Jessica Gramp

Jessica Gramp

Jess is Learning Technology Team Manager for the University of Edinburgh's Instructional Designers and has worked in Higher Ed since 2008. She is passionate about making education accessible to all.

Location United Kingdom


  • Thanks Alastair for sharing this feature in Word. I didn't know about this either and will definitely take a look. It would be good to know if other word processor software contain similar features.

  • You're right @JosephKasser. Personas are used in marketing, as well as software engineering and other product development, to help people tailor their product to a particular audience. They are also useful for teachers to better understand their learners. They help us to consider how to tailor the learning materials (the product) to meet the needs of our...

  • Hi Julia

    While it is tempting to create many personas, it is more useful to develop a handful that represent a variety of learner traits. This way you can consider various aspects of your course from each persona's perspective, without the task becoming too time consuming and overwhelming.

    You should focus on your main learner groups, but by mixing up...

  • @PaoloSartorelli - Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately we are bound by the video playback features available within FutureLearn, but I'd encourage you to contact FutureLearn with your suggestion using the Contact link in the footer of this page and raise your suggestion with them for making the platform more accessible. It is a good point and I'm sure...