Ir Dr Jegalakshimi Jewaratnam

Ir Dr Jegalakshimi Jewaratnam

She is a senior lecturer in Chemical Engineering Department. Her expertise is process control & optimization and waste recovery. She delivers presentations, consultations and invited talks regularly.

Location University Malaya, Malaysia


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  • All the best to you !

  • Yes, thats the norm!

  • Yes, it gets people to connect with the presenter.

  • @NurAzahHamzaid True that!

  • @ThembelenkosiniLuwe Yes, it is all worth it to put in an effort to look good for a presentation.

  • Yes thats a 50% battle won.

  • Yes true.

  • Yes, we loose audience attention.

  • Yes.

  • Yes, one big and clear static picture can create curiosity in audience.

  • Yes Racquel. Simple slides keeps the presentation light. Audience are compelled to pay attention to the speaker.

  • @ThembelenkosiniLuwe Practice is key. Over time you will master it. All the best to you.

  • Hin everyone, I am Jega from Malaysia. I am a lecturer in chemical engineering field. Am keen to learn web development to showcase some of my work.