we can paint food, character or shapes and I think when we use the brush that would help the children to learn the techniques of using pencils and pens or even we can use finger color that is an amazing tool to explore the colors and mixing...

  • I like what you said, I see now your point and I totally agree with you. Thanks for sharing

  • I think adults play the main role in the childrens life and Thier childhood. They have the main impact on children personalities first of all, so they have to model a good behavior.
    Adults are responsible to set a safe and healthy environment for thier children to be able to discover and learn freely and safely.
    Adults should encourage the children and...

  • I can't agree more. She always has interesting things to say. Thanks

  • I have to say that is pretty amazing how the people are commenting on this. I wrote all the activities on my journal and I got 8 ideas from the list above but I wrote down 22 ideas from your comments. Thank you all for your ideas, I did not miss a comment! I read them all. They are all helpful and genuine. I wish you all the best. Thanks

  • News time, that's very genuine, do you mean like the world news or something narrower than that? Thanks

  • Fascinating. Thanks for sharing

  • We have to be painter in order to play this game haha, it fanatic idea though. I wish I could do it. Thanks

  • That is a wonderful idea. I would use this :) Thanks

  • I totally agree with you, tasting fruits and naming them and cut them that was very fun to do, but I think describing others is not a good way to go, that is maybe encouraging the child to judge others and to make unneeded boundaries when dealing with others. I would like you to talk further what did you mean by spiritual classes, like religion or yoga?

  • Hier are very good examples for the activities that actually help children's vocabulary to expand fast, especially when they repeat these activities often enough to get used to the words that should be used to describe what they are doing like the daily life sentences, colors, shapes etc

  • Hay Sheona, thanks for your response. Ja I agree with what you said and believe me she plays all the day long and she won't play alone, she wants me or dad always by her side. That's lovely, don't you think?
    I appreciate your advice, actually we read two to three stories before sleeping, it is like one of our bed time routine. I meant that us used to go to...

  • Where is Dani? Haha
    I teach my daughter our mother tongue like they do, she could remember all the new words and say them at the correct context and that is very impressive for such young children, like they learn way more faster when there activities going on or song or anything fun. That is very good class

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    I think first of all, the teacher should believe in the childrens ability to learn English, if she did believe that they can learn and she can teach them then she would do it no matter how much time the setting would take or how much efforts she should make. I think expectations are very important to teach someone something or to learn something new.

  • That is really simple but yet interesting game to play

  • I agree with you, I want to teach my toddler to love books, so before lock down we used to visit the library every week and read together a lot, but now as she grows up (you know 4 weeks lock down is a life time for a todller, she get to forget even the library) she doesn't want to sit and read books that often, she prefer to play and that's normal, don't you...

  • I also remember trying to ride a bike when I was ten year old. I did it all by myself and I remember how I felt after I did it correctly for the first time, that was really amazing. I learned that I can learn whatever I want if I tried hard enough, of course balancing, coordination and all the bikes parts but the most important was that I decided not to give...

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    Thanks a lot.

  • This week was very interesting with all the topics included, labeling, praising and especially questioning, that was very helpful for me. I try always to talk to my little one but I couldn't engage her in the conversation yet, but now I have learned the tools to do so. I want to thank you most for introducing us new experts, whom we can read thier books,...

  • Thanks for this, I really appreciate your efforts. You bring us always very interesting topics at the end of every week. I can't wait to see you tge next week.

  • I play a few games with my 20 months old child that could extend her language and support her physical ability too. The first one is hide and seek but we play like I get to hide every time and she searches, but I always say I am behind the bedroom door or in the kitchen and so on or I just make noises and she has to figure out where those noises coming from...

  • My daughter is 20 months old now and she started to ask the golden question which she only knows "what is that?" and sometimes she asks without even pointing so we have to figure out which "that" she means and respond correctly or she will just repeat the question over and over again till she got her answer. That's very funny and lovely

  • That is a very successful session, all of the children are focused on what is going on no one seems to lose concentration or distracted. I think the voice and tge talk of the teacher is making them more related to the activity. I think though it is better when she does her picture separately and does not do Danis. Then they get to see and copy what she is doing.

  • I was also labeled as the clever blond girl and that made everything easy for me till the fifth grade where I had to move with my family to another city and my grads went all down because I was so frustrated with the new children and teachers and even tha house it was all overwhelming for me and all of a sudden I was no longer the clever so as a reaction I...

  • I like how he explained that we simply have to change the labels, not labeling the children but thier actions so they understand that they have the power to change their actions or to stick to them, I am surprised though, how even good labels could be a problematic thing. I thought it could encourage children. I will watch out for that one.

  • I remember as a child, I had that friend who was very good at sports and my mother who wanted me to be as good as my friend, always compared me to her in our faces, like she said I want you to be like her, couldn't you just do that and be more active and do sports as good as she do. That used to hurt me. I think my mother always had dreams for me and that was...

  • I think what he said is very important to hear. We have to be really careful with rewarding the children I think along with the rewards we need to explain the results of thier actions in every way, so if they being friendly we explain what that do to them and to others or when they ask some important questions we explain to them that the questions can help...

  • I would also suggest to say a few words during the day activities with pointing to them, like bed or ball a few words every day and repeating them with adding more every couple days or weeks, as the children respond to that

  • I thought that I play too much with my two years old daughter and she can't play alone anymore but through this week articles and videos I discovered how important is to play with the children and how much love and support that would provide the little ones, also I would from now on set a better environment for free time play for her without any limits, accept...

  • Thanks that was very helpful

  • I think her kindness and lovely smile get the children to accept her instruction first of all, then she is so excited about what she has to do or to say so she git thier attention. I believe that is the key to get the children attention and to make them focus on something, we have to be excited about what we are doing so they get excited too.

  • I find it a good advice to comment on the activity the children are performing to help them start reflecting on their actions. Questions are the best idea to keep a conversation going. Thanks Sarah

  • I think when a child says one word in English like (car) we should end the sentence with a question to maintain a good conversation, such as yes this is a car, what color this car is? or how many wheels does the car have? So the conversion will somehow continue for a while and questions encourage children to talk and give answers especially when they know the...

  • Safety environment is important, it is also important to watch out for our children but it is also very important to give them space and not to control them with the safety excuse. I believe we should ensure the full safety in at least thier room or classroom and let them play freely with out even full watch. I think that help them to play with thier ideas and...

  • Yes, you are right. I'm guilty of this too.

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    I think it is also important to encourage children to play sports or physical activities such as climbing even a table or a chair as they young of course in safety environment, so they can feel and trust thier bodies. We allow our child to climb all over the places when we are nearby. She loves those activities as she did them as she was so young. Of course we...

  • It is so nice how she organized her classroom with all recycled materials and the children could reach whatever they want. So they can play independently.

  • That is an important article, thanks. If we talk about early childhood I think the main thing the children should do is to play, as they grow up that would automatically change, so why push it so early. It is very important to give them space and time to do what is best of their childhood.

  • I agree with him and I think adults can play thier roles good but they forget how to enjoy everything they play, adults made a competition out of almost everything even parenthood. we as adults need to learn how to really play and have fun from our children

  • Children have the first experience of life through playing. I think it is healthier for the bodies, brains and souls of the children to have as much fun as possible. They would have enough stress as they grow up. It is the only time for them to be children and to enjoy things like children so it is important to help them enjoy and have fun all they time as...