Gareth Hooper

Gareth Hooper

I joined Coventry University in 2020 after many years in the NHS, NICE and Public Health. I have a strong knowledge of UK and International health policy and the use of health economics in policy

Location United Kingdom


  • @JillWilliams this is a great point. In Seminar 2 we will have a discussion around health economic policy making - using decision making frameworks to incorporate objective and ideological thinking

  • @JillWilliams What do you think could be done to remedy this?

  • @IanMcLellan an interesting point about the devolution of healthcare systems. Do you think that this is a theme throughout UK politics right now?

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    I haven't spent enough time looking at the evidence, but the Roseto Effect might be worth a read.

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    @JoanneSaltfleet What if every patient asked for this? How would the NHS cope with extra demand?

  • What might this do to the cost of the service @RhiAshford ?

  • @PILARCONTRERASMONTIEL bowel cancer tests can be quite unreliable and false positive and negatives are common.

  • @JoanneSaltfleet can you expand on this?

  • @JillWilliams you're right. This is called opportunity cost and we will talk about this in Seminar 2

  • @MicheleCampanelli there have been a few viewpoints that policies during the Covid have followed the 'Rule of Rescue' rather than focus on younger people and the spread. This is a valid view on the problem. Death tolls are reported daily on the news, do you think higher death tolls may have had a positive or negative effect on the morale of the population?