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sandra woodall

A passionate environmentalist, architect, urbanist, researcher, lapsed travelholic and baker of vegan treats!

Location Dubai, UAE



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    I work in the Built Environment and hope to be able to widen my understanding of where we currently are and what we can do to ensure a sustainable future.

  • linkedIN gives you current movements and trends in your industry, so you can stay up to date. It is your shop window for peers and organisations that can get an instant impression of you and your business

  • I see Twitter as more about opinions, so can try to use it to capture and grow my brand from the opinions posted by others. I will look to promote content that can better seek out engagement with others about my brand

  • I hope to learn how to prepare and implement my SM strategy for my business in a way that enables me to promote and grow my brand

  • My first step is to monitor how my competitors interact with the customers that are my customer pool also, and to ensure that I am able to follow suit and engage similarly with my superior product so that the customer will choose my brand, over them, every time. In my daily life I am infuenced by the reviews of other consumers in seeking out the brands that I...

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  • Quite shocking that most commenters here seem to be dismissing women over 40 from the professional sphere.

  • I am interested to explore all of the topics to enable me to better understand how I can best utilise and get the most out of branding by using social media. I need advice on how best to brand my company to enable it to be more recognisable for the quality and type of work that we do.

  • I see the brands that I follow, there are many others which I usually scroll past

  • to keep unto date in business, current affairs and family and friends

  • I am keen to learn how to better use social media for brand promotion

  • I am currently in my living room, on my sofa, under the window. This is my most comfortable and happy place. Before moving into the house 5 years ago, I extensively remodelled and modernised it to suit my family's needs. The only changes that I hope to make are to get someone in to once and for all deal with the wasp nest in the eaves to the attic, and to kit...

  • In winter months, we can feel tired, sluggish, less happy and more run down. Usually associated with the lack of sunshine that we can experience. This affects our mood and reflects a negative change in our well-being. So sunlight and vitamin D, along with the vitamin C that is more plentiful in summer fruits and vegetables are needed to keep us better...

  • There is a lot that can be done to improve design and make meaningful change. It will however, require a multi-layered approached, yes designers can produce design to improve the current failings, most developers and investors though will not fund additional costs associated with this unless there is a regulatory need to do so; financial incentives for them to...

  • Methods to collect, store and reuse this water should be mainstreamed and more commonly introduced at scale, this will diminish the need to bring in water from outside of this system (current mains supply) which combined with user educated reduced consumption strategies (low flush toilets, less demand and more conservation etc), would reduce reliance on...

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    I have not experienced this, no. It is a sad fact that with climate change and the expected sea level rise more and more places across the world will be susceptible to flooding. As well as the cost to our buildings there is is real threat to food security as traditional crops may not be as resilient to increased or prolonged water ingress.

  • It is strange that we design our urban areas to repell water.

  • Are the know-how and skills available in the industry to serve every site and ensure that the fabric used will enable that the final concrete form to be achieved?

  • The Dubai Golf and Yacht Club. this was designed and built before software was available that made parametric design more possible. I actually worked with the company and know the designer and the technician who had to actually draw this using rotoring pens and French curves. Quite a feat to draw and build.

  • This is an interesting article on ways forward to reduce CO2 produced.

  • The cost of the software and training required for the introduction of BIM can price out SME's. Currently in UK only public buildings are required to be designed using BIM, and unless post-evaluation surveys are mandated to follow suit, then performance gaps will remain.
    The reliance on computer modelling and integration of information may reduce the...

  • Very few buildings have lasted a hundred years without modification. Heating, lighting and plumbing systems alone are unrecognisable today than they were a century ago, the key is to design resilience in to allow for future adaptation to future needs.

  • The Institute de Criminologie de la Gendarmie National, in Algiers. There is a whole facade of brise-soleil but the facade behind it has such minimal openings and virtually no glazing whatsoever, that it is totally pointless. picture posted on padlet.

  • Simulation and predictions are one thing, unless these are checked with post-evaluation data to compare the design performance against the actual in-use performance then performance gaps can not be understood nor addressed in future designs.

  • The building I am currently in has window vents rather than openable windows. To be able to open these would be a great plus. I am in an hotel room on the 5th floor so I understand that this is for safety reasons, and to be foe the benefit of all. It does not offer thermal comfort, or the need for much needed natural ventilation. It is also a quarantine hotel...

  • Alternatives are required to permit the decarbonisation of the construction industry and the emissions from buildings. The provision of clean and renewable energy sources will go a long way to providing this, for heating / cooling the buildings, for the energy used in the production and transportation of the materials used in building construction, these must...

  • Much better information provided in this section, strange that the previous page was so unbalanced in its perspective.

  • Professor Coley rightly questions the quality of design, though I believe that it must be acknowledged that construction professionals must adhere to quality codes and standards which are set by others and which have evolved over time, and continue to do so, therefore accountability really is not as straight forward as it seems to be presented here. Also, it...

  • The first contemporary building that really caught my attention was Jean Nouvel's "Institut du Monde Arabe" in Paris which was completed as I was starting my architectural education, in the late '80's. The facade panels operate like a camera lens to open and close in response to the levels of natural light available to screen and "shutter out" the glare. It is...

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    Hello all!
    I am an architect, urbanist and researcher working in the MENA region. I am keen to explore this course and apply any insights into my daily practice.

  • Looking forwards to this

  • Basically "Building Information Modelling - BIM" is the digital management system for the design information that is used to for the transfer of data for design, co-ordination, pricing and construction of the building etc.

  • a very insightful week. thank you University of Leicester!

  • great thanks

  • I will follow the inductive approach

  • Very thought provoking

  • This is the way forwards for me, and this section offers excellent insight to do this.

  • started journal.

  • good to get these insights!

  • Looking forward to next week.

  • I have secured a place on a DBA and will meet my supervisor for the first time at the end of this week. I think that it is primarily the relationship and fit that you have with the supervisor that will be the making or not of your experience of the PhD rather than the institute itself. As I will be mostly online and will need to look to online communities for...

  • I will pursue a DBA rather than a PhD, so forgive me for gate-crashing this course! I will be funded by my organisation, where I will remain employed and undertake my research whilst working my day job. I will avail of study-leave and annual leave provision throughout the course so I will be time-poor, but financially funded for the duration.

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  • cont'd.
    4. I will speak to colleagues, peers in the industry who undertake similar work and of course my supervisor. I have joined the online platform “Doctorate Hub” which is run by academics that I have previously worked with and who run regular sessions to advise on Doctorate proposals, processes and ways of managing the journey through this, which offers...

  • 1. Information for my proposal will be primarily from experiential concerns of my colleagues and from my organisation and others which publish their research as I am undertaking a DBA rather than PhD, so my proposal will be practice based rather than “theory gap” based. This will then be explored further using online library resources – books, articles and...

  • Such an interesting case study. thank you

  • These case studies are so inspiring, they show that with commitment and determination changes can be made at all kinds of scales. They all appeal to me because they are driven by making changes and really on the wider involvement of likeminded people to make it work. Also the use of available methods are utilised such as the cycling aspect of FoodCycle which...

  • A great initiative

  • This is a great initiative

  • A very good case study to show how organisational challenges can be overcome as well as environmental, societal and humanity.

  • This really can be tackled by education and better practice by us all

  • looking forwards to this

  • A very solid analysis thanks

  • I got Horned Owl, but for sure Some of the answers I would have ensured happen in unison with the predominant answer that I gave. So I guess I have awareness of how to go about things at a team level as many players must take their part in realising the outcomes required.

  • Personally I value accomplishments that positively affect others, especially the ones that were harder to achieve. In the video I related most to the commentator John Bicknell who 's idea of success is unleashing potential.

  • I am undertaking my research to help solve problems within the workplace and to offer possible solutions to make changes in the way that we do things to improve the results that we get. Therefore, it will benefit my community of practice and other similar workplaces. The challenges I can see will be towards affording the time to do so balanced with my normal...

  • I would consider that the issues and processes to be universal when it comes to writing a research proposal regardless of subject matter.

  • My Doctorate has already commenced and I am at the thesis proposal stage, therefore I do see that my thesis will be completed within the next couple of years, and that at the 5 year point from now I will have a few years in practice at post PhD level. I envisage that this level of research and the title afforded will enable me to progress my career with the...

  • I will pursue a DBA as I wish to expand upon my past experience and study whilst pursuing innovation in my field as I continue my work.

  • Hi everyone, I am Sandi, an architect originally from the UK, though I have lived and worked in Dubai for over 20 years. I am a PGR just commencing my Doctorate.

  • I enjoy my work, it makes a difference to many people. It is project based so every day is different and even when tasks are repeated from project to project they always are different from any previous incarnation. I enjoy this variety. Working with clients and colleagues to create unique solutions is very rewarding.

  • No real surprise, connectivity has taken quite a beating over this past year, so this was really quite predictable for me.

  • I do think that the definition of happiness is universally understood, but the component parts that make each of us happy will vary, as Lisa says, dependant on the meaning and connectivity that we individually bring. I do like the putting of people and planet at the centre of the ideals.

  • I think that although I certainly don't agree with some of the definitions of the words used, I agree with Arnie's sentiments. To conquer does not have to be negative, to conquer one's own fears, to conquer one's inability to do something etc etc, can all be positives and improve one's life and the environment around each of us. So despite it's negative...

  • "I help to save the planet" was the key statement for me, and that each of the individual contributors spoke of how they did this in their own sphere. I think that it is important that we all take steps to do this in the ways that we can, the UN SDG's show that we need change across the board and everyone will have a role to play their own part in this.

  • Sustainability to me means not harming anything as you undertake the choices or actions that you make.

  • Hi, I am Sandi, I am an architect living and working in Dubai. I am very keen to understand more on the improvements that can be made today to ensure that our future can be a more sustainable one.

  • Hi I am Sandra and looking forward to exploring the changes that I can make to live a more sustainable future

  • The city is still very much fractured, main sewerage and electrical grid are all that is shared. The no-man's land still exists and is patrolled by the UN.
    Architecture and urban restoration dealt only with the fabric and space issues, the political ones remain.

  • The scale of this regeneration project is incredible. I would have liked to see how the goods in and waste out access was implemented, that is not clear from the masterplan alone. Also it is sad to see how lacking in diversity the social mix that is demonstrated in the photos used.

  • such an incredible achievement.

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    Great course, many thanks, will definitely look out for more

  • Such informal housing needs tend to thrive in systems which lack the capacity to offer the resilience to match shelter demand, and in many instances is typically driven by rapid urbanisation and the lack of access to employment. They are recognised as a solution stimulated by the affected society to address their own needs.
    Globally, such upgrading policies...

  • @MickKrupa sadly no, the was no sign of them. However, I did enjoy the course, I would say it was easier perhaps to grasp than this one, and it was thought provoking. I certainly left a positive review of it on LinkedIn, and would recommend it to raise awareness levels.

  • La Rambla (Las Ramblas) is a main pedestrianised throughfare in Barcelona and one of the most visited areas in the city. It connects Placa de Catalunya with the city’s old port where the monument to Columbus stands, and is always bustling with tourists and locals alike. There are many restaurants and cafes that spill out along the length of the 1.3 km space...

  • It looks so beautiful and tranquil.

  • There is quite a quantity of steel work involved! It looks great.

  • My original 3 words were - emergency, destruction, future.

    I think that I take from this course that there is still time to prevent Tipping Points to catastrophe should we ensure collaborative action. I will certainly commence by making the changes that I can personally make, and to widen the need for greater and combined action through education of others,...

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    I think I am much less dreading the idea of presenting in future. From reflection I can now see that making errors is the human and less robotic way forwards, and is much more relatable and probably even likeable.

  • definitely less to fear about the whole idea.

  • Quite different!!! much more relaxed, looking at the camera, and much less like a statue.

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    I try to lighten things up from time to time.

  • When presenting peer to peer there will always be someone with more knowledge or experience than yourself in various aspects, you could always open the question up to the floor and ask.

  • Just try to stay calm, and carry on, the audience are there because they want to hear from you.

  • My presentations tend to be based on death by powerpoint, so technology issues could potentially derail me.
    I work in a very visual environment and in an international setting where English is typically a second language, so as "every picture is worth a thousand words", it would make presenting very difficult. We normally would need to reschedule breaks to...

  • empathy to all us diabetics out there!!!!

  • Some very useful tips. Many thanks

  • My presentations are peer to peer ones, in some situations answering questions as they arise helps bring closure to various sections of discussion, and at conferences it is the norm to take questions at the end. During presentations it may be useful to ask the audience more questions, but in many cases in the settings I work it would be more along the lines of...

  • No very uncomfortable. I was infant of camera once, when I was at university. I hated the way I sounded. I have never done it since.

  • I need to improve in looking at my audience to better read them, and to try not to be motionless and statue like as I make my presentations.

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    looking forward to this.

  • cont'd part 3
    The UAE straddles the Tropic of Cancer. The Abu Dhabi emirate, in particular, is influenced by direct sun. The climate generally is hot and arid; yet, on the coast, humidity can reach over 90 percent in summer and autumn. Inland is far less humid although the temperature is higher; sometimes, exceeding 50 degrees Celsius before midday in...

  • cont'd. part 2
    In 2010, Stockholm Environment Institute's US Center (a research affiliate of Tufts University in Massachusetts) completed a report for Abu Dhabi, addressing how climate change will affect ecosystems, infrastructure and the economy and what impact it might have on the health of residents.
    The UAE has nearly 1,300 kilometres of coastline....

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    2020 is certainly being touted as the start of the decade of action that is needed, and which will be the foundation for the future direction that will determine the future for our planet.

  • I completed the course climate change - solutions already, and this is how I was interested in discovering more about this one.
    Thanks, it is a great introduction to what changes are and can be made.

  • The UAE is classified among the categories of countries with highest rate of vulnerability to the potential impacts of climate change in the world. This will result in warmer weather, less precipitation, droughts, higher sea levels and more storms.
    The consequences of these impacts are intense on infrastructure, human health and natural habitat, which affect...

  • those are some great examples, thanks!

  • Cont’d.
    After decades of conservation to cultivate degraded habitats through a plantation programme undertaken by the Government, the area of mangroves has doubled and most of the mangroves in the UAE are now healthy and dense. At present, the total mangrove forest area in the country spans around 183 km2, compared to 136.16 km2in 2013 and just 40 km2 40...

  • I live in the UAE a country which traditionally grew and developed because of its’ economic, cultural and social relationship with the Arabian Gulf. Fishing, pearl diving, and maritime trade routes have been afforded from nearly 1,300 kilometres of coastline, giving rise to c. 85% of the population and over 90% of the urban infrastructure being located within...