David Lewis

David Lewis

I have been working in English language teaching for over twenty years in Europe and Africa, teaching a wide range of classes to everyone from 5 years old and up!

Location Bucharest, Romania



  • @MarijaDodevska That's very unfair!

  • @LiudmylaZahorodnia That's better, though you don't need the 's' at the end of take or people.

  • That's true, it could demonstrate skills that you have learned that are not part of your current job.

  • @DianaGaleano That's a great idea.

  • @WaseemAlSaeed Thank you!

  • @MarijaDodevska In many countries this type of question is no longer allowed as it is clearly discriminatory.
    What would happen if someone refused to answer the question?

  • @RosaRodriguez I'd agree with that.

  • Yes, it's important not to talk about things that are only connected to your private life.

  • What kind of voluntary work would you like to do?

  • Bowling is certainly something that can be fun and involve everyone.

  • What do you think you can do better?

  • I'm not sure that you would be asked abut your family in an interview as this is personal information. Is it typical to have such questions in your country?

  • So how do people find out about job opportunities?

  • What did you learn from the experience?

  • Good example of how to answer this question.

  • Are there particular websites that are good to search on?

  • This is not an easy topic @HematJalal , so don't worry if you are confused. There are no rules about this in English, it is something that needs to be learned, though getting it right will make you sound more natural when you speak English.
    Look at these extra links to help you understand...

  • I certainly wouldn't want to work late, if I had a choice. However, it probably depends on the nature of the job.

  • That's a very early start, do you like waking up o early?

  • Good Islam, though the last question is only good if talking about one meeting. How could you change this question to make it more general and about meetings in general?

  • Very good @LiudmylaZahorodnia though the last two are not quite right. Can you work out how to correct these?

  • I would want to know these things as well.

  • These are all important things to know, especially knowing the right person who can solve problems.

  • That's very useful. It can help to keep up to date with new ideas, and also job opportunities may be shared.

  • This is a confusing area because there are no rules to follow, you simply have to remember which verbs follow which pattern. On the bright side, making a mistake will usually not cause someone to misunderstand you.

  • Yes that's a good idea.

  • Very good Halyna, this is a great example of a cover letter. I think if it was a real one it would also be good to add some examples of things you mention, for example explaining more about your work in the food industry.

  • Why do you prefer working from home?

  • Hello Shahnaz, thanks for joining the course.

  • Hello Denise. This course does expect you to already have some English knowledge, so you will find it hard if you are a beginner at English. However, it's good that you have found a way to take part.

  • @WaseemAlSaeed I hope you work well together.

  • @minoohakhamaneshi What do you like cooking? Do you have any specialties?

  • This is good @HematJalal but you could also mention any experience you have that would be relevant to the job, this will help sell you to the company.

  • Did someone help you by explaining what you needed to do?

  • @sarahamdy Thank you.

  • What kinds of allergies are common with children?

  • Hello @MohammadRomanEhsanzada hope you find the course useful.

  • That's great, I hope the curse helps you with these aims.

  • @sarahamdy Just to be clear, it's important not to write real email addresses here, so you should edit your comment and remove it. Even if it's not yours, it could be a real email address of someone.

  • Searching for technical questions is a good idea. If there specific things that may be asked then it's good to be prepared.

  • This sounds like a job with a lot of responsibility.

  • Some new ones for me related to flying.

  • @DoaaAliMohamed Two months is a log time to wait, but it's good you took some initiative and asked colleagues and friends.

  • That would be a very good salary, good luck!

  • Repetitive jobs aren't that interesting for me either, though sometimes it's good to have activities that don't require too much thought.

  • Does that mean you can smoke anywhere?

  • How did you get to know what to do? Did someone explain it to you?

  • I think students would really enjoy a lesson with some homemade cartoons, this sounds excellent.

  • That's a good example of how to talk about this topic.

  • Thank you Rocio.

  • Good luck Halyna, hope this course helps you.

  • That's great.

  • These are often the best places to look.

  • It is nice that she doesn't put pressure on him to start right away, as is so common.

  • This sounds like a nice place to work, it would be nice if every workplace was as friendly as this.

  • @DoaaAliMohamed That's a very good thing to mention as teamworking is usually a valued skill.

  • @WaseemAlSaeed Excellent, people don't always remember to read about the company, but it's a very good idea to do so.

  • That's true, but maybe you don't your employer to know about your lifestyle.

  • Keep up the hard work and then you should succeed.

  • What did you do?

  • Helping with literacy skills sounds like an excellent thing to do.