Dr Cassie Maguire

Dr Cassie Maguire

Currently a higher trainee in general adult psychiatry, based in the West of Scotland.

Location United Kingdom


  • Hi Mary-alma, great observation and yes most definitely! During a physical yoga (asana) practice for example, you may notice that you become more aware of your breath and physical body.

    The Yoga Sutra's of Patanjali speak of eight limbs of yoga, mindfulness is incorporated throughout and specifically in "Dharana" which refers to focused concentration of...

  • Thanks Julie, I agree- the earlier the better!

  • Thanks Maria, I totally agree, it would be incredibly interesting to look at these outcomes if entire organisational systems (in addition to individuals) adopted a mindful approach. I imagine this would be very beneficial for everyone involved!

  • Welcome Vi! Hope you're enjoying the course so far!

  • Thank you for sharing your experience Sarah, one which the vast majority of us will resonate with! The mind is always generating thoughts, that's just what minds do! Mindfulness can help us become more aware of our thoughts.

  • Thank you for sharing Rebecca, I completely agree with you - so important!

  • That is great Rio!

  • I agree Bridget- it is really fascinating!

  • Thank you Jennifer, I completely agree with you. Awareness is fundamental.

  • Great to hear all of your reflections on week one! Thank you for your contributions and look forward to seeing you in week two!

  • Thank you for sharing Maria, yes it is really important to do what feels best for you, during any of the practices.

  • I agree Cristina!

  • Thank you Maria, the numbers are more of a guide and can easily be modified to suit the individual or setting e.g. identifying 5 things you are able to smell in the garden...

  • Thank you for sharing Natalie, I agree with your insight. Reading the comments I see most of us share your concerns about the potential negative impact of social media.

  • Thank you Michael, in my experience mindfulness meditation is very much a process of active awareness e.g. of thoughts, rather than the transcendence of thinking that might be experienced in TM.
    I hope this helps!

  • Thank you for sharing Jan, sounds like a great way to help students become more aware of sensations and focus on the present moment!

  • We are really excited to have you join us for this course! It is really great to read your comments- from all over the world! A warm welcome and greetings from Glasgow...

  • Neuroscientific research demonstrates that mindfulness meditation increases the density of both grey and white matter in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. Increases in white matter in particular mean that brain cells are better able to communicate with each other. If you are interested to read more, I would recommend this paper-

    Lazar, S. W., Kerr, C....