Jhoan Domingo-Acuin

Jhoan  Domingo-Acuin

Location Philippines


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  • I like browsing facebook.
    I like playing with my kids.
    I like writing stories
    I don't like two-faced people
    I don't like vices.
    I don't like pretentious people.

  • Yes. I adore music especially pop and RNB. I admire Celine Dion, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Morisette and Kelly Clarkson for their singing prowess

  • I had tried competing in badminton and volleyball. They're my fave sports

  • Sara likes reading fantasy books, cooking and listen music
    Nadia likes playing football and dancing

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  • My bestfriends are Vien and Jen. They're both intelligent and straightforward. We help each other through thick and thin

  • You're not leaving!
    'Tis the times that try men's souls

  • The note given pertains to people's personal characteristics

  • I am a combination of serious, moody and funny which depends on the situation or with the people I dealth or currently dealing.

  • Sarah likes reading a lot of books and likes studying at the library

  • I am Jho, positive and loving person especially to my kids.I am fond of browsing the net and other social media platforms.

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  • I am Jho and I am about to turn 32 October. I am living together with my family and a teacher by profession. Right now, I am working from home due to the pandemic. I am a language teacher, quite hard especially I am teaching students who are non-native speakers.

  • He is a mechanic

  • I like to study alone sometimes but its also good to study with friends sometimes

  • How is your work?
    What's wrong about Tim?
    Who's going to pay our bill?

  • Is she a doctor?
    Are they people behind the bombing?
    Are we through?

  • It is not an edible food.
    We are no longer communicating with each other.
    She is not responsive with my queries.

  • I am an educator.
    Eliezer is wandering around.
    Troy and Shan are my greatest possessions.

  • I don't understand the mechanics.
    She awkwardly introduced her suitor.
    He may not attend the seminar today.

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  • Samir is a mechanic
    Maya is a teacher
    Amena is a Doctor

  • Samir Aziz

  • I want to learn English to express myself more to people all over the world

  • Maya is a teacher and Amena is a doctor

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  • Im Jho from the Philippines, currently taking this course to gain professional growth and to learn grammar effectively

  • Im jho, an educator from the Philippines

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  • 1) The most useful social media channels for my brand are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    2) I want to share content through tips, stories, curiosities through infographics and videos for parents and families about the correct learning of children at the motor, psychological and social skills level.

    3) My KPI indicators would be the growth of fans,...

  • Objectives:
    - to promote awareness and use of local library services
    - in person services such as book, cd, dvd, press and publications, online access, local council services, source of information, parent/child reading and activities, holiday reading schemes, activity days, book signings, author visits
    - online services such as e-books, audio books,...

  • Facebook is suitable for my audience as almost of suburban and rural areas are using Facebook.
    Contents: 10 to 30 seconds (taking to consideration network connection) as well as, images attracting there attention to online courses how the can use there free time during lockdown for building there knowledge.
    Managing: interact with audience answering there...

  • Brand name: Academic Excellence for All
    1. Objective: To encourage secondary school students to embrace academic excellence.
    2. Target audience: Secondary School students
    Segmented into Junior Secondary School Students
    and Senior Secondary School Students

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  • Social Listening allows the business to interact with customers real time basis. Will enable the business respond to them and the market using the collective feedback.

  • There are so many different ways to measure success through monitoring your actions on social media. Understanding the powerful impact this has on being able to fulfil the business primary objectives and increase brand awareness

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  • I am most interested in learning about the different strengths of the different social media channels

  • YouTubers are big influencers, especially for younger audiences.