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I am the Chief People Officer at FutureLearn where we are passionate about our purpose, transforming access to education.

Location London, UK



  • 2 ears, one mouth: listen what is important for people. Share only after you listened.

  • Great point Gen, buddies are not just great for new joiners, but research shows that colleagues who are asked to be a buddy are more engaged.

  • Thank you @AileahCudo, it's great to have you back.

  • Feeling encouraged that the recruitment community doubles downs on empathy and inclusivity in these times, based on the comments you all shared.

  • Love the fun sheet @KendraVaughan I think I will steal/borrow that.

  • Thanks @StefanAuler! We are playing new words bingo here at FutureLearn and contribute £1 to charity for everytime we use "new normal", "Unprecedented times" or say "you are on mute"/ask "can everyone hear me" on zoom calls:)

  • Thank you @AndreaOlmosPerez! Recruitment is a noble profession - we help people not only find the right job but also realise their aspirations. These have been very tough times for recruiters and candidates alike but, as Churchill said, we could never let a good crisis go to waste.

  • Good one @KarenCampbell. As a hiring manager, I always check if the candidates demonstrate commitment to life long learning. Whether it's courses on FutureLearn or not, it's always a good sign of someone's intellectual curiosity and investment in personal development.

  • Wishing you mucha suerte @LuciaMuñoz. There are still roles out there, but the competition has increased with more candidates in your situation. At FutureLearn, we see a threefold increase in the number of applicants vs before Covid. I've seen some great examples of candidates proactively posting on LinkedIn with examples of their experience and skills who...

  • Great personal story @TracyeG.B. , thank you for sharing.

  • @hilmiaw I hope that Dan in week 2 will offer some reassurance that you could still do sound assessments remotely.

  • @HameedJutt very good point. In Western Europe we take connectivity for granted but there are other parts of the world where access to mobile phone and a good network is a luxury. Even here in the UK when teaching went on line, lots of kids from underpriviledged background struggled to get access to a computer/phone.

  • Interesting one @AndrewBarber. At FutureLearn we do virtual background checks and reference checks. The risk is on both sides. I noticed increased traffic on Glassdoor where candidates do their own checks.

  • Looking at the company from both sides is my new favourite short hand for EVP: the give and the get

  • It sounds so much better en Francais @OUMAROUSOULEYMANOU :)

  • Such a missed opportunity @CristinaGangi - a strange "segmentation" approach when really they should welcome everyone in the same way. I'm sure you gave the HR department some constructive feedback.

  • Very true @LinHuybrechts too much information can be overwhelming especially as new hires lack context. I remember being sent lots of packs with company specific terms, it made me feel like I was already failing on Day 1 as I wasn't able to decipher things. My most memorable new hire experience is when my future boss called me the evening before Day 1 to say...

  • Hi @CristinaGangi remember that your new hires are an engaged bunch, they are excited to join a new company, especially in these times, no need to do anything extraordinary. My advice is to keep it simple and get them together, as a community, maybe together with members of the leadership team. Organise monthly virtual drinks or coffee and let them share from...

  • Good points @HarryCather . Chesky and Airbnb's other two founders gave up their salaries for six months when they announced the layoffs, with other top execs getting a 50 percent cut. Other founders and CEO's did the same in the last couple of months. There is hope.

  • G'day @Jo-AnnGiovannoni! Good luck with your postgraduate studies, have you considered the Open University? They have an excellent MSc in HR Management (I need to declare my bias, I'm an OU alumna).

  • @FláviaN with your degree in communication and the opportunity to start fresh, recruitment sounds like a great idea. I'm sorry to hear about illness, hope all is well with you and the baby.

  • It's a great place to start @NatashaScott. Whilst recruitment has become a profession in its own right, there are lots of basics anyone in business can learn and apply. We tried to keep the content of the course as practical as possible.

  • @KLake I like your example on AI personalizing learning, it's an area I am passionate about. Our data scientists here at FutureLearn have already built algorithms to make personalized learning recommendations to our learners once they click on their profile. It's a start. In terms of AI in recruitment as means to sift through huge numbers of applicants, I...

  • It is a tough one @DavidRansome - not everyone has the motivation, time (or the skill) to be a good induction buddy. You also want to avoid that you always ask the same people to do this role. I’m curious to hear about effective onboarding buddy programs.

  • Hi Joanne, that doesn’t sound like a good candidate experience, you did the right thing to withdraw. Some recruiters think that they are in a position of power and can therefore change timing etc, not realising that recruitment is a two way street - candidates also assess you and your company.

  • @JonathanCarey agree that the InMail button has been misused. I have reasonable ROI from LinkedIn on leadership roles but I also had to diversify the channels when looking for the “new” digital skills or for graduates. Interested to hear about Tinder, have not tried that yet.

  • We are very excited to have you too @JelenaJoksovic. You will learn from practitioners vs. lots of theory.

  • Indeed @CristinaGangi, whilst recruiters experienced some level of remote hiring before, nothing prepared us for the 100% reality.

  • @EiraLara we are excited to have a doctor amongst us! Recruitment and people development skills are applicable in any profession, especially as you become a line manager.


  • Never stop learning is a tag line after my own heart. Fostering a learning culture and investing in people’s development will drive engagement and great returns on investment.

  • They are indeed - especially for Business To Consumer (B2C) companies. Virgin Media famously calculated how much revenue they were losing due to a poor candidate experience.

  • Lots of great examples in the comments. Whether your tag line is catchy or not, the most important thing is to bring your promise (to employees and candidates) to life in all the touch points.

  • That is a purpose led EVP tag line. It must resonate in these difficult times.

  • Whether your company is large or small, you seem to share the same challenges. We asked recruitment leaders from IBM, GSK, Vodafone and BP to contribute to the course and share theirs and discuss mitigation. We hope that you will be able to learn and adopt some of their strategies, but equally your fellow learners will be a great source of inspiration. Keep...

  • A good point @ZeeshanUlhaq, reliable and predictable assessments are hard even face to face. We have an expert contributor (occupational psychologist) in week 2, check out what his advice is.

  • I agree @KLake, it’s up there for me too, together with empathy. We will explore avenues to build culture online in week 3 of the course.

  • @KLake great example of how recruitment skills are transferable. I think that the (employer) value proposition section in week 1 will resonate.

  • Benvenuta Angelica!

  • That's fantastic @DanielCarville, you are doing a lot to upskill yourself, keep up the good job. My team and I "only" hired 50 people over the last 6 months and at times it felt like a very daunting task.

  • You are right David, the typical student will finish a three-year undergrad degree with about £50,000 in debt. Pay back only starts when they earn more that £26,575 a year. That said, financial worries aside, not landing a job after you invest all that time and money must be very frustrating.