Estefanía Machado Martínez

Estefanía Machado Martínez

I love life and creation. I'm an actress, clown, singer, yoga teacher, reiki practitioner and curious learner! I love nature and exploring self expression and connection with kindness and awareness.

Location José Ignacio, Uruguay


  • I think a positive relationship is based on trust and respect, is that in which communication, self expression, feelings, ideas, thoughts are enabled to be shared safely and freely. Enabling environment is that safe space in which children can be and express who they truly are while being seen, heard, supported, guided...

  • I did and have nice memories, not many, though I remember feeling happy there.

  • This week has been meaningful and motivating to me. Thank you for all you share with us :)

  • Thank you! :)

  • I first think about the children and their interests and so I plan something fun, playful, and a plan B or C in case what I plan is not aligned with children's mood or vibe that day ;)

  • I agree and learned, some ideas were new to me. Thank you

  • She's modelling the words wet and dry and relating phrases, questions and actions like 'nice and dry' , 'are your hands wet?' , 'look at the rain' (or something like that), 'get the whale dry' and everything is so natural, clear and
    connected to the activity they're carrying out that I found it's a great example, full of learning opportunities.

  • Musical instruments to identify them in English, actions, singing songs, sense of hearing.

  • I think adult's role in a child's learning development is that of a guide and friendly facilitator, not interfering in child's process but assertively influencing.

  • I agree and find it interesting.

  • Thanks for such valuable information !

  • Those activities are full of opportunities to learn, colours, shapes, verbs, vocabulary, parts of the body, tools, feelings, to mention a few.

  • I reckon the most meaningful memories I have when learning English and French were when we sang songs I liked, cooked new recipes from English and French culture, watched movies, though when I learnt English everything was more sort of academic, lot of writing, reading, stick to the book way, I enjoyed my lessons cause my teacher was very passionate and...

  • I'd suggest the educator to take this course and try to update these ideas and stay open and positive to new ways of teaching which envolves more fun and empathy to children based on play as essential when educating.

  • I learnt to climb rocks and walk carefully on rocks as my father fish and took us with him and taught my sister and I not to step on wet rocks, we just stepped on a wet one once, slipped and fell down, never did it again. Contact with Nature is the best science teacher for everyone.

  • This week has been crucial when it comes to language we are talking about communication, so one word comes to my mind and it's foundation.

  • Thank you for all these valuable info!

  • I'm working with 13 children at the moment 2-5 aged for 3 hours a day from monday to friday so I kind of interact and put into practice the course teachings everyday :) There's a three year old boy who calls himself 'bad' when he pushes or pinches or takes a toy from another kid, who cries and so I go ask what happened and he immediately acts out a tiger or...

  • She's playing and making it fun, simple and kind, the tone of her voice is key!

  • Yes, definitely agree.

  • Yes, as I wrote in the previous comment, I was labeled as clever, obedient, quiet, and I was not those labels, I was developing more qualities and characteristics, I remember hiding to do 'naughty' things when I was angry, or only being funny and clowning around when I was with people or friends who first enabled that kind of play or behavior. I became an...

  • I thankfully already knew this concept about labelling identity versus pointing an attitude or behavior, I knew it from Robert Dilts' pyramid of neurological levels on the NLP field and also from non violent communication theory from Marshall Rosenberg, both of which I recommend.

  • I remember being compared to a girl I had never met in my life, she was my Granny's friend granddaughter, I was a quiet, obedient and quite fearful child who was very scared to make mistakes as I was over praised by my family and if I happened to do something unexpected to what I commonly did, then my Granny would say 'Sofia wouldn't do that, she's brilliant,...

  • Such enriching information and knowledge :) thank you!

  • C, A , C are the ideal answers, though sometimes I do clean or pick something up if we are on our way to do something else and there are many other kids, same with the climbing example, however, I do my best to keep this kind of communication and interaction in the kindergarten and with any child I look after or interact. When it comes to drawings or any kind...

  • I think emotional wellbeing is directly related to communication, they way we feel and how we manage and response to our feelings determines how we express or don't express ourselves but experience blockages. I reckon this mechanisms begin developing at early childhood, so if a child feels scared
    , anxious or undervalued he or she will be obviously affected...

  • Play is essential.

  • Yes I've doing it and I see how they communicate to me, not speaking or maybe some of them say some words, but also listening and responding with actions, gestures, laughing or doing what I ask them to do or's great how they get familiar to the language so fast, we've been learning together for a month now and the process is amazing so far!

  • I reckon these activities help the children develop their language and communication because they're immersed in the experience and the language becomes part of the play naturally.

  • I agree and to hear other teachers and parents reaffirms what I've been observing and helps me feel more secure on what I'm actually doing, thank you! this course is being so useful and supportive at the same time!

  • I find it useful and I agree, I see how children start recognizing phrases, actions, I speak to them in English without 'trying to teach' but naturally switching from Spanish to English, I reckon they even have fun with this unpredictable way and they´re beginning to get familiar to this bilingual mode we play and practice.

  • Yes! I do concern about saying something wrong or not pronouncing well, though if I don't know something or I have doubts I check it out later, whilst in the moment I look for a different word to say what I mean or express my ideas.

  • I absolutely agree, safety is essential and every new activity, toy, game or resource must always be checked or considered from a safety point of view.

  • I can describe some of the resources we have. There are flashcards, puzzles, puppets, feelings faces (I made myself) that can be used for many games and activities, for example each child picks one and doesn't show the rest the card so he or she performs the feeling and the others have to guess what feeling he or she had chosen. We also have toys, a mini...

  • She mentioned a useful and organised starter routine, a lovely friendly resource for stories with the story sack and puppet, then she explained how she uses the space for different activities, I really liked how she organised everything, looks simple, clear and effective.
    I noticed she had posters for the colours, I could see there were others probably for...

  • I believe play is crucial and unquestionable, it's fundamental when it comes to child's development itself so I think all the benfits mentioned before are useful and helpful to language development as well, I think if children are happy and feeling home during any experience they're having, then they are more receptive cause they're in a positive stream.

  • I'm not surprised but delighted by James' speech. I want to share this video with everyone! So true, encouraging, real and inspiring, I'm glad to listen to people with this vision, as an actress, clown, teacher, sister, aunt, friend, daughter...I play everyday and resonate with what he said about playing different roles as adults being aware of it and having...

  • Yes I am surpised by features 1, 11 and 12, though I agree with all of them! Great info! so clearing and useful.
    I absolutely disagree with that statement, I think it's the opposite, I believe education is finally shifting and considering what's really beneficial and good for children.

  • My experience with children playing is as diverse as children and their personality and also their mood each day, some days they're more into singing, dancing, running, other days they're up to adult-led activities and sometimes they don't engage and flow with their own ideas, I believe it's always challenging and that they're learning the whole time, playing...

  • I believe play it's not only important but essential, it's part of childhood and human nature, it's inherent, supressing play or not giving the importance and place it's got in a child's life can only be counterproductive and far from being wholesome and good for the child's development and happiness. I think without play children are not let to be...

  • I think in adult-led activity children train their listening, focus and comprehension skills for example. In adult-iniciated activity I think is similar though it may give children confidence in being guided while they're also free exploring, I think in this kind of activities adults play a more playful role as well if I got the concepts well :).
    I believe...

  • My early memories bring me to me playing at home with my mom's shoes, pretending I was an adult, I loved dressing up and wearing my mom's jewelry. I remember I enjoyed playing with objects from 'the real world' instead of playing with my toys, I enjoyed toys, although, I felt excitement when playing with real pans, plates, spoons, my granny allowed me to...

  • This week has been very useful as it framed what's all about, for me it's been a great starter, triggered me enthusiastically and certainly motivated me to keep it curious and open.
    I really found interesting the previous articles and all the videos, as well as the comments, so enriching!
    All about how the brain develops and how babies learn gave me a new...

  • It's great to record stories that might be lost, hidden or ignored of those less heard or seen, great opportunity for the most vulnerables, change may not be instant, though the records may remain and eventually revealed, it's part of this awakening journey we're walking, each day it's harder to turn a blind eye and do nothing to what's clearly obscene.

  • I think Podcasting is a powerful tool to create social change, to speak out freely, I'm starting to realize how accessible it is.

  • For me the voice makes it real and personal, before hearing her voice, she could be anyone, when I heard her she came to life. Being used to perform and read tragedies, drama and all kind of human sufferings in fiction makes me personally read on an intellectual or analytical way, even when based on true stories if I don't see a real face or hear a real voice...

  • I think I will harness with feeling, emotions, music, soundscape...