Gerald Finch

Gerald Finch

Professor of Management and Psychology at Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador

Location Ecuador


  • Of course, we need to think a lot about the clients--students and their parents. We need to try to convince them of the merits of Blended learning or whatever we decide to call it. Now most parents I know are very far from being convinced and if forced to decide between a "cheap" online university or a more expensive Blended, they would go with the cheap...

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    I liked the ABC Framework. The other tools will help upper university management but willingness to involve professors and students is essential.

  • Strengths: liberal arts focus, excellent facilities and infrastructure.
    Weakness: Upper management is reluctant to involve professors in important institutional changes

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    Sometimes the personality and enthusiasm of professors manifest themselves best in face-to-face. However, my main interest is to stimulate long-term curiosity and I think Blended could work satisfactorily.

  • Very helpful----The ABC Framework!!

  • We need to first have an informational program to convince parents, students, and professors of the value of blended learning.

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    Incredible facilities.

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    Perhaps professors should be given some finanacial aid or other assistance to convert a course from face-to-face to Blended. The amount of time to convert each class can be significant.

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    In my view another structure adds to the bureaucracy, and existing professors and deans need to ultimately do the work.

  • How should a university have any kind of QA?? Some rely completely on student feedback of professors. I would argue this is not QA, but it is commonly done.

  • By mentioning that because of the worldwide crisis, all face-to-face learning might not be available in the near term or mid term. So if you want to teach........

  • Very impressive resources!!!!

  • Parents of students are very, very interested. Some refuse to pay high tuition for anything other than face-to-face learning.

  • By providing much training to professors on how to teach Blended. However, ironically---apparently little thought on how to use the classrooms to achieve this. One complicating factor is uncertainly about social distance requirements for next semester. For example, does a class of 25 students need a classroom with space for 50 students???? Are they...

  • Instead of written guidelines for professors in an area such as Management studies, I would prefer regular meetings of all professors in this area to discuss how they can make the entire program more useful for the students. Occasionally, students could be invited.

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    Some professors here have five courses, often three different topics with many students in each class. Sometimes, they are also required to research and take professional development courses. We need to be realistic what we can expect from professors in all areas including Inclusiveness.

  • This discussion brings up the need for uniformity of all university courses on a topic and for the need for flexibility. Our national government requires Master Syllabi, one for each course and all courses need to follow this master guideline. The advantages of this are obvious, but the disadvantages an be severe. If you are not careful, professor academic...

  • The horizontal issues interest me the most. I have found that sometimes to getting most value from a particular professor means taking advantage of his/her unique experiences and skills. When doing this, I become concerned about the horizontal fit of this course. Some days I think that horizontal fit becomes less important. :-)

  • There are so many tools available such as D2L, Moodle, Blackboard, Zoom PowerPoint, etc. My problem is I don't know the tools that I don't know. :-)

  • I have taught classes using PowerPoint with voice so the students can study at a time best for them. Also, they can re-play parts that are not clear. I have also taught classes using PowerPoint (without voice) and Zoom and progress thru the material at the speed the students desire. I am not 100% pleased with either approach. Because I have years of...

  • all three steps.

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    Sorry to be so focused on attitudes, but if the parents and students do not accept any other mode of learning other than face-to-face, this obstacle must be added to the list. If there are no students..................what good does Blended Education do?

  • It is partly based on the parents' impression of any kind of online learning....which is not positive.

  • Unfortunately, the parents of the students need to accept any other mode of teaching other than face-to-face. Many parents refuse to pay the normal tuition for any thing other than face-to-face. This means the university must reach out.

  • Conceptually I am very attracted to Blended Learning, but I am concerned about my university's ability to coordinate the classrooms, particularly if the requirement for social distance is employed.

  • I am a professor in Cumbaya, Ecuador.

  • Good afternoon. I am a professor (in quarantine) at Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador. It is important to be knowledgeable of Blended learning to deal with the uncertain future.