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Sahan Perera

Sahan  Perera

Marketer | Salesforce Enthusiast

Location Australia



  • It's encouraging.
    I have no idea of coding and I'm a full-time marketer. But I really wanna be in the technology curve and think of changing my career towards the technology-related job. But with the age and time, I thought web developing is something I can grasp in a short span of time. After seeing this video, I feel I can definitely reach my goal. :)

  • Hey, I'm Sahan,
    I'm a Marketer. This time I wanted to look for a new area and thinking of changing my career 360-degree, learn to code. Let's see how it goes.

  • 1. People will be able to buy things online without a card number or authentication.
    2. Fraud prevention and detection will be completely automated.
    3. Same-day shipping will be everywhere.

  • 1. Improved Safety and Security
    2. Better Product Quality
    3. Higher Product Output
    4. Higher Employee Value

  • which quadrant do you find yourself in?
    *Revenue Growth PM

  • Evolve of Omnichannel is one of the groundbreaking changes adopted by many retailers all around the world.

  • XR could replace all the other screens in your life.

  • Time to come to XR will connect with out of the world such as people can communicate with astronauts in the space.

  • What issues have you encountered as you work across the organization?
    1. Lack of trust.
    2. Conflict and tension.
    3. Not sharing information.
    4. Low engagement.
    5. Lack of transparency.
    6. No long-term thinking.
    How did you work them out and what tips could you share to help others work more effectively with various teams?
    1. Prioritize work based...

  • 1. Set realistic goals
    2. Conduct frequent review sessions.
    3. Highlight the benefits of the work.

  • Discussing customer questions, pain-points, and feature requests every day has made it more effective in product management.

  • I wanted to continue my career with Management & Leadership but in a meaningful manner. Engage new technology to advance my working pattern and upskill to be an efficient worker.

  • Management & Leadership

  • AI will make ease the difficult jobs for workers. And it will save time and improve the efficiency of the worker.

  • 1. AI will improve the efficiency of your work
    2. Assist you to manage the time and drive you towards better decision making.

  • What activities have intelligent machines taken on?
    1. Virtual personal assistants - the likes of Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google assistant are able to follow instructions because of voice recognition
    2. Recommend films or TV shows on streaming services like Netflix.
    3. Facebook knows who is in your photos and can automatically label your pictures.

  • 1. AI-assisted robotic surgery
    2. Virtual nursing assistants
    3. Aid clinical judgment or diagnosis

  • What other industries do you think are being impacted by Artificial Intelligence?
    1. Courier companies
    2. Education

  • Do you think that businesses can use AI to their advantage or to provide better service to their customers? If so, how?
    *AI has made the communication space more fluid for customers and businesses, offering consumers instant results while making it easy for businesses to provide attention to every person in need.

  • Sahan Perera made a comment

    What benefits do you think come with Artificial Intelligence?
    Robots and AI will help people perform their tasks better, not take their jobs.

    What considerations do we need to be aware of?
    AI performance.

  • Moden vehicle with sensors to detect features in the vehicle.

  • Both the product manager and the product owner work towards a common goal to build and improve products that create meaningful value for customers and all stakeholders within the company. This usually happens by delivering and optimizing product features.

  • I prefer to be product manager hence you will be at the forefront to deal with customers and stay alive.

  • Once your designer gives you the prototype of your product, it's important to conduct an in-house focus group study and evaluate the feedback.

  • It is important that the PM has a clear idea of what are consumer pain points and how your product gonna bring them up a solution. This is a kind of map and all other aspects need to be align with it.

  • Take an example of a microwave,
    Microwave mainly uses to heat your food but it can be used to cook certain food as well. This will save money and energy consumption at home.

  • Hi
    I'm Sahan and I have been working as a Marketing Manager for consumer retail organization in Sri Lanka with over 15 years of experience looking after global brands, Huawei, Samsung, Dell, Asus etc. Now I live in Australia and wanted to start my career in Marketing however I thought I need to upgrade mu skills before move on. So that's the whole idea behind...

  • Hey everyone,
    Let's get started...

  • This is a really good program. I gained some knowledge of the current context.

  • I like to keep update myself with current affairs in the world.

  • Hi
    I'm Sahan from Sri Lanka

  • Pros;
    Improved efficiency
    Higher margins
    Enhanced data collection
    Shutting down small players
    No control of Carbon Emission

  • Yes absolutely.
    With larger baskets, purchases become more emissions efficient, particularly for dedicated store trips. When customers purchase a few more items, these trips are more emissions efficient than home delivery.
    Wasteful behavior -
    1. Many customers buy multiple sizes of the same item (or multiple styles) with the intention of returning those...

  • Sahan Perera made a comment

    I believe personalize channels for shopping will increase sales and influence consumer behavior. It will lead to better experiences, more word-of-mouth promotion, and increased customer loyalty.

  • Amazon has employed more than 100,000 robots in its warehouses to efficiently move things around while it has increased its warehouse workforce by more than 80,000. Wherein machines are kept well away from the public eye yet, human-machine partnerships won’t stop there.

  • 1. Aircraft Industry - to reduce the cost of metal and plastic costs. And also its lightweight.
    2. Marketing industry - Use to demonstrate products before it goes commercial. Get the real feel of the products and how the campaign is going to execute.
    3. Jewellery Industry - Casting much cheaper and easier products to the market.

  • 1. Introduce new or expanded ways of roles for data analyzing methods and cannot follow the same old practices.
    2. Increase productivity and efficiency. Saving time.
    3. It is cheaper and greener.

  • 1. Cashless payment methods
    2. Chatbots for customer service
    3. AI-driven digital assistance

  • 1. Helping to understand customers properly and engaging them, predicting propensity toward specific behaviors.
    2. Tracking consumer behavior
    3. Personalization - identify consumer engagement platforms and customize the individual’s experience by presenting only the most relevant choices.

  • 3PL business could provide these consumer insights in real-time, directly to their customers’ demand planning and sales forecasting departments. Or if they were able to inform them on how to create the best product bundles, value-added services, or delivery options based on actual consumer needs.

  • Companies can pick selected retail stores as mini-warehouses that supply to surrounding stores in the area. And these mini-warehouses needs to be monitored closely from the main DC.

  • Yes, it is a good move however Coles has to integrate frontline and back office for efficient delivery of goods to customers in a timely manner. And also Coles can easily target and segment consumer behaviour to plan upcoming promotions.

  • MyCom has to redefined their business operation and adopt technology to re-engineer the whole business.
    1. Deploy a system to monitor inventory movement from the warehouse to the store and make it automated
    2. Move out from paper-based operation to online operation
    3. Find out a way to monitor fast movers in each store as well as aging inventory levels.

  • Unreliable Order Fulfillment Processes - This can lead to shipping delays, which can deter customers from doing business with that company in the future. A good way to ensure a streamlined order fulfillment process is to use the proper technology to help forecast future delays in service or shipping.

  • Choose the right omnichannel fulfillment strategy. Such as;
    1. ship-from-store
    2. ship-from-3PL
    3. ship-from-partner, and so on it’s important that retailers select the one that best meets their business needs.

  • Learning outcome
    1. The difference between multi-channel and Omnichannel
    2. How customer can engage with a different device during the pre and post-purchase.
    3. Effective ways of integrating offline and online platform in the Omnichannel

    Oasis is successful with its omnichannel practice. They were able to integrate both online and offline into one funnel. And customer experience makes it novel and consistent.

  • Consumers are looking for information on various channels at the pre-purchase stage and also retailers are following the same direction to feed necessary info to promote their products. It's a cycle and interconnected.

  • It gives a better customer segmentation, and targeting result it's cost-effective.

  • The most appealing is how the retailer intact its customers in the buying curve. It looks saving time for both which brings the convenient.

  • Online purchasing is really convenient task for me, however, in some instances, I would like to spend some time by touching the product and make sure I'm going to buy the exact product which I see on the screen.

  • I'm from Sri Lanka and moved to Melbourne to start my new journey of life.
    I'm a marketer with over 15 years experience and major in Consumer Retailing.
    I have worked with top global brands such as Dell, Samsung, Huawei and achieved many milestones in my career.