Carlos Francisco Mallmann

Carlos Francisco Mallmann

Location Mendoza, Argentina.



  • Hello, I am a physiotherapist in Mendoza, Argentina and I have had the experience of working for a while in intensive care at a public hospital.

  • Hello, my name is Francisco, I have very varied areas of interest, I am a Bachelor of Administration, Professor of Economics, Bachelor of Kinesiology and professor of Martial Arts. Neuroscience seems useful to me for all these activities !!!

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  • I think the video belongs to week 4 and the transcript belongs to week 3!!!

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  • It seems to be the 2nd digit and the thenar eminence

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  • I agree with you that Jaya couldn't control his emotions, but I also think that his mother's attitude made things worse, because she had to focus on understanding what had happened to him before punishing him.

  • I think Jaya was upset about something and maybe it was the only way he found to express himself. Perhaps if the mother, instead of punishing him directly, had tried to calm him down and find out what bothered him, she could have better controlled the situation and kept him from feeling even worse.

  • I agree with your opinion on the feelings of both children. Although Jhon's strategy eventually paid off, it may not be the most appropriate. I don't know if he didn't dare look for another friend, or simply couldn't interpret what his mother told him and his idea of ​​"going to play with someone else" was to try again with his old friend.

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