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I have been teaching EFL for nearly 20 years.
I'm interested in all aspects of language teaching and learning.
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  • As an EFL teacher currently in Germany this is very interesting.
    I work with adults who learnt English at school many years ago and who now need English in their professional lives.
    Some of the most common forms of spoken English seem totally new to them. It will be interesting to find out which books were used at school when they first learnt English.

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    Thanks again for such a great course.
    When this pandemic is over and we can travel freely again, I will definitely be going back to Rome to have another look around.
    Who else is going??? :)

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    Thank you to EVERYONE who was involved in putting this course together.
    It's be extremely interesting and very informative.
    It was great to read comments from fellow learners, so thanks to everyone who contributed.

  • I hadn't realised it only took about 10 years to build. Impressive when you consider there was no modern machinery to help.
    I wonder what the human cost was of constructing all these buildings?

  • I'm surprised by the sheer scale of these bath houses.
    As with lots of other things we have seen so far the engineering and building work is very impressive.
    It must have been a great day out to visit one of these grand bath houses and visiting one of the smaller venues would have been a good opportunity to find out the latest gossip in your own neighbourhood.

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    Very impressive that it took only around 6 years to build the Baths of Caracalla.

  • History being brought to life once again. Fascinating!

  • A quarter of a million people?!
    What a fantastic crowd. Imagine the noise and the atmosphere!

  • This was another really interesting week.
    Lots of new information for me about how 'ordinary' people lived.

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    Thanks to EVERYONE who was involved in putting this course together.
    The videos and course content were both very informative and interesting.
    It was also great to read the comments from other learners - thanks to all who contributed!

  • The was a really interesting and informative video.
    So many things to think about when preserving these objects and deciding which ones to display.

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    It must have been very noisy (not to mention smelly!) to live in such close proximity to other people.

  • Very impressive logistics operations in place here to keep 1 million people fed.

  • Another very interesting week. Lots of new information for me. Thanks!

  • As with many other buildings and structures we have seen so far on this course, it is simply an amazing feat of engineering to be able to build something like this without modern technology and equipment.

  • Amazing! Such highly skilled people.

  • @AnneHodgkins Thanks for the additional information.

  • @JeanBernath Did they stop wearing their usual clothes or were adjustments made to garments they already had?

  • @MatthewNicholls Thanks for the additional information.

  • @ChristianeGuinot @LindaG Ego and the need to show off!

  • This was a really interesting video and gave me lots to think about.
    The topics discussed here seem particularly pertinent in these strange coronavirus times.

  • Another very interesting and informative week. Thank you!

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    While these forums (fora?) are certainly impressive feats of engineering and building, they come across as vanity projects - each one trying to be bigger and better than what went before.

  • I have also wondered about the various costs involved.

  • Does anyone know what clothes would have been worn during pregnancy in this era?
    Wearing a corset must have been very uncomfortable.

  • Getting dressed took such a long time. What a faff!

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    It all certainly looks very impressive but I wonder how noisy it would have been there.
    Would the crowds have been able to hear properly, or would it have been too noisy with lots of other things going on?

  • Let's not forget that the EU bloc (which was the main focus of this video) is not the same as the continent of Europe.

  • The timeline was really helpful.
    Thank you.

  • It's been an extremely interesting and informative first week.
    Looking forward to learning more over the next few weeks :)

  • Very impressive feats of engineering.

  • A really informative video - again! :)
    History is certainly being brought to life here.

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    The level of detail on these clothes is really impressive.

  • A very informative and interesting video.

  • "Despite 17 pregnancies, none of her children survived..."
    So sad.

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    A very informative video.
    Interesting point about eating - or not! - during the day.
    There are so many layers to the clothing worn and I had no idea about the pins!

  • So much faffing around!

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    Really interesting video.
    There must have been some very skilled people involved to create something like that without the use of a sewing machine.

  • How lucky for us that we have modern appliances for washing and ironing.
    These were such physically demanding jobs in the past.

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    Really interesting video.
    It must have taken them so long to get dressed in such clothes.

  • @DevinMurphy Thanks for the information. I wonder how they dealt with food and drink stains?

  • @BeyzaÖzdal Indeed. Regular exposure to the language in various different settings is important. Let them hear the language and soak up all the sounds and words.
    When they are ready, the children will reproduce the language they have heard.
    Don't put pressure on them - we all learn at different speeds :)