Dee MacKenzie-Eley



  • The LED is working however only when I make contact (touch) with the resistor and not when just plugged into the breadboard .. I have tried other jumpers, LEDs and resistors but have the same issue. I have checked that the jumpers are on the correct rows? I have also tried another breadboard. Any ideas?

  • num = int(input("Enter an even number between 1 and 5: "))
    if num == 2 or num == 4:
    print("Thank you, you have entered an even number")
    print("You have not entered an even number")

  • Although not unplugged I would quite like to take this concept and use redstone in Minecraft to create the logic gates and then set different puzzles using different gate combinations to get a piston to move, etc.

  • A toaster - it needs to be switched on at the wall and the handle that lowers the bread needs to have been lowered to toast the bread. Could also have additional inputs such crumb tray full stopping the toaster ?

  • Hi, I am taking the course to look at new ways to engage learners with logic in computing and would like to find out more about creating an escape room to link activities.

  • I am looking to develop an engaging computing curriculum for a secondary school for September.

  • Hi my name is Dee and I am interested in learning new strategies to engage my L2 classes in Digital Technology when considering way current and emerging technologies affect society.

  • 1.Why was Mrs Ward shot in the right temple through the car?
    2. Why did Mr Ward leave the scene of the crime if the road was so busy?
    3. Why did they leave him alive?