Martin Puškáč

Martin Puškáč

Location Bratislava, Slovakia



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    1. Good UX Design Principles:
    For our online project, that offers home owners easily apply for energy efficiency certificate only, we believe it is quite simple and efficient to use. We are showing prominently all the information required to get customer the certificate, though the form that is required to be filled by the owner is quite lengthy...

  • I believe for all three options parents would play a major role as they are the ones paying for it and in case of very small children also choosing the product.

    Therefor I think we should make our product pages easy to share so kids can show or send them to parents for approval or directly buying.

    That being said, let's check the different...

  • Without understanding the real problem for the customer, we might propose endless variants of a solution that lead to no gain for the customer. Therefor it is very important to start by understanding our users and evolve around their needs and not our views.