Neil Carberry

Neil Carberry

Neil is Chief Exec of REC, the recruitment industry body. An ex-recruiter, he is a leader on work & labour markets. As well REC, he is a serving Low Pay Commissioner & a member of the Council of Acas.

Location London


  • Hi Katie, which elements felt most useful to you?

  • I think that is a strong point. Candidate resilience matters - we have all had more job rejections than acceptances and helping people succeed next time should matter to us.

  • I agree. Panels of 2, preferably gender diverse, are hugely helpful.

  • Hi Paul - welcome. Hope you enjoy the course.

  • Hi Ioana - hope you get a lot from it!

  • Loving the positivity Kajal. Hope you enjoy it!

  • Hi Andreia - hope you get a lot from the course. We're around in the comments for any follow-up questions.

  • Hi Aurelie - Times have changed, haven't they? Your focus on support is important. I think we have all learned how important human interaction is over the past few months. Hope you enjoy the course. Neil

  • Hi Kate - good luck with the new business! Enjoy the course, and our REC team is also here to help! Neil

  • Welcome Mohammed! I hope you enjoy it! Neil

  • Great focus Khaled! The value in a recruiter is in the human skills - working with new technology, and applying our judgement. Welcome!

  • Welcome Nora - glad you have joined us. Hearing about your experience in Lagos and sharing other experiences from around the world is a big part of this course. I hope you get a lot from it!

  • Welcome David - hope you take a lot from the course!

  • Hi Maud - thanks for joining us. I agree with you. Things will normalise - but they wont be the same. Lots more remote work - and much bigger search ranges. After all, if I only have to go to the office twice a week, rather than 5 times, why not live in Amsterdam, but work in Koln?

  • Thanks Zeeshan - sharing your experiences is a key part of the course - we will all learn from each other. Welcome!

  • Hi Martin. Sorry to hear about the redundancy, but impressed that you are seeing the opportunities. Hope the course helps.

  • Hi! Thanks for joining us! Hopefully you'll pick up some key tips for when you hire, but also for when you are looking for a job!

  • Hi Klaudia - thanks for joining us. I'm a fellow HRM grad *virtual fist bump* - hope you enjoy the course!

  • Hi everyone! Thanks so much for joining the course. Catalina and I will be around and picking up on interesting questions and discussions as the course proceeds. See you in the comments!

  • That's increasingly common in the private sector too Joanne. It does help somewhat with unconscious bias - but isn't a substitute for taking a long hard look ate how you source candidates and the experience you give them, I think. What other good practice have you seen?

  • I think the move online gives us a chance to reconsider what we do in terms of online testing and selection - there is some content on this later in the week.

  • Neil Carberry replied to [Learner left FutureLearn]

    I get that - a zoom interview looks like a traditional one - but there are important differences in how you handle things.

  • Wow! It is at moments of high demand that it takes the most courage to stand back and say "we want 400 people who stay, not just 400 people we offer". Candidate experience still matters - but at that scale how you deliver it changes. What are you considering?

  • Hi Jonathan. So much of good recruitment is managing how the candidate feels, not just the process. And great and open communication is the biggest single part of that. Thanks for sharing your experiences