Aginam Abednego

Aginam Abednego

I am a recent graduate of Chemical Engineering seeking to advance my skills for the workplace

Location Nigeria



  • Wow!
    I wish you success as you complete this last year.

  • Noted. Thanks @ElizabethB

  • Thank you so much Mr Chris Davies and future learn for making this course a reality. I really appreciate the effort you put into it because I've benefitted greatly.

  • I couldn't agree more!

  • Thanks for the tips!

  • Hahaha.

    You don't like one in writing. Thanks for the summary

  • I've once been invited to be interviewed but couldn't attend because of some constraints. However, these course has done a lot to position me for more interviews surely.

  • Thanks for these tips!

  • Going through my colleagues profile and reading feeds has done a lot of eye opening to me.

    This breakdown gives a summary of what I need to do. Thanks

  • This is nice. I would love to ask, is it mandatory to always accompany a CV with a cover letter?

  • I can't say how much I'm grateful for having access to these example CVs. Thanks!

  • I can't wait to commence learning

  • I've gained loads of insights from this week's lessons. Thanks to the educators.
    I'm looking forward to next week

  • Wow! I didn't know I could impress my employees by using this technique called skills audit.

  • Thanks for highlighting it's importance once more. Although I had know the importance of skills for a graduate already, this detailed description further cements the idea

  • I'm obviously a combination of two topologies - knowledge and specialist. Although, I am tilted more to the latter because from the illustrations given, I am the data to insight kind of guy.

    I've applied for roles related to both specialist and knowledge without replies yet.

  • Interesting

  • Exactly what I would have said.

    Seems we share a lot in common. I did chemical engineering in school but finding an engineering job requires loads of experience, which I don't have.

    I would love to ask, what field of Engineering did u graduate from?

  • The practicability of this course has been awesome. I've learnt interesting ways to inteprete data, which would have been difficult for me in times past

  • Aginam Abednego made a comment

    Thank you lead instructor and her team members for designing this course. I hope to see future courses that would give deeper insights than what I have already.

    I love the learning interface of FutureLearn.

  • There's always room for improvement. Although I don't have ideas because I feel the instructors have done well.

  • you said my mind!

  • I feel the effectiveness is dependent on the situation at hand. Anyways, I'll go with brain writing. I feel creativity is best generated with a pen and paper

  • Wow! As an engineer, we do loads of design for processes that involves creation of a new product from a raw material. I didn't know I could apply design to my thinking process.

    This course has been impactful

  • All the houses have the same color and form

    Black hat
    That would be a bad idea. It would make the world look boring and drab

  • I feel you're question is right. I also need this clarification too

  • 1. Present it to loved ones
    2. Decorate event centers
    3. For learning purposes

  • These principles illustrate that brainstorming is a creative activity

  • The bottle of water is like

    1. Parent. It holds in her children, the water securely
    2. A stadium, with players (molecules of water) actively moving round the field

  • hmm. They are opposite yet represent the same thing. I got this

  • While creative thinking is imaginative, critical thinking is scientific

  • Creativity for me arises when I see problems or something really challenging around me.

  • Hey everyone! I'm Abednego from Nigeria. I just completed a degree in Chemical Engineering. I'm curious about data analytics and I look to improve how I see data

  • I strongly believe there is a biological side to being creative, as well as environmental.

    Although creativity can be developed, some persons do have obvious advantages over others.

  • I do think one can learn to be creative. I do think creativity is a skill that can be developed and improved

  • @SiriratLim yes, doing the same thing in a unique way is also creativity

  • Well i think creativity is telling your own story your own way and, discovering and utilizing the potentials of your mind

  • My monster's name is spiky. He's very friendly, has dark eyes and rainbow colors painted across his body with spiky hands and feet.