Kate Ames



  • Loved this, because it reminds us of the role modelling we do every time we step into the classroom, which in itself is always a potentially stressful environment. Thanks for contributing!

  • This is a really interesting question. Some knowledge remains quite constant, while other knowledge is updated. For example, a reference about the core structure of the brain might remain current, but the way it works would be updated. In academic work, we can see that knowledge builds on itself. Sometimes key references appear quite 'old' but they remain...

  • I really liked this analogy of scissors. Thanks!

  • Hi David - this point is really interesting. I have been reflecting on those students who become stressed or anxious in group situations. Working on building their skills to cope with the 'social' environment is something I would like to work on. Some students, particularly those learning online, just want to engage with content and concepts as individuals....