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Randal Oulton

Randal Oulton

Author: Education: Trinity College, Toronto, and University of Florence.

Location Toronto, Canada



  • Minor typos:

    People acheived [achieved] significant weight loss (12kg) using an intenstive [intensive]

  • @BarbaraK-S Thanks!

  • I learned tons! Many thanks!

  • " So if anybody regained, I think it was around 2 kilogrammes or more, in this maintenance phase, there’s a recovery package of sort of going back to ".. this is a principle of Weight Watchers.

  • Virtual zoom sessions for groups of people could offer value in terms of resources required and results achieved.

  • The "new money" references are eluding me -- are we referring to the decimal conversion from £sd that occurred in 1971???

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    The know your risk tool doesn't email me the results. I tried twice, and checked spam filter.

  • Minor typo: "For example, some people may not achieve emotional closure, particularly in regards [to?] those "

  • minor typo: "clinical death usually marked the moment [of?] irreversible death.

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    Minor typo: "Maybe the first thing that comes to mind the is television show "

  • Scrolling through the comments to see if anyone has already said, "I'm dying to learn more!" :}

  • And I'm grateful for the Covid-19 vaccines giving my immune system the training they needed to help better defend me against Covid-19 so far.

  • "Whether anti anti-microbial agents present" Is a typo? Or?

  • "A single layer of epithelium separates the gut lumen from underlying tissues... to >> An example of this is bacterial sepsis, where the integrity of the epithelium is compromised and bacteria enter into circulation, resulting in systemic inflammation"

    If I were editing this, I would pull this section out of the middle of this step, and make it its own...

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    "An excess of Firmicutes means that up to 12% more calories are absorbed from every meal." Interesting. If that were more widely known, there'd be a ton of people looking to buy pills to "suppress" Firmicutes lol.

  • "two heathy diets"

    Lots of heath in them, eh? lol.

  • We have fruit and veg every day, need to work on the "every meal" part now. Some days when things are hectic it's only at one or two meals.

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    "For example, NOVAMONT is an Italian based company promotes a Bioeconomy model"

    Something wrong with that sentence.....

  • "high quality protein that can be fed to animals such as chickens, pigs, fiss"


  • Very good video I would have loved to share this on a few places on social media but sadly download option not available!

  • "Regulations in food management and distribution related to waste management, health and safety," Yes, role for food safety checks and protocols in the circular food systems to ensure pathogens and other food safety risks are eliminated and not circulated. Food borne poisoning and disease just never grows old.....

  • I wonder what happens to the bag-in-box after first use?

  • Such a shame that bran is a "waste" product, at a time when people need to be greatly increasing fibre and whole foods in their diets.

  • So, move away from re-usable bottles, to single-use plastic bags in boxes. The re-usable bottles sound more circular to me, esp. if the wine bottling will be done in Finland from now on! Slap a deposit fee on the bottles to make sure most of them get returned for re-use.

  • " Disposal and recycling has to become the responsibility of producers." << agree 190%. They made the money off it, let them use some of the profits into cleaning up after themselves. The rest of us have to clean up after ourselves!

  • Good point about the weakness of focussing only on greenhouse gas emissions!

  • Would circular food systems have any profit or cost-efficiency benefits in them, to act as an incentive to those involved in the food supply chain?

  • Agreed! The meaning of the diagram is not self-evident! Presumably it will become clearer.

  • Ghee is butter, with the water and milk solids driven out. It is clarified butter. It's as close to butter as d*mn-it is to swearing.

    It's useful for being able to be stored without refrigeration, and for its cooking properties -- able to withstand higher temperatures. Not for any earth-shaking nutritional...

  • @NiraRamachandran Probably best not to say "likely". Probably best to Google and see, or maybe, just say "may".

  • Fantastic, thank you.

  • Interesting. CE as a tool to support autonomy and increased self-sufficiency.

  • Fine words butter no parsnips.

  • GeoFlexus seems very impressive. I would imagine it would be a great challenge to keep it up to date, maybe like herding cats.

  • Very confusing in English: “ But we see by all kinds of analysis that not exactly the circular systems that can be even more damaging than the linear ones. ” But very interesting talk regardless , thank you.

  • The interview provides a very interesting overview tying many concepts together. Thank you.

  • Ghee is a saturated fat. No one would classify it as a healthy alternative to olive oil.

  • Hello, our household has allotment gardens in downtown Toronto in which we grow some of our own food. We home can that, supplemented by food purchased at farmer's markets. The home canning jars are re-usable, helping to reduce our waste. I am interested in seeing the ideas that will be discussed and resources that will be examined.

  • We've made the switch to whole-grain pasta. It has come a long way since the days it was horrible and mooshy, and tastes great and has great texture. And it is a great way to sneak more fibre into your daily diet. Weight Watchers wanted people to switch to it so badly that they made it a "free" zero point food on their purple plan (meaning you didn't have to...

  • All food is "chemicals" -- water is one of the most important chemicals in our diet, even. I know what you mean, though I think we need a more accurate term for it besides "chemicals" (and I don't have any suggestions at the moment, so I'm not of much use! And gin and whiskey are some of my favourite chemical mixtures haha.)

  • Except. He never said that. Dr Helen King covers that and other hoary old Hippocrates chestnuts in this fantastic Future Learn course:

  • I've now finished the course, including the 4 tests. I was late to the course, owing to other commitments I had to get out of the way first, not starting until November 2021, and I took about 6 to 8 weeks to slowly work my way through it to let bits sink in. I was very surprised to still have the lead educator, Dr Parsons, respond to queries I made, even after...

  • @AndyParsons Thank you!

  • @AndyParsons Thank you!

  • Just out of curiosity, in the caffeine extraction PDF, what exactly are "Soda crystals"? I googled the term and got several competing meanings. Oh wait, sorry, just saw this at the bottom of the PDF "Soda crystals, which is sodium carbonate, has the chemical formula Na2CO3."

  • "One estimate suggests an 80 kg adult would need to consume over 208 micrograms of acrylamide to have an increased risk of cancer." Just to clarify, over what time period is that -- daily perhaps?

  • Just a thought, perhaps consider adding the organic chemistry meaning of "species" to the Glossary List in Step 1.27. Also perhaps "biomolecules".

  • Very very minor typo in attachment name : "Serial Extractions of Coffee Risk Assesment.pdf" (I only point it out because the material for this course is generally and remarkably 100% typo-free.)

  • "in medieval society due to the practicality of drinking beer over dirty water" Medievalists are doing their best to put that hoary old chestnut to rest, but the myth keeps coming back to life.

  • I think I have seen the light on understanding skeletal structures. This video just made it all click for me.

  • “ have been used for centuries to mask the bad smell and flavour of rotting food” < this myth has been busted many times over, but it just won’t die.

  • Fragrances are one of the great pleasures of life. I can't see that ever changing, thankfully.

  • My mind just isn't making the leap to be able to grok the shorthand of those skeletal diagrams, so sadly I just have to glaze over them. I realize they are used everywhere and are vital to understand, but that's okay, I'm just here out of casual, high-level interest anyway.