Saurabh Mishra

Saurabh Mishra

Policy development expert supporting the Commonwealth’s work helping countries use sport for enhancing health, education, employment, economic development and realising human rights.


  • Great discussion here! One thing to consider at this point - given the focus of this course - is how does your definition of sport fit with your idea of development?

  • That is a valid point Jennifer! Thank you for bringing it up. It is important to note that the indicators presented above as Category 2 indicators can indeed be modified to suit a particular context, in order to ensure that relevant data is not missed just by virtue of the evidence being qualitative instead of quantitative. Further, the next iteration of the...

  • An important point to keep in mind regarding M&E is to ensure that any narrative regarding the policy/programme's overall impact can be substantiated by data, which includes quantitative (Eg. reach, investment etc.) as well as qualitative (Eg. Type of impact - change in personal circumstances) data.

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    Hello all, hope this finds everyone well.
    Given our belief in the cross-cutting nature of sport and its ability to contribute to a variety of development goals in different contexts, it is really good to see engagement from practitioners operating in different contexts and sectors. Look forward to a fruitful and enriching journey on the course!