Ejaz Ahmad

Ejaz Ahmad

my name is ejaz ahmad. I am Graduated in BSIT from university of education multan campus. I am wondering if I improve my professional skills.

Location kotla sultan shah teh jatoi distric muzaffargarh, punjab, pakistan


  • ready

  • about people personality

  • Ahmed describe his friends.

  • sara is intelligent and hardworking like reading a lot.

  • ok ready

  • I like to work, but not at all hardworking.
    I have big happy family.
    my friend make a fun with me a lot.

  • sara likes to reading

  • I am ejaz. i like to drinking . i like to remain free not hardwork.

  • ok

  • thank you so much.

  • Hello everyone, I am ejaz ahmad. Iam from pakistan. I live in village. my favorite game is cricket. I like and play cricket very well. I am student of information technology. I am doing part time job as freelancer. I learn freelancing from my czn. our country is so beautiful. I am here to improve my engllish skills. Now a days lackdown in whole word due to...

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    yes i like mechanic job. because my friend jamil is mechanic and he like his job but he say its hard work.

  • samir job is mechanic

  • they decide to meet Thursday around 12pm.

  • ok agree

  • how are you doing?
    what's you nick name?
    how you manage english?

  • are you a killer?
    are we solders?
    is it a beautiful place?

  • he is not a good boy.
    they are not teachers.
    I am good you are not good

  • Maya is a teacher , Amena is a doctor and Sameer is a machanic.

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    are you going to London?
    how are you doing sir?
    how about you?
    I like to watch movies and you?

  • I am ready to learn this section.

  • Samir is a mechanic, Maya is a teacher and Amena is a doctor.

  • Samir Aziz

  • I want to learn english because i want to improve my reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in english.

  • Maya is teacher of young children in amman but live in jorush and Amena is a doctor work in Madaba.

  • Let's start! I am ready.

  • My name is Ejaz Ahmad. I live in village of Muzaffargarh city. I come from Pakistan. Pakistan is beautiful country. this is Muslim country. The capital of Pakistan is Islamabad. I am studying this course because I want to improve my english skills.

  • Hi I am Ejaz Ahmad from Pakistan