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Mina Karimi Majd

Mina Karimi Majd

Teaching English to young learners, preschoolers and primary schoolers. I am in love with my career, like learning new methods and I never stop progressing in my job.

Location Turkey



  • Yes, this culture part is very amazing for my students.

  • I do agree, fruitful video.

  • Ofcourse, they are so curious about new sounds and words, young learners are fast learners.

  • I have been teaching language in primary for 3years and in preschool 10 years. Language learning normally started from 1st grade in primary but all of the private kindergarten and colleges have second language program.

  • As an English teacher working with primary and pre schoolers, I am totally interested in this course. Let's go... .

  • Thanks a lot, fabulous course awesome instructors.:)

  • I tick 3rd and 4th sentences, the the reason is what we have learnt during 6 weeks. :)

  • I liked the term "Magic Moment" and all that was mentined about gathering information about the child and communicating with the parents and giving the child space to show his ability and move on the path of learning, was very useful.

  • Thanks for video and articles.

  • Awesome video.
    In fact observing, talking to parents and communicating with kids could be a nice way to gather information.

  • Actually my preschoolers are so motivated in reading books, so every day, we have " book time", as they call it:), about 10 min they choose a book and imitate reading. Some of them read aloud, some whispering, so cute, and best time for observation as well.

  • Exactly what I do. Thanks

  • As a teacher I need to know about child's favourite games and cartoon characters to get in touch with kid by those information and also know about her background in English.

  • In child education, the support and coordination of the family and the teacher is very essential. they should be in the same page.

  • Wow, when my first graders starting spelling the words in English, so cute and really a Magic Moment.

  • Concepts such as lived experience and pre-organizers of learning, in fact, state that before learning, we must know what information and how much the child has.The learning process can be defined based on them. So observation is so fundamental at the beginning.

  • I liked the coordination section between teachers as well as the family for the children's development process.
    Celebrating successes is for motivating child and also the parents.

  • At first, it was difficult to observe without having evaluation and observation factors, and when I started observing and then evaluating the children based on the desired factors, the situation improved.
    After a while, I was able to add new factors or even observe and evaluate with a better and different perspective.

  • I agree with this view, and in this form, the evaluation can be observational. During play and activity, the evaluation factors for each activity can be pre-determined by the teacher and those verbal factors can be observed.

  • In my opinion, one of the ways to record the progress of children, based on what I do in kindergarten, is to write a daily report with photos of their activities.

  • So interesting and fruitful.:)

  • Thanks:)

  • The tips of enabling the environment were so fabulous. I enjoyed the key person subject and also articles very much.

  • Awesome :)

  • A closed roof garden to use it in 4 seasons. Roof should made of glass to see the sky.
    A closed roof pool to use it in 4 seasons
    A room full of sand:)
    Parents education system, like 2 hours a week, at weekend.
    Happy, educated and responsible teachers.

  • Predictable routines, make children feel safe. So as a teacher we can prepare a picture board of our activites for each day, like eating breakfast, wash our hands, singing song, dancing, playing out side, eating lunch, playing with blocks, and sometimes asking them" look at the board, Now its time to..." and let them to predict the activity.

  • In my view children don't have problem, when we see something in one child it's directly turn back to parents, the point that we should focus on before teaching kids is teaching parents how to treat to their children in a right way. Aware parents trust on teachers and if they see a mistake they never show their nervousness in front of their child, i mean if...

  • The interview was great and the points mentioned were all very important and useful.

  • Calling their name, singing song, smiling, motivating words like "good job", touching specially hands, like, high five fist.
    Ofcourse they feel safe and happy and they like their teacher:)
    Safe and happy experiences of learning environment make them ready to easily accept and trust teachers and school in future.

  • Absolutely, the key person is the one who can throw the child in to the learning process, as we know after feeling safe and relax, the kid is able to start learning.

  • Actually as a rule for all of the kindergartens and nurseries, I should say No, we don't have. But in private places such as the kindergarten that I have worked, our psychologist prepared a process like just one teacher who is experienced in each group should start making relationship with new kids and their families, she is responsible for monitoring the...

  • My dad, he is biology teacher in high school, and he was my first English teacher when I was 3, I was so curios about English alphabets as they were totally different to Persian alphabets. My dad, patiently taught me how to spell and write them. So lovely moments.

  • Because when children feel safe, they can trust on their carer,wanna spend time with and learn from her. They won't forget the happy moments that they had together. Actually they keep calling and texting me in teacher's day, mentioning some memories that I can't remember. So cute:)

  • Mina Karimi Majd made a comment

    As an adult this is our responsibility to make a good and positive relationship, to help the child, feels safe and easy beside us. In this way gradually we can start our teaching process.
    In my view environment is the second teacher can help the child to feel safe and happy, by using appropriate colors, toys, smelling good and songs.

  • When I was 3 and my brother was 4, we were sent to kindergarten. I was so scared and alone, as my brother found friends and played with them I just wanted my mommy, they forced us to sleep, my bro felt asleep quickly and they separated me in a room alone, I hated that kindergarten. With this experience I always try to take care of new tiny ones who are...

  • This week I felt very well about what I was doing in class,, it was very relevant to the method of this course. And the suggested articles were so practical.

  • Thanks for useful articles:)

  • In designing and writing activities, firstly I'll select a game, nursery song or story as a warm-up based on the context, and then continue by playing a symbolic game,craft, coloring, or playing dough according to the subject, in this way, the plan, will work on both language skills and fine and gross motor skills.

  • I like Hayley's words as I am doing the same in my classes, like lots of songs and chants.

  • Yes,fine motor skills.:)

  • Besides language skills, they are learning motor skills by jumping like a frog, swimming like polar bear and stretching like cat.

  • She focused on dry, wet, duck , frog, fish. I liked that bowl of water in the classroom , touching water and playing with plastic toys.
    Nice job.

  • Plasticine is one of my favourites. We can roll, cut, squeeze it and teach them these words while they are acting it. Also working on colors and imaginary shapes and animals, as they roll it a bit and call it Snake, short snake, Now let's make long snake!

  • Adults, especially parents have significant role. They can help kids to be exposed by the language when they are at home or in the car.

  • *Curriculum according to child development.

  • Thanks,It was very orderly and appropriate.

  • Making craft, painting, changing clothes singing a song and miming, all are fun activities for kids.

  • Young learners are in love with nursery song, especially if done by their teacher. I can remember all the songs that I learnt in English class when I was 6 years old.

  • Mina Karimi Majd made a comment

    Young children learn through their senses. The senses are the input channels of information. The more learning channels, the better learning happens. For example, speaking English and singing a song, is not enough to teach English, showing a picture, touching a puppet, doing gesture, dancing or making a craft at the same time will help them to learn better.

  • Drawing and painting Disney princess was one of my favourite activities and so difficult to do. In preschool I asked my teacher to draw it in our free time and was so fun to color it with my friends, I learnt how to mix colors, making highlights or drawing star.