Mark Elshaw

Mark  Elshaw

Dr Mark Elshaw is a lecturer and researcher at Coventry University. His teaching and research interesting include AI, neural network, AI ethics, biological inspired computing system.

Location Coventry


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    Python is a powerful data science tool that you will have chance to use to analysis the big data you have collected.

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    Ethics is critical in data science. As we develop more and more intelligence system we need to reflect on how to make them work efficiently for everyone.

  • You can also use the camel approach for example dataScience

  • @TomR There as been a lot research on decided the best features to use when doing machine learning. For example those that explore variance supplied by the features.

  • When using data science there is always a need to give some common sense thought to the outputs. Many times computer systems have been seen as infallible when they are not.

  • Thank you for letting us know.

  • Welcome, we hope you enjoy the course.

  • We need to ensure that the people who are collecting the data do not have built in bias. Which as we have seen is very difficult. Data science is somewhat a reflection of the people who develop the system. Hence, we need diversity in the developers and the collectors.