David Lewis

David Lewis

I have been working in English language teaching for over twenty years in Europe and Africa, teaching a wide range of classes to everyone from 5 years old and up!

Location Bucharest, Romania



  • That's good to know, hope it helps you in the future.

  • It can hard not to hurt someone's feelings when there are disagreements, but finding a way to compromise is a good approach.

  • What kind of activities did you do with the trainer?

  • It's good that there are people who can give CPR, it can be important while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

  • This is quite a long day and not much time for lunch.

  • Knowing exactly what you are expected to do is a good place to start, it will avoid a lot of confusion later.

  • It looks like a lot of changes were made to keep people safe. Can people also work from home?

  • We can also use 'pardon.' There is also a longer phrase, 'I beg your pardon,' which is more formal.

  • It makes sense to do something like paintballing which involves being in a team, though perhaps it is too energetic for some people.

  • We have to accept that sometimes things will go wrong at work, but good to know how to go about solving those problems politely so that everyone is happy in the end.

  • Thank you for the kind feedback. I wouldn't spend a lot of time wondering why something is called 'past participle' or any of the other grammar names, they are just names, and not necessarily useful ones (just the ones we have!).

  • It's quite difficult to find a time that work for us and everyone that wants to watch the live events. Hopefully being able to see the recordings helps.

  • @VivienneK There's no competing with such a star!

  • That's good, I hope it helps you when working.

  • @NevenaKostadinovic I agree that's good to think about the interview afterwards. If you the interview wasn't successful this will help you understand what to improve for the next one. At the same time, as you say, it's also good to stop thinking about it, after all it's done and you can't change what happened.

  • Dragon boats does sound like hard work.

  • Are there people trained to give first aid in the unfortunate event of there being an accident?

  • I was trained to use a fire extinguisher but luckily I have never had to use this knowledge,

  • Looks like this is an area where you are an expert.

  • Do you only do it when you start a new job, or must it be done every year?

  • That's good, i hope that it has helped you in your work.

  • That's good, listening to colleagues or friends is important rather than just forcing our ways on everyone.

  • That's perhaps the easiest way, when it is possible, rather than forcing people to work in a particular way that may not suit them.

  • I think bowling works for lots of people as it is something you can take part in even if you aren't very good at the activity.

  • So a meal followed by singing? Yes, that could be good for a range of people.

  • I've never done paintballing but I can see how it could be good fun for people, and certainly good for teambuilding.

  • It's important to know the names of colleagues so good to start with that. People are more likely to help you if you know who they are.

  • @JavierRubio I know the feeling!

  • The content is not really designed for a school setting as the materials are made for self-study. However, I think in a classroom situation you could have the students discuss the tasks before watching the videos and comparing their own ideas to what presented afterwards, similar to how we ask people to write comments.

  • Thank you, glad you enjoyed it so much.

  • It's difficult to include speaking exercises within this platform, but it's certainly a good idea.

  • Thank you, hope that you're able to use what you have learned in your working life.

  • There are some courses for the PTE exam on Future Learn, https://www.futurelearn.com/search?q=pte, though not from the British Council.

  • I hope so, too.

  • Thank you for sharing.

  • Thank you!

  • Giving everyone a chance to choose the best way is a good way of including everyone and making the decision fair.

  • It's good to have time to go away and think, often new solutions are found that everyone likes when you do that.

  • What do you eat and do at a Brazilian barbecue?

  • I'm also a bit skeptical about presentations about finding my passion. Likely, if I have one, it won;t be on the boss would like me to have!

  • When you say that you pay for health and safety I think you are referring to health insurance. This is something that people and/or employers pay so that you have access to health care, such as seeing a doctor.
    Health and safety isn't something you pay for, it's about rules that make the workplace a safe place to work and so people what know what to do if...

  • It sounds like your company is very organized when it comes to the safety of the workers.

  • That's an early start. Do you like getting up so early?

  • That's quite a long day considering you also have a short lunch break. Are you happy with these hours?

  • That's an important thing to know!

  • Yes, it's good to find someone who looks friendly to start the communication with. Hopefully, there will be more than one person like this.

  • These are good things to know, and it's important to know who you should ask if anything is unclear later.

  • It's very common to be asked if you have any questions, so it's good to have at least one question prepared for this.

  • It's possible you'd be asked this, but it's much more likely that the questions would be related to work.

  • These are good things to talk about, especially if you can connect them to the job you are interviewing for.

  • That's true. The more you know about the position and the company the easier it should be to answer the questions.

  • This is all very good advice.

  • What did you do you differently to make the second one a success?

  • Do you like the new 'Meta' name?

  • Welcome to the course, Bianca.

  • Being on time is essential.

  • It sounds like a lot your rules are to increase hygiene or to prevent items being contaminated. These kinds of rules are very important for people to follow.

  • I think Lucy reports to Janet rather than Lizzy, but otherwise good.

  • Having the first job is a sign of growing up for many people.

  • @EricaCastillo Do you think that's fair?