Rn nurse in Iran,studying hard for IELTS , I have learnt French, Spanish, Turkish all together about 1 term ,and German (A2,2) as well.

Location Iran


  • fantastic!

  • I think the intervention ladder was so important to know as it can help us giving better care to all patients.

  • Nursing is a unique aspect of health care which covers different sectors from patients care and treatment to health promotion and disease, control and prevention. However, they need to have compassion, courage, care, sympathy, commitment and communication.

  • Universal health coverage is really prominent for all nurses to be done since it refers to all people and patients all over the world.

  • Yes, definitely. Understanding patients' situations is a kind of sympathy, which is really required for nurses to have in all time when they're working either in a hospital or home.

  • Sympathy and cooperation

  • Having a good communication
    Being a professional listener

  • I really like this sentence which has been said" if there was one thing I would like to get all clinical staff to identify to keep patients safe, this would be an irregular heartbeat caused by atrial fibrillation known as AF." If all nurses pay attention to these kinds of rules, the care and the world, as well, will be better.

  • What is important is that nursing care must be based on evidence.
    Assessing patients more effectively is another example, proved in the worldwide.

  • We can figure out their problems and classifying them so efficiently,
    Becoming more familiar with all types of illnesses and intervene more advantageously than the past.

  • Sympathy, patience, responsibility, commitment and integrity

  • exquisite!

  • Can you, mentor, make other examples of ethic and the role of it in promoting people's health? and explain more about ethic?

  • Thank you, can you make other examples of ethic and the role of it in promoting people's health?

  • empathy, understanding, patience, care, love, commitment, support, sympathy, compassionate, expertise

  • Sympathy, support, care, assess and evaluation are the most prominent duty of nurses in the world although all people should cooperate with them in all time.

  • Eliminate choice: mandatory isolation for Covid-19 disease
    Enable choice: eradicating illnesses classes to support more people
    Restrict choice: wearing a mask in facing ill contagious individuals

  • We should consider and equalize those to have an efficient result. However, cooperating with each other is so advantageous.

  • All people have right to have access to both healthy services and environment. Government should strictly provide them for all people especially when they're asking a favor. With doing this, policy is linked with humanitarian principal, which are really important.

  • Changing the focus from treatment to prevention should consider as a prominent goal in hospitals and healthcare systems.
    As I've said, I've done it by educating ill people in order to promote their healthy as much as possible. It should be practiced at all time.

  • hand hygiene
    wearing of mask
    healthy diets
    promotion in education

  • Hygiene is the most prominent factor which plays an immense role in people's lives. It should be paid attention all time. It can prevent us from getting illnesses about 80 percent in the world provided that its principals do properly.

  • In my opinion, lifestyle and working conditions have more effect on people's health as they're really stressful for the whole life. As everybody knows stress can result in many illnesses, which are really considered disasters in peoples' lives.

  • I would agree with WHO, mental and physical, it's the best definition for the people's health.

  • Fantastic

  • Yeah, it was so enjoyable.
    I'm a registered nurse and some of them were so energetic for me, thank you.

  • Basic needs and communication.

  • Yeah, in my opinion, we as nurses should have a good program due to do that.
    At first, make a list of their wishes. Then, find a good solution for their problems.
    As peoples' situations are various, we should have a different programs for them. We can't compare all of them together.

  • It loses and decreased our energy. Then, we'll be so angry and nervous. We may fight with other people, family and siblings.
    Low temperature cause shivering and low blood pressure. Finally, it affects on our heart and breathing, short breathing is seen.

  • For me, studying hard is really joyful but I sometimes can't do anything to focus on what I'm reading and I would be so depressed. However, swimming is so energetic for me; I've gotten one medal of a swimming champion before.
    How can we concentrate on what we want to do these days? Can anyone help all of us and give us some solutions?
    As you know these...

  • Communicating with other people
    Helping poor people
    Listening to music
    Eating healthy food

  • Happiness,
    Being upset,
    Stressful conditions

  • Blood pressure,
    the feeling and symptoms of patients

  • Stress,
    banned materials in which we're interested,
    unplanned materials

  • Studying, spending time with our family, learning a musical instrument, helping people either in a hospital or a street and eating some hotdogs and double burger

  • Diet, environment, people's conditions, hygiene and workload

  • I'm looking forward to hearing each piece of news about nurses in the future, and I'll be so glad to join to this group along side of other fellows.

  • It would play a huge role in the peoples' lives as their health would progress much more than the past. The more they try hard, the healthier people can be seen there.

  • It means there is no bias therein. It's the best right to everyone.

  • In time of crisis, the main role of nurses is seen in all aspects of our lives. They right best things in the world.

  • Person: needs care, focus
    Environment: other healthcare team and surrounding place, cooperate and collaborate
    Nursing: patience, sympathy, care, neutrality
    Health: needs to be promoted whenever and wherever by nurses

  • Assess, patience, impartiality, hardworking and cooperating with other healthcare team

  • Charlotte : care and support
    Ali : training and expert knowledge
    Florence : Sympathy and palliative care individually

  • 1) They should pay attention to symptoms and mental health and having sympathy in the whole time of caring.
    2) Yeah, it should be a principle of each nursing care to have a better result.
    3) As far as I know, they should respect to all patients with no bias. That's really awful to be done.

  • Sympathy, tolerance, patience, and being kind can be linked with them.

  • Hard working, being sympathetic and evaluation of all patients during in a hospital and after going to their houses

  • Having a good communication is so prominent for nurses as well as being honest.

  • For instance, in my opinion, for Florence palliative care and value of life are the keywords as he worked hard and cared about them, and having a good communication is concerned to Ali as he had been trained.

  • In my opinion, palliative care as he said that only a very few people knew it.

  • teach new staff nurses

  • therapeutic relationship

  • Sympathy, Healthcare, Safety, companionship and communication with face to face interventions

  • I'm Matin and I'm from Iran. I'm going to enhance my current knowledge resulting in better future.

  • Hello. I'm a registered nurse from Iran. I'm going to pursue my education abroad and progress in the future.

  • Hello, I'm looking forward to hearing any new materials. Go on.

  • It was really advantageous for me as I could get much more information than the past. I've written them up to now in order to help and progress myself in all aspects of my life.

  • This course was so advantageous for me as I could get more information about safeguarding adults and I can say I've taken 5-page notes up to now.
    There were about these materials including:
    The definition of safeguarding
    6 principles of adult safeguarding
    Expressing some statutory guidance
    5 principles of mental capacity
    How to raise a safeguarding...

  • Well, I think the availability of references and additional information, as Elizabeth Hudson asked, should exist until the victim will be able to be reinforced and rehabilitated at 90% of his or her life.

  • @KarenLittleford Well, I think the availability of references and additional information, as Elizabeth Hudson asked, should exist until the victim will be able to be reinforced and rehabilitated at 90% of his or her life.

  • I've learned a lot even much more than the past and I've never had some of them before. For instance, I didn't know that chronological was really important; I thought that it was okay if it would be in a written document in a patient's portfolio.

  • They may discuss about the facts which had been missed or how they can communicate better and how they can have an accurate records of Sofia's case.

  • Feeling anxious shouldn't exist therein as we can't help a patient anymore.
    We as healthcare professional team are here due to prevent a victim from harmful consequences as well as sympathy and other treatment procedures.

  • What's responsibilities of an ED nurse?
    What's the difference between a registered nurse and an ED nurse?

  • I have a question; had those documents been written in a paper in the patient's portfolio? So how have they been missed if they had been documented? Because I'm a registered nurse and I know all information should be written in a patient's document, portfolio. If we have it, those missing opportunities don't happen anymore. Do it? I've never seen it up to now.

  • And this, can prevent those missing opportunities. Besides, we can have all required information.

  • In my opinion, the key solution to persuade them to share all of information is that we ought to explain the law RCGP guidance to other healthcare team like the staff of the charity so apparently. Then, document all agreements and disagreements along side the reaction of them in a paper of document to have an authentic one back then.

  • If we can make all of them documented in other place other than the paper of individual's document like a computer, it will be so efficient for all of healthcare teams.

  • Relevant information and the exact time and placement of the event or happening, which haven't been expressed here, are so prominent to be documented.

  • All of materials are correct if provided that only healthcare professional teams who involve should have access to those documentations not anyone else!!!!!!

  • 1) Definitely. As we have both an exact time and place of a problem of the victim as well as how it has done, we can decide better than the past. Besides, information isn't missed anymore and helps healthcare better.
    2) One of example is that I saw a woman despite she was a lawyer last week , she had hurt by her husband. I didn't her nurse but I did sympathy...

  • Hello, you mean that it should be documented while we are getting the history of a patient or victim?

  • Yeah, thank you Futurelearn to put this option for us. I have 2 questions; what do "IMRs" and "MO" stand for? Should all of us have them?

  • I've had those situations before which I've come over them. We ought to pay attention to confidential information in terms of individuals more than the past, and we shouldn't share it without a patient's consent if provided that harmful situations may appear and make the individual at risk.

  • Pete was the best person to attend due to him having worked closely with Sofia as a result of his good explanation in case of Sofia, but it was evident that the support from senior management was lacking and their attendance at the meeting would have benefited him due to be used more confidential materials.

  • We ought to spend much time on patients and their problems as they are so prominent for all of healthcare team. Right information should exactly be followed by a framework according to our policy of hospital.

  • Excuse me, what do the " IMRs " and " MO " stand for? Does anybody know?

  • They could have been more accurate about her problems and the solution. A little bit poor communication is seen between them. They should assess her more than the past as physical and mental abuse.

  • Can you make an example of lawless reason or purpose in sharing information?

  • @JessDavidson Thank you so much. I didn't its meaning in deed and I thought it meant we had to refer a victim to another healthcare staff.

  • In my opinion, they could be more efficient to talk about Sofia's situation and address and mention exact portion of the disaster. It was a little bit poor. However, GP talked more impressively than others.

  • Cooperating with each other and telling truth is really essential.
    Talk more with a victim and assess more than the past can prevent further hurt.

  • Important information should be extracted such as time of the accident, how and their feeling and what did they do or etc. back then. It is a good communication since a concise information and reality is so prominent for us as healthcare teams.

  • Communication should have a frame for confidential information shared; we as a healthcare team ought not to say everything to everybody since it is confidential and concerned to own the victim, vulnerable adult. However, we should have a consent of a patient for sharing his or her information and it should be shared if provided that other healthcare teams want...

  • Keep talking with people and be a good listener is the key of being successful.

  • The framework of each approach, the role of the healthcare team in safeguarding.

  • For the first line of treatment, having all information is so useful and the background of people and their life style are prominent to be known. Then assessing people mentally and physically.

  • It was so tough for Sofia, we should have helped her as much as possible. Knowledge and good intervention can be so advantageous for her. All healthcare providers should be involved to help her back then. Sympathy is the first treatment then assess the systems of her body and supporting her as much as possible.

  • MATIN TAVAKOLI TABA made a comment

    Contributing to each program of safeguarding an adult is really prominent for everyone as they are vulnerable. They should be assessed in some aspects including physical, mental. In the case, Sofia, the healthcare team must involve and cooperate with each other.

  • In my country, for instance, we have a social emergency, which should assess vulnerable adults. Its number is 123. However, the staff don't care people as much as possible as the reality exists. The other one is policy department. They care more than that organization, the social emergency. I've had a bad experience of an elderly abuse with them that the...

  • Yeah, and recognizing them is really prominent to us as the healthcare team as you've said and addressed.

  • Can you explain more about the referral?

  • Meticulous fundamental information to be applied in safeguarding adults.
    Thank you so much to share it.

  • In my opinion, any condition which adults are at risk is a safeguarding concern and the referral must be done therein as soon as possible due to prevent further hurt.

  • Hello, I'm a registered nurse in Iran. Nice to meet you. Where are you from? Have you ever had any experience about the safeguarding?

  • Hello, I'm a registered nurse in Iran and I know the safety of people is really vital to be paid attention in a hospital or every where. I had an experience, which I played an important role therein 5 years ago. A child didn't lift her bed rail and I found soon in spite of emphasizing her mother more than the past. In my opinion, it should be changed the...

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  • It was exquisite. In general, even though all people need to be safe wherever they are in the world, some of them including handicaps, pregnant women, pediatrics and elderly people should be protected more than those.

  • Really? so fantastic. Thank you. It was completely so valuable especially these days. Can you tell me about it in some brief sentences?

  • Thank you all dear mentors. I'm looking forward to watching any news or course about PTE academic due to be strengthened in the exam as much as possible.

  • Is there anybody who have taken the exam before?