Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson

I'm SVP Product at Somo

Location London


  • Thanks for being the first person to leave a comment! Will you be working on software projects, or is the idea to apply Agile more generally in the organisation?

  • My app is a location based, time sensitive photography app:
    - camera
    - GPS
    - notifications

  • Great question - would take a whole course to answer it properly!

  • I wonder if phones are able to use location accurately enough for this to work really well. Nice idea.

  • This is a silly idea but at least original I think. I'm a photographer and love to get reflections in puddles after it rains. I'd love an app that shows me where in the city there are puddles right now so I can rush there if I'm close and get some shots :)

  • Thinking about temporary & situational accessibility really brings it home how important this is as a design factor. I worked on several transport apps (info on buses & trains), and it was clear that people would often use them while standing and hanging on to the vehicle, so may only have one hand to use, and not be very stable. Hence it was important to...

  • The todo list app 'Clear' uses distinctive gestures to open, close, add, delete etc. It's beautiful and striking, but these kind of gestures haven't really taken off in many other apps. I personally enjoy using it, but do sometimes find the gestures hard to remember, as I don't use it every day.
    Uber is an interesting one, in the way it places your pickup...

  • I have 5 screenfulls, so about 100. There are only a handful I use daily - core communication apps (work and personal), social media, plus BBC News, Dark Sky, Spotify and Wikipedia most days. Then come apps I use fairly often which have clear utility but only when I am doing something specific, such as driving or planning a trip, shopping, checking my bank....

  • Hi, I'm a product manager in a digital agency. I work alongside a lot of developers and designers and am broadening my skills so I can collaborate as well as possible with everyone. My agency works on projects for a lot of different clients, such as car makers and banks.

  • Hi I'm Tim, great to be starting this. I'm very interested in UX but also have an ulterior motive - I want to create my own course (on a different subject) and have been advised this one's a great example to learn from.