Juliana Ruiz

Juliana Ruiz

Student of civil engineering, interested in learning everyday.

Location Bogotá, Colombia


  • S. Reach the summit of Mount Everest with a work-team, in order to strengthen the communication and support within the group.

    M. Test the group before the activity to identify the initial conditions and then test the group after to check the improvements.

    A. People in the group want to improve and in order to do that they accepted this challenge.


  • What are your feelings about the benefits of a plan?
    When you understand why you are doing something, you can expect a result that satisfies the purpose of the activity, if the climbing is for businesses and the idea is to seal a deal, you might pick a route where you can talk, stop and have great views! Not taking the more challenging route and just enjoying...

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    Do you have experiences within project management, either with an organization or in your spare time?
    I have been involved in construction projects where there is a clear goal. We knew the requirements and the results that we were expecting from the project.
    What challenges have you experienced from managing projects in different contexts?
    One of the...

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    Do you have experiences of working in projects, in an organization or in your spare time?
    Last year in my university, I was involved in an academical project where we were designing and building houses made of recyclable materials and the goal was to know if the houses where earthquake resistant and easy to build.

    Have you got experience of different...

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    Hi everyone! My name is Juliana and I'm a Civil Engineer.

    - Why do you want to participate in the course and what are my expectations going forward? I really enjoy learning about project management in construction, because now with the new technologies and methodologies as BIM construction and Lean construction I think is important to identify how we are...

  • My name is Juliana Ruiz, I am from Bogotá, Colombia. I am in my last year studying civil engineering and as the video said BIM is a really important tool and construction method now days. I want to have my degree and be prepared for the future and have the best aknowledge in construction process and try to implement more this method in my country because there...

  • Why do you think Building Information Modelling (BIM) will help the construction industry?

    Building Information Modelling is a fundamental tool and way of work for the students now, because it will be the future in constructions. I'm a student and for my tesis project now is mandatory to start using BIM, but wyh?
    The benefits that BIM provides comparing to...

  • Please share your most important insights and new practices in the comment section.

    I learnt a lot in this course, because I identified with a lot of bad behaviours that with the time I normalice, and make them normal, I have been telling me that I'm not a planning person, if something is hard study at the last moment because I don't enjoy it, suffer with...

  • Do you recognise any characteristics from the fixed or growth mindset when you are learning something new, and you run into something you don’t understand? How do you approach this?
    I find characteristics in both, so now I know what I have to improve. I learnt that I shouldn't see my friends as competence because that give me an extra stress and for example I...

  • Are you motivated for your studies normally?
    In my case it depends of the subject, when is a subject that I really like I can study that for hours, really enjoying. But when is a subject I'm not interested on, it can take me a lot of time for starting.

    How do you keep yourself motivated?
    Thinking about the results that I can get if I study, or sometimes...

  • What is the most important thing, for you, to keep in mind about stress in the future?
    In the future I will try to avoid it more than controling, I will try to do this through a smart plan that won't leave me with al the taskes that I didn't do in the semester and then getting stress for that. And if I have to much work, I will try to think as in the video...

  • On study days, are you satisfied about the amount of sleep you get?
    No at all, I never get propper sleep when I have to study, I'm always awake until really late and when I'm sleeping I am constantly waking up shaking with chills for the stress!

    Do you have any evening rituals that help you to fall asleep?
    Sometimes I put meditation audios until I fell...

  • Which other tips or methods help you when experiencing study stress?
    Playing tenis or rugby really helps me to release all the stress, specially when is rugby because the contact with other people, the team work and the energy that is required for that, makes me leave everything in the trainning

  • Did you try out this exercise, or are you used to doing other relaxation, meditation or mindfulness practices?
    I did the meditation and I felt that really helped me, because when I'm focused feeling my body and being concious of how I breath I can control more my emotions and feelings

    Does it help you in relieving stress?
    Yes!, I think that helps me to...

  • How do you recognise stress?
    Because I feel sick and like with a really weird feeling in my stomach, that makes me stay awake until late and sometimes stress gives me head aches

    What is the very first sign that your stress levels are rising?
    When my stress rised I start biting my nais, and eating a lot everytime just for wast time and feel relaxed but it...

  • I like the idea about the 5 minutes plan, but I'm worried about not getting interested on what I'm doing and just lleave it and stop my daily plan. I really like the techniques of setting priorities, because sometimes we are just doing and doing things through the day but we never stop to think if what we are doing is what we need and how can our activities...

  • Is really hard for me not to talk with my friends when I'm studyng because I have the feeling that they are studying too and that they are doing better things than me, doing other exercices and that produce me stress because we always want to be the best grades and the contest always stress me when I have to study by myslef

  • Do you ever ‘self-handicap’? In what kind of situations?
    I am a good student and sometimes I feel that teachers expect more from me than I can do, even they don't do that with bad intentions because anyway I have good results at my university, but sometimes when I don't understand something is like a big frustration that makes me self-handicap for not be...

  • I have the same procrastinating thought

  • 1. Sometimes I think that I don't feel in the mood for studying so maybe if I get a distraction then I will be focused on what I have to do, but always I finish wasting my time scrolling in my social networks and talking with my friends and the 'study mood' never arrives!

    2.I can think that if I start studying intead of getting distracitions, I can start...

  • Make a top five of favorite excuses: excuses you recognise most in daily life.

    1.I’ve always postponed things, I can’t change that.
    2.I don’t need to worry yet, I’ve still got plenty of time!
    3.Today I am not motivated/inspired.
    4.I am not suitable for working with a plan.
    5.Tomorrow I’ll definitely get to work.

    Then answer the following question:...

  • What kind of situation(s) trigger your procrastination?
    Being in my phone or playing in my laptop, because when I don't want to start something I think: maybe one more game or maybe one more episode in my serie and say it over and over again. So I waste a lot of time before start.

  • What are the benefits of the three-step model for you?
    The benefits are; improving my time managment and being more concious about the time I spend in every activity, in this way I can start being more realistic about my planning.

    Has the three-step model already helped you to feel more relaxed or to procrastinate less? In what way?
    Yes, because with...

  • MAX: I like the study time and the specifications about 10 min break after 50 min studing, because he has a really long time but with breaks that can make it REALISTIC. Also, he has a review time that is important too and is the only plan that has it.

    JOSEPHINE: I like about this plan the time for fitness, and I think that she has good time for studing and...

  • Making a SMART plan for me can be hard because sometimes projects in group and exams can take longer for me than I though so I start taking out activities as doing sport or relaxing activities, for this reason, I start feeling like I'm not following a plan and stop planning my weeks.

  • What aspects does Layla do well, and what things could she improve on?
    For me Layla did well arriving early to the exam and havind a drink with her for oxigen the neurons, I wouldn't recoment study before the exam, but talking can help to solve and to share questions. Also she had to checked the exam before start answering to know how many questions were and...

  • What is, for you personally, the most important thing to keep in mind during a multiple choice exam?

    I always follow the steps that are showed in the video, and I feel that are really good steps for passing the exams, becasue I'm concious about the time that I have for finishing my exam.

  • I really like the first method, because working and learning with someone else make the learning process more interactive. I think that I will have a problem with the flash cards because I like to have my notes in my notebook and I don't like to have papers every where.

  • What revision technique(s) do you already use in your daily studying?
    The one that I practice the most is test myslef with friends because often we have to do exams on groups or projects, that helps me to remember and sometimes in case that my friends won't remember something I can explain then and learn doing this.

  • Which time works best for you?
    I think that in the morning I can work better because I'm more focus after going for a walk. I feel motivated and I fele that getting information is easier for me.

  • Which information was new to you? Do you spend enough time on revision? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

    For me is really interesting the interleaving, I study civil engineering and sometimes I feel that some subjects are apart from the others and that don't have any relation, but when I check the theory and how does it work, I can make...

  • Which tip would be the most useful in your current study program? And do you have tips of your own? Please share!
    My tip is when I'm in class I sit in the front and try to put all my attention in the class, without distractions, and taking notes while the teacher speakes, if talks to fast just write the most important key words and then re-write my notes with...

  • Tom needs to undestand that planing is not about taking out the funny activities or his normal plans, is about being concious of the time. I would start for put the things that he wont leave, as practicing hockey in the week and tournaments in the weekend. After that he should try to have short term goals about the book that he is reading and in the first week...

  • Based on the Frequently Asked Questions and the experiences of our three students, would you further adjust or improve your plan? If so, how?
    I need to have a time for review and for planing and tracking my plan, because I never use my time and try to see my plan and what do I have to achieve in the week. Also i find really interesting the part of cheking how...

  • How was it to work with a plan?

    I try to give time for every activity, and I put the week goals and daily ones for achive the week one, also I have been more concious about how I spend my time

  • Are you used to making study plans?
    I used to think in the mornig my day but not proper planning, so it makes me waste time all day and don't priorize any activity

    Which elements should be included in a plan to be helpful to you?
    I need to have goals in my week plan and also controled free time

  • My scores comparing studying vs doing other things were:
    Studying: 18
    Doing other things: 5

    And comparing long and short terms were:
    Long term: 9
    Short term: 4

    This helped me a lot to realice that short terms activities can affect my long term ones and sometimes I don't give them the importance that they have. As for example going to a party when I...

  • S1 - 10/10
    S2 - 4/10
    S3 - 8/10
    S4 - 1/10

  • Which days of the week or parts of the day have been the best for studying recently?
    I study in the mornings and really late in the night, after lucn I feel really hard to get focus because I feel tired and not concentrated

    In your opinion, which things are you spending too little time on?
    Planning, because I just strat activities but I don't plan in my...

  • What was the most striking thing you found out (about your use of time) last week?

    Because I'm in vacations I'm not spending a lot of time studying or reading, but when I was checking my time at university I know that I waste a lot of time in social media and with my friends talking. Also, when I'm close to my exams I stop playing tenis or rugby even when I...

  • Do you recognise any of the trends described above?
    I identified me with the three trends, sometimes I have my schedule with study time but at the end after all the distractions I study less and can't recall how did I spend that time.

    Are you satisfied with the number of hours you study per week?
    No, to be honest I get distract really easily so I can be...

  • What has your experience with the Topic Comment method been like?
    I really enjoy summarizing with this method because it helped me to organice the ideas and have a cleared idea about the text

    Did you find it useful, are you getting better at it?
    I'm getting better after watching the good and bad examples that people did in the last activity and now when...

  • What did you learn from the summarising exercise?

    I learn that I need to read more for summarising and don't start writing after the first two lines. Is important to have a clear idea for start doing a good summary and be able to create structures from the text to remember and learn easily